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Microsoft confirmed at the BUILD 2014 developer conference that the Start menu would return at some point in Windows, explaining that the company wants to give desktop users more control over their new computer running a modern version of Windows. While no details have been provided on Windows 9, previous reports indicated that Windows 9 could be launched in spring 2015, approximately one year after the debut of Windows 8.1 Update. As you can see in this photo, the Start menu combines the traditional design available in Windows 7 with the modern touch of the Start screen, thus offering users not only quick access to the installed apps, but also live tiles to receive updates on the go. Power controls are also being offered to quickly shut down or reboot your computer and so is a search function that allows you to look for information locally and online.
The same screenshot also shows that Microsoft is working to make Metro apps run in their own windows, thus mixing the Modern UI with the desktop and thus giving the touch-optimized environment a new chance to succeed on the traditional PC.

Our list is arranged by cost.  We’ve grouped them in cost brackets, starting with free.  That’s right, there are things you can start doing right now, that won’t cost you anything!
Use cold or warm water on the “wash” cycle, when doing laundry, and use  the cold water rinse. Hopefully the list above will inspire you to do some small projects that may cost you from as little as $2 to under $100. Plant shade trees (deciduous) on the side of your house that gets the most sun during hottest days of the year (usually the west and southwest sides). Install ceiling fans.  In the summer they should turn counter-clockwise to move hot air away, in the winter turn them clockwise to push warm air back down into your room.

Replace old appliances with Energy Star appliances.  Look for rebates, and incentives from your local government to buy new, energy efficient appliances.
Last in our groups, are the longer term investments.  These projects may cost more, but they are definite improvements to the value of your home, and will continue to pay off over the years. Have more questions about home energy improvement?  Leave a comment below or contact us at 216-663-6462.

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