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DCLSA Distributors (Pty) Ltd, which has been part of the Geze company since 1997, supplies DCLSA locks and locksets and is the South African distributor of Geze automatic door and window systems and related technologies. Simply put, we offer a simple automatic investing system that has your best interest in mind. AlgoTrades automatic investing system and AutoSync Technology is compatible with several brokers.

PUT SOME OF YOUR INVESTMENT CAPITAL TO WORK WITH OUR SIMPLE AUTOMATIC INVESTING SYSTEMS TODAY! The most exciting part is that it’s automatically traded within your brokerage account using an algorithmic trading system. It offers a comprehensive range of products that includes automatic door systems and door technology, glass systems, smoke and heat extraction systems, safety technology, as well as window and ventilation technology.

Working installations of Geze products include overhead door closers, floor springs, automatic doors, manual sliding doors, patch fittings, and a RWA smoke and heat extraction system. betting
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