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What people mean when they ask me that is not whether or not Apple is a good investment, but whether or not I think Apple stock will go up a lot … soon … really soon. Whether or not Apple stock is a good investment FOR YOU has a lot more to do with you than it does with Apple. If you pay a lot of attention and have a really good memory, you might recall the whole Antenna Gate thing where there were ongoing reports of problems with the iPhone losing signal strength when people held it with their hands. If you can remember anything else, you might be confusing another company, because other than the problem with the iPhone antenna there has been nothing but good news about Apple from the company, from technology analysts, and from the news media.

They want to buy Apple stock because it sounds like a smart investment, or because it feels like a smart investment.
There’s a three month period beginning with the peak in June where your investment would have been nothing more than a capital loss deduction. If you bought in May it would have been five months before you made more than pennies on your investment. If you believe that too, then Apple is a good investment for you over a 2-year or longer period.

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