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The SmartExhaust™ is a bath fan and light switch* that also serves as a ventilation controller and fan delay timer.
The SmartExhaust™’s microprocessor performs the following equation to determine when to run the fan to meet the VENTILATION setting, based on 1 hour (60 mins).
The occupant exits the bathroom, turning the switch off, and the SmartExhaust™ continues to run the fan for the 10 minutes of DELAY run time.
Any manual fan operation and DELAY operation will be subtracted from the pre-set VENTILATION time for that hour. Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers.
Do you want 2 switches and a receptacle in a single gang box, or do you want 2 switches in one single gang box and a receptacle in a different single gang box?
Also, I accidentally broke off the connector on the right side of the switch between the black screws.

Don't forget, since it's a bathroom the receptacle has to be protected by a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). The bare copper grounds are all tied together and connected to the ground screw of both items. I have to say I just installed a fancier version of the same thing in 3 bathrooms in my house and the Lutron Light Dimmer and Fan Timer are awesome. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged electrical wiring receptacle exhaust-fan or ask your own question. How should the DM manage the discrepancy between the player's memory and their PC's memory? The SmartExhaust™ is designed to replace the bathroom fan and light switches with one smart controller and features programmable settings for running the exhaust fan as much or as little as you want, automatically.
55 minutes into the hour, the fan will turn on and run for the 5 additional minutes needed to complete the required ventilation.

If manual fan operation and DELAY operation exceed pre-set VENTILATION time, the excess time will be subtracted from the next hour’s total VENTILATION time. A wire nut capped pigtail is fine for that, though be careful to keep the bare wire away from the neutral and hot terminals.
Using the Delay setting, the user is able to set the number of minutes the fan should run after the SmartExhaust™ switch has been turned off. I can see that lower white wire that's connected to the switch, comes back as black and is one of those 3 hot ones i've labeled. When the switch is turned off, the fan continues to run for the set delay time.By combining the fan switch with the light switch, the SmartExhaust™ also becomes an occupancy sensor.

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