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This year is not considered a strong draft class for quarterbacks, so there could be competition for Alex Smith's services in the offseason.
NEW ORLEANS -- Backup quarterback Alex Smith is scheduled next season to make $8.5 million, a figure 49ers CEO Jed York on Thursday said the 49ers can handle. With the NFL salary cap expected to be around $121 million, the 49ers already have $121.85 million currently devoted to 49 players under contract for the 2013 season.
Pro Football Talk reported earlier this week that Smith was expected to seek his release from the 49ers rather than be traded.
With three days before Super Bowl XLVII, Smith said he has yet to look around the NFL to determine which teams might be in need of a quarterback.
The first was that if a deal with Smith couldn’t be reached in time for the season, then the Chiefs would “franchise” their starting quarterback. A nine-year NFL veteran, Smith threw for 3.313 yards and 23 touchdowns against just seven interceptions in 2013, marking his best season as a pro.
In the unlikely event that Smith remains on the team, the impact could be felt at other areas.

This year is not considered a strong draft class for quarterbacks, so there could be competition for Smith's services in the offseason. In his report, Rapoport said the two sides--former Utah Utes star Alex Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs--are miles from reaching an agreement on an extension to Smith’s contract, currently worth $7.5 million per year. The selection of Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray may indeed have signaled that the Chiefs needed an insurance policy in case their plan to keep Smith didn't pan out--but Rapoport got someone’s attention by continuing with a few insinuations. Here are three things to remember with Alex Smith's contract now that Dalton's has been done. But after he took Kansas City from 2-14 to 11-5 -- and the playoffs -- in one season, the organization has wisely been in discussions about a contract extension.Of course, these talks have been going on since January with little to show for them.
Jason La Canfora has the details of the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback’s new contract, which includes a restructuring of his 2014 deal. When Smith was cleared to return to action, coach Jim Harbaugh decided to maintain Colin Kaepernick in the starting role. But, Stating Smith was seeking “top-tier QB” money--not 2nd tier QB money, because Smith could, was too much for Liz--and she went off on Rapoport and Silva on Twitter.

Your "source" is leading you astray,” Liz Smith tweeted on Wednesday after reading the reports on her husband. In addition to those bonuses, Smith received a $18 million signing bonus that will be distributed over the course of the contract. It is possible the Chiefs may have front loaded that money a little bit since his 2014 cap number is shrinking from $8 million to about $4.6 million under the standard operating procedures of such contracts.
And while he has said previously that he wants to remain in Kansas City, the Star reports that there are "significant differences" in what the team and Smith think he's worth.Smith, who completed 61 percent of his passes for 3,313 yards, 23 touchdowns and 7 interceptions last season, ranked 20th among all passers, according to Football Outsiders' efficiency metric, and in Kansas City he remains the beneficiary of an explosive running game and a stout defense. Essentially the Chiefs have given Smith a three-year, $27 million contract with a $18 million signing bonus. And Smith’s most expensive year, 2016, will be the same season the Chiefs are projected to have the most cap space available to them.

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