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These wooden fans for wedding favors have so much detailing for so little money!  Your delighted guests will put them to good use - especially true if you have an outdoor wedding.
Being both unique and practical, Scented wood fans have an intricate design that will delight your wedding guests. Would like to know how much does it cost to order 100 pieces and to be delivered in Singapore. Fahmitaneelam Says:Hi i would like to purchase 50 of these could you please give me a quote thanx.
Scented Wooden Hand Fans Wedding Favor A beautiful wood Asian fan is the perfect accessory for outdoor or summer weddings, tea party ect. Qiulong Arts and Crafts Factory has been producing and supplying handicraft products, home decorations and gift ware since 1986.

Let them cool down on this hot summer day by presenting them our lovely Sandalwood Fan as your wedding favor.
Our products include hand fans, craft fans, parasols, wooden boxes, wooden clocks of antique imitations, boxes of antique imitations, jewelry boxes, corks art, shells art, lacquer vases, photo frames and carvings paintings. With the pleasant scent from our wood wedding fans, you and your guests can keep cool and enjoy the fresh scented air.We have different sizes for you to choose from. When we think of modern couples in cities like New York, LA and Chicago, this wedding really fits with that vision, with all the requiste wedding elements on display while still have a fresh, light, 21st century touch. Each is adorned with a tassel and come individually packaged in a beautiful colorful gift box.
Thus, this nice wedding favor adds spirituality and an amazing fragrance to your wedding day!

At the same time, we love that this couple, Claudia & Felix, mixed in natural elements, creating a garden feel in the most city of spaces. How much and do you have stockSilvia Says:Hi, I would like to request quotation for 60 pieces, shipping cost to Spain and know how many days are needed to delivery. Steven and Tak from STAK Photographer Duo were also the perfect team to photograph this celebration, artfully showcasing all the beautiful details along with the many moments this couple shared with family that came in from around the globe.

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