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I believe I may have found a pretty compelling reason to migrate your VDI deployment to Windows 8. At this point we should all be familiar with the challenges associated with the number and latency of IOs in VDI environments, therefore I am not getting getting into details in this article.
In short, IOps are the number of commands sent by the GuestOS to the storage, and these commands can often overload storage solutions when they are not properly sized for the VDI workloads. Write IOs normally have a higher cost than read IOs due to RAID striping that occurs for every write IO. I measured the average and maximum number of IOPS requested by different GuestOS at two different stages. In this first test both Windows 7 instances presented much lower write IO average when desktops are IDLE, however not as low as Windows 2K8. Before I give you my final conclusions I have to state here that this is not a scientific test and I beg you to run your own validation tests.

Microsoft has without doubt improved Windows file system performance, reducing the amount of IOs and data required to and from the storage. The storage performance conundrum may not be an issue for newer storage architectures, such as those using storage class memory devices, that can drive an enormous amount of IOPs at very low latency. I did not run a production working set using system testing tools such as View Planner or Login VSI to completely validate the theory. Err, how about the main reason for NOT rolling out Windows 8 VDI machines is that its a complete dog in the usability stakes? Win 8 reminds me of Vista, i will wait for win 9 or whatever they will call the next release.
Andre, I’ve found peak and average during steady state for Win8 to be very similar to Win7.
Would you have any material you could share with me so I can publish to the all my readers?
While running some experiments I collected some statistics for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 2K8 Server running as virtual desktops. In this test Windows 8 excelled when compared to Windows 2K8 and Windows 7 on both, read and write IOs.

If steady state workloads in Windows 8 present the same benefits  and performance improvements demonstrated during the login process it could drastically help to reduce VDI storage costs since nowadays most storage costs are driven by performance, not by capacity. However, it could also mean that architects are able to increase host density without increasing latency. On the average write IO the number was 20% lower in favor of Windows 8, demonstrating much more granular control over the IOPS overtime.
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