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September is underway, and for many teams, this is their last chance to prove they deserve to make the playoffs as the American League Wild Card race is starting to heat up.
The American League has had many surprises, disappointments and dominant performances this season, with the Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City Royals and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim currently leading the three AL divisions. The Seattle Mariners and Detroit Tigers are currently tied for the second wild card spot with 77 victories. MLB Standings, MLB Stats, MLB Playoffs Standings, MLB Playoffs Stats, MLB Playoff Standings, A.L. The wild card races in the AL and NL are not settled yet and it should be a crazy week as the games play out leading into Sunday. The American League wild card race is getting very close and the AL West race will be a factor with the Los Angeles Angels, Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners all close.
The National League is tight in the wild card race and the Pittsburgh Pirates are leading in the first spot over the St. The American League wild card has a number of teams still in contention, including the Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals, as well as the NY Yankees. The National League wild card has been a dog fight between whoever is second in the NL West with the Dodgers and Giants, along with the Washington Nationals in the second spot. Check here for the MLB division standings and wild card standings for the American League and National League heading into the All-Star break. When they enter Tuesday night's AL wild-card game, a good portion of both fanbases will be hoping for the best, but fearing the absolute worst in the back of their minds. PREVIOUSLY The Royals led the season series 5-2 against the A's, all seven games were played during Oakland's August free-fall. The New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals are fighting for the top seed in the AL while the Houston Astros may be in some trouble with the Texas Rangers. If the season were to end today the Yankees and Astros would face off in a wild card game with the winner playing the No.

Teams like the Yankees, Athletics, Mariners and Tigers are battling in the 2014 MLB standings trying to get the top spot as the playoffs loom closer.
A recent devastating 1-0 loss to the Royals at home brings the Bronx Bombers down to 72-67 this season, five wins out of a wild card spot. The Cardinals have already clinched a playoff berth and they could end up as the NL Central winners, while the Dodgers appear to have the NL west all but locked up over the Giants.
The AL has the Royals and the Athletics in the first two spots, while the Mariners and the Indians are right in the mix and the Yankees basically can't lose another game or they are done. The Kansas City Royals have taken the lead in the AL Central race over the Tigers and now the AL West has gotten much tighter with the Angels and Athletics tied. The Angels and A's are in the wild card spot and division lead and the Mariners are tied for now along with the Detroit Tigers, while the Yankees, Blue Jays and Indians are also in the mix.
Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants leading the way, while the Atlanta Braves are one game out.
He was 0-5 in the game before that, including a crucial strikeout in the eighth inning that stopped a Royals rally. The Tigers are in first place in the AL Central by four games over the Kansas City Royals, while the Cleveland Indians are six games back. The Angels are firmly in first place in the wild card race and right now the Seattle Mariners have a two game lead over Toronto for the second wild card spot and they have been one of the most surprising teams in baseball. The Pirates are in the mix at 1.5 games back, while the Cardinals and Reds are next ahead of the Miami Marlins. So while they don't trot around the bases too often for homers, the Royals move around the bases at their own speed. Wild Card, NL Wild Card Standings, AL Wild Card Standings, American League Wild Card Standings, National League Wild Card Standings, AL Division Standings, NL Division Standings, NY Yankees, Seattle Mariners, St. The Tigers and the Royals are battling for the AL Central and it's the Tigers now back in first place over Kansas City with a week left to go.

Louis Cardinals by three games, while the LA Dodgers are leading by 3.5 games over the San Francisco Giants.
The Pittsburgh Pirates and Miami Marlins are next in the standings and the Reds have faded out of things. The Royals won a five-hour, 12-inning game on Salvador Perez's walk-off single that went down the third-base line, just under the glove of A's third baseman Josh Donaldson. The AL WEst has the Oakland Athletics in first place by 3.5 games over the Angels and they are the likely division winners, while the Angels and Mariners are in the wild card spots.
The Yankees are now 83-67, good enough for the first wild card spot in the American League. The Royals have lost 12 of their last 17 games, and a lot of doubt is starting to creep in. The American League has the LA Angels in the lead by a wide margin over the Kansas City Royals and they have a big group chasing them. The Royals, meanwhile, are the Cinderellas, the underdogs people without a team will root for, just to oust futility. The Royals, meanwhile, acquired Shields from the Tampa Bay Rays two years ago for top prospect turned Rookie of the Year Wil Myers, a deal that looked like the Royals mortgaging their future to chase a postseason berth.
The Royals' comeback will quiet a bit of the "Fire Ned Yost" talk, but you can bet some fans will never forgive him.

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