How To Clean Duplicates From My PC?

How To Clean Duplicates From My PC?

With thousands of files accumulated on your drive, do you often face space crunch? Every time you want to upload a new set of photos, videos or files, you get an error that your ‘Device is out of storage’. Despite possessing lots of storage space, we often suffer space utility issue, moreover, a majority of our memory is held by redundant or duplicate data which are of no use.

Scanning your entire collection of files ‘manually’ can take an excruciating amount of time and effort. But don’t fret guys, it’s no longer a tedious job. Wondering why not? Because all thanks to technology, that the entire process of scanning and deleting duplicates can be done in a jiffy. Duplicate Files Fixer delivers its namesake!

What is Duplicate Files Fixer?

Duplicate Files Fixer is a multi-functional tool that eradicates the need of searching duplicate files manually. The software is quite easy-to-use and doesn’t overcomplicate things much. It’s’ powerful scanning algorithms find and removes multiple replicas of files, folders, photos, videos and audios in one-click. It simply eradicates unwanted clutter to give you a neat and deduplicate library.

No matter if you have loads of files to sort through, this duplicate file finder rapidly detects and identifies all the identical files formats accurately. Not only this, you can create a backup of all your files and folders so that you can restore everything back if needed in future.

Best of all? This duplicate file cleaner not only scans for internal storage but it also allows users to remove duplicate files from external devices as well, including pen drive, memory cards, and external disks too.


How To Remove Duplicate Files on Windows?

Take advantage of this nifty duplicate media remover tool and clean all your duplicate data securely in a jiffy. Follow the steps to get started with Duplicate Files Fixer:

  • Step 1- Download and Install Duplicate Files Fixer on your System.
  • Step 2- Launch the app and you will be presented with a clean interface. It will ask you to drag & drop files or folder you are willing to scan duplicates from. You can also upload files or folders by clicking on “Add Files” or “Add Folder” button.
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  • Step 3- After all your files and folders are added, hit ‘’Scan for Duplicates’ button.
  • Step 4- Sit back and let the duplicate file finder detects all the duplicates and similar-looking files from your huge database.
  • Step 5- After few moments, the tool will index all the duplicate files, duplicate photos, videos and other similar digital media files in Groups. Go thoroughly through the list of dupes and select files or folders you no longer need.
  • Step 6- In case you do not want to take the manual pain of choosing duplicate data from huge database then click on ‘Automark’ option and let the software select all the duplicate files on your behalf.
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  • Step 7- Go through the list of duplicates and once you’re satisfied, click on ‘Delete Marked’ button.
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  • Step 8- A small pop-up will appear asking you to confirm to delete all the files that will be transferred to Recycle Bin.
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  • Step 9- Continue by clicking ‘Yes’ option.

That’s it! All your duplicates are gone!


This duplicate file cleaner comes with the following advantages & disadvantages:


  • Helps in getting rid of obsolete data in one-click.
  • Detects all file size.
  • Fast and efficient.
  • Quick, responsive and easy-to-use.
  • Provides accurate results.
  • Offers organized and smart library.
  • Reduces cloning as it removes maximum redundancy.
  • Preview scanned files before deletion.
  • Allows you to exclude files and folders you want to eliminate from the scanning process.
  • Built-in Recycle Bin, for easy restoration.
  • Multilingual software.


With Free-trial you can only remove 15 duplicate files, after that, you have to purchase the product at a mere price $39.95.

Ending Note:

This fast duplicate file finder tool is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android. Available in 14 languages, the software comes with an easy-to-use interface and friendly functionalities. Designed and dedicated to eliminating duplicate and similar-looking media files. It’s Android version too doesn’t consume much space.

Now you don’t have to spend long hours sorting through your large database, because you are just a click away to remove duplicates from your smartphone and system, & Duplicate Files Fixer does everything for you!

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