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I just bought a new ceiling fan and will be mounting it in a place where there is currently no fixture. The wires running out of the right side of the junction box go to the outlet on the other side of the room.
The black and black with stripe at the light are for the fan and light to be individually controlled. I also want to add that you will not likely get enough slack in the wire that goes across the ceiling to make a splice.
Back to the switch of concern: I can't tell whether the outlet or switch is the feed from the panel.
In note 3 of the switch info, it says, "This control requires separate wiring for the ceiling fan and fan light kit.
I am looking through the fan assembly directions to see if they specify with more clarity the wires that come out of it and attach to my junction box. Here is a quick thing that any homeowner can do to greatly improve the look of any room with recessed lights. If you find this type of plug in you home it is time to call in an electrician This is the electrical version of Beta vs VHS . A ceiling fan remote control can offer you many more features than you would otherwise have with just a standard pull chain. Process of Ceiling Fan Wiring Before we start wiring ceiling fan we need to be sure the circuit is “cuted”. This is also good because then you can have both a dimmer and a a Fan Speed control at the switch.
Try to make the access cut-out above the receptacle in one piece then save it to use in patching the hole.
The first step (as always) is to determine what circuit breaker feeds power to the circuit we are working on, and shut off that breaker.  For a quick review of safety considerations when working around electricity, CLICK HERE.
Now that the breaker is off, and the electrical panel is locked (if so equipped) so nobody can accidentally turn the breaker back on while you are working on the circuit you can safely begin working. If you don’t have provisions for locking off the access to the panel, put a piece of electrical tape over the breaker handle holding it in the off position, and post a note warning others to leave the breaker off.

The next step is to remove the canopy of the fan to check on the existing wiring, and plan for the installation of the remote control receiver unit. The white wire from the supply cable will connect to the line in neutral, and the black wire will connect to the live in, or power in wire from the receiver. With all the connections made, we need to tuck the wires back into the box and install the remote receiver in the space available in the mounting bracket. When the remote receiver is installed and the canopy and trim ring are back in place, we can now make our changes in the multi-gang switch box. With the switches back in place, and the faceplate installed, it’s time to check our installation.
Changing a ceiling fan to remote control is an excellent solution for many applications, but especially in a bedroom where the switch is by the entrance door. If you aren’t comfortable and confident in safely completing a project like this on your own, use the box on the left of the page to find a reliable trusted licensed electrician in your local area. This entry was posted in How-To-Videos, Indoor Wiring and tagged ceiling fan, ceiling fan conversion, ceiling fan remote control, fan, remote control.
Hunter ceiling fan with light fixture wiring diagram.I have two wall switches for my ceiling fan pre-wire. Ceiling fan switch wiring diagram - Ask Me Help Desk.When you install a ceiling fan of any type you must be sure the wiring is right. As shown in my initial post, the blue switch wire is for the fan and the red switch wire is for the light. Hundreds of questions have been answered switches, outlets, circuit breakers, 3-way switches, GFCI outlets and more. Even though the fan has pull chains, it is a good idea to run a 3 wire cable so you don't always have to mess with the chains. I'd remove the sw box, enlarge the opening to accomodate a 2 gang box and fish down from the attic. The two gang box could then be used for a dimmer and more capable fan speed control than in the combo control that I suggested. With this particular fan, a trim ring conceals the four mounting screws that hold the canopy cover in place.

There is a 3-wire cable in the outlet box that provides a common neutral (white) wire, and the fan’s light kit is connected to the red, and the fan is connected to the black conductor.
This can be a difficult job to make everything fit, but it’s important that everything fits in nicely and that no wires are pinched or jammed in too tightly so to avoid any damage to the conductors, potentially causing a short circuit condition. Remove the faceplate and the device screws and determine that the switch that controlled the light has a red wire on one terminal, and the switch that controlled the fan has a black wire on one side of it. You can keep the remote on the bedside table, and have access to the light and the fan if needed in the middle of the night, without getting out of bed!
Putting the fan together can be a challenge but if you separate the fan assembly and.Edit Article How to Install a Ceiling Fan. We only need one of these switched hot wires to act as the master power for the receiver unit. Both switches will have a black hot wire from the same hot splice connected to each switch. The fan speed and direction will have to be set to the desired position using the pull-chain and reverse switch, and the light kit pull-chain will have to be on as well in order for the remote to work. Install the Junction Box Wire the Fan Assemble the Fan Hang the Fan Install the Light (if applicable) Edited by James Quirk.
Also this is an upstairs room and so I will be working somewhat in the attic to lay out the wiring. You only need to completely remove one of the screws on each side, and just loosen the other two that are through the key-hole, or L-slots in the canopy cover to allow it to drop out of the way, exposing the mounting bracket and the fan wiring.
I will move the switch we are still using to the middle position, keep the switch for the room’s receptacles in the first position, and then use a blank filler plate to fill the position of the switch we removed.

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