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I will be running new wires to a master bedroom renovation and would like to wire the ceiling fan (a Hunter) so I can control the light and fan independently from two locations.
I'll check to see if a remote module can be added to the fan, but I'm also trying to cut down on the remotes on the nightstand!
For speed control, you can just substitute a 3-way speed control for one of the fan switches shown in Hammerlane's drawing. I did learn that I had purchased a 5-8 wire switch (black base), instead of the 4 wire switch (red base)A  I needed. As I stated in the original answer to your question, if the fan speed replacement still didn't do the trick for you, you can still refer to the items and steps that I wrote in the post. You can replace the capacitor out, if you have access to it, and see if that solves your fan speed dilemma.
Also, you can contact Hampton Bay to see if it maybe under warranty or for other trouble-shooting tips. You'll need to find the model number (a 12 digit UPCA code, all numbers no letters) of your Hampton Bay fan, it will be located on your ceiling fan, even if you no longer have the box or SKU number for it.

To find the true model number information, there should be a sticker placed on top of the ceiling fans housing. From what it sounds like, your replacement switch was not exactly the same as your old one.
I replaced the 3 Speed (Off, High, Medium, Low Speed), 4 wire switch in my Hampton Bay Ceiling fan with a replacement from Home Depot. Twin and earth wiring is required for all installations except those using a double wall control. However, If in doubt with any part of the installation procedure then please contact a qualified electrician. If you want it on a wall control, there are only a limited number of fans with that feature. I have a similar issue.A I replaced the fan switch a couple of years ago when it stopped working on High and Low. The replacement switches that are available connect only one contact at a time that changes as you pull the chain.

But inspect the model and make of your fan at the top of the motor housing and hopefully you'll be getting the right solution for your fan.
It may also be a case of having one wire being inserted in the wrong location, but as stated before, it sounds like it was a different switch. As long as you have had no safety issues, you can still use this switch, but if you would like to use another replacement switch that has the L,3,2,1 settings to ensure you get the same settings back, you can do that. The point is, this new replacement switch looks like and is wired JUST like the older replacement switch.A But, I am thinking maybe I messed up the other replacement.

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