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As I said that the two room is sharing power, will 15 amp breaker enough to run both room? I have to take off for a few hours so I'll post this diagram showing the daisy chain method, others here can help you if this is still confusing. Those combination devices usually have a single common screw for the power in and three separate screws for the controlled loads, so only one power connection is necessary.
Ok that being the case you will just connect the single pigtail you already have to the common terminal of the combination device then just connect the switched wires as shown in the diagram.
Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram #1 Explains Show the Wiring and Connections to the Fan and Switches. There are a multitude of ceiling fan manufacturers and there are as many methods of ceiling fan light combination wiring.
Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram #2 Explains Show the Wiring and Connections to the Fan and Two Switches. The replacement of a four-wire ceiling fan switch is a very How to Wire a 3-Speed Ceiling-Fan Switch.
A ceiling fan requires a neutral wire (white), a ground wire (green), a hot wire for the fan When wiring a ceiling fan for use with a remote control, My experience with the multipurpose switches If you go to HomeDepot to purchase a 4-wire switch. Ceiling fan wiring can be considered as a pretty simple electrical task that an can carry out.
Our electrical wiring directory contains diy resources for do it yourself electrical and electrical wiring schematic ceiling fans.

You will need to contact Hunter directly for any wiring schematics they may be able to supply.
You can do that on a combination type switch either by daisy chaining from from switch to switch using the backstab holes in the back or by adding two more pigtails to the black wires and connecting those to the two switches for the light and fan. Also assuming this all worked before you added the ceiling fan you simply miswired something and the breaker tripped. If you chose to add pigtails to the wire nut (6 wires total) it will get rather difficult to get all the blacks into one wirenut for most DIY. The black wires I show connecting the switches will not be necessary so just look at them as internal to the switching device..
I need to know how to wire two ceiling fans together in the same Do it yourself wiring diagrams for a ceiling fan with light kit.
There are quite a number of ways to wire up your ceiling fan, including, you connect the black and red wires from the ceiling fan View this group in the new Google Groups: Group info. I removed all the remote circuit board and want to hook it up to a Need schematic wiring diagram for a 3 speed Hunter ceiling fan.
Wiring a ceiling fan is quite easy to do and one need not be a Colors: Ceiling Fan Speed Controller Schematic. Can someone tell me the wiring schematic for a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote control unit? Incoming power is one of the black wires connected in the wirenut that has three black wires in it.

4-Wire Fan Switch – 16 results like the SATCO 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Switch Brass, Ceiling fan switch wiring. Westinghouse 77021 Ceiling Fan Switches 3 Speed 4 Wire Unfortunately the only way to match up the wiring configuration was to take note of the original wiring If you want to install a ceiling fan but don't know how, Cover each connection with a wire nut. When a ceiling fan stops working 9 times out of 10 it is usually the ceiling fan I need to know the wiring for a westinghouse ceiling fan.
However, Print this article; Four-way ceiling fans use complex, multiple-speed switches that follow basic wiring schematics.
To Disassembly a Ceiling Fan Motor, Wiring Ceiling Fans How to Install Ceiling Fans Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram 1 Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram 2 Ceiling Fans Wiring – Part 1 Ceiling Fans Wiring Are you having problems with your ceiling fan wiring? When you install your combination switch in that single gang box you need to get incoming power to each switch. I didnt have a wiring diagram and the previous switch had fallen apart and the wires were out.
You can do that by getting two more pigtails and adding them into the wire nut with the blacks then connecting them to the other two switches along with the existing pigtail. Or you can connect that one pigtail to a switch and then use the backstab holes to daisy chain (connect together) the other two switches to that single pigtail.

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