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In addition to the window trickle ventilators, Titon can also supply wall ventilators where background ventilation through the window is not possible. For an animation on how trickle ventilators work in conjunction with intermittent extract fans to provide the background and extract ventilation for a dwelling, click here. Vortice have become market leaders in the fan, heater and air cleaner industry with attractive design, competitive prices and an eco-friendly status.
Kitchen fans are an essential part of every kitchen, vital for collecting the smells and moisture in the air created from the cooking process. When these problems are ignored or left untreated further more serious problems such as damp, mould and potential respiratory illness can develop. Regulations:When the residential kitchen is a new build or an extension etc that is subject to the building regulations then the ventilation rate is specified in Document F. Suitable for all types of windows, in either plastic or aluminium, the Titon range has been very successful since its inception over thirty five years ago. These wall ventilators can attenuate sound due to their size and are primarily for use in refurbishment projects.

After 50 years of maintained quality, Vortice possess an admirable status within the industry and were one of the first companies to receive the IMQ (Italian Mark of Quality) certificate of safety on their products. Also to help prevent cooking unpleasant odours and smells from spreading to the rest of the house. All these problems cause an avoidable level of discomfort as well as the risk of respiratory illness and general poor health.Condensation - Problems occur when steam from the kitchen or bathroom finds cooler surfaces around the house on which to condense. It should be located as high as possible in the window or wall nearest to smells or steam, but not directly above eye-level grills or cooker hoods.If the room contains a fuel burning device (such as a gas boiler) with a non-balanced flue, it is essential that there is enough replacement air to prevent fumes being drawn down the flue when the fan is extracting to its utmost capacity. Designed to be installed directly into wall or window openings, they can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Excess humidity is a problem in the home, especially in the winter when the house is more closed. They have filters to remove the grease that can usually be replaced or even washed and reused. Attempts to conserve heat by sealing windows - and therefore reducing natural ventilation - makes this problem even worse.

This can be the ideal solution if you cannot reach an external wall with ducting and do not have a Kitchen window. Condensation can cause considerable problems from peeling wallpaper and mould growth to severe structural damage such as wood rot and damp.
Ideally they are best used in conjuntion with a wall or window fan for maximum effect.There are two main options for cooker hoods - the flat panel style or the larger Chimney style.
Our recommendation for the best source of quality cooker hoods at the best value can be found here.

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