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There is a built-in carrying handle at the top of the fan to make it easy to carry and store when you want to move the fan.
A great feature of the Optimus F-5285 8-Inch Electrically Reversible Twin 3-Speed Window Fan with Thermostat is that each blade has its own control, not just for intake and exhaust, but also for power and speed.
The built-in adjustable slide screens with locks work very well, stay in place and snap into the window with ease.
The Optimus F-5285 has removable feet, so if it won’t fit in front of your window screen, it can still be used by placing it on the window sill with the screen in to keep bugs and dirt out of the room. The manual thermostat works well, and gives the option to maintain comfort in the room without the annoying constant on and off of digital fans. The Optimus F-5286 8-Inch Reversible Twin Window Fan with Thermostat and LED has almost every feature that should be expected in a higher model window fan. Window grabbers at the front and back of the top hold to the window very well without being obvious in appearance. There are a lot of buttons on the Optimus F-5286, and they are not quite as self explanatory as they should be. The rain resistant motors allow the Optimus F-5286 to be used in a window that might be exposed to some moisture at times without having to uninstall it every time it rains. If all you need is a very basic fan to either bring air in or exhaust air out of a stuffy room, the Comfort Zone CZ309 9-Inch Portable Twin Window fan will do the job. The accordion style extender panels lock in place well and are located on both sides of the fan, which gives you the ability to center the fan exactly as it’s needed. This fan has two speeds, which are controlled by its only knob located at the very top of its frame where the bottom of the window rests on the fan, but you can access this button whether the fan is placed for intake or exhaust.
The fans 9 inch blades are larger than what is found with most window fans and usually good for moving more air, but when combined with the lighter weight materials used for its construction, they result in a little more vibration than would be experienced with a heavier fan.
Overall, the Comfort Zone CZ309 is a basic, no-frills window or desk fan that will add a little extra air flow where you need it most. The extender panels built into both sides are easy to use so that the fan can be perfectly centered in double hung windows.
For windows that cannot fit a traditional window fan, the removable feet can be used to place it on a window sill instead. The Optimus F-5280 only has one knob for power and its two speed settings, so there won’t be any fiddling with controls or worrying about lights that interrupt sleep. This fan is definitely powerful for its price, even more so than some fans with larger blades, but it’s also much noisier than many window fans.
Small, sleek, and powerful, the Bionaire BWF0522M Thin Window Fan fits in most windows and features a “Firm Fit” locking extender screen to fit in larger windows.
The manual thermostat function allows you to program your preferred temperature for a room as well. At the time of this writing, 218 customers have reviewed the product an average of 3.8 out of 5 stars.
Most customer reviews highlight the Bionaire BWF0522M Thin Window Fan for its quiet, efficient, and easy-to-use attributes and rave about its overall functionality. The low and medium settings turn off a couple fans in the unit, rather than making them spin slower, as in previous models. The powerful motors of the Lasko 2138 8-Inch Electrically Reversible Twin Window Fan make this fan perfect for use in any room.
This fan is nicely quiet for the power and seems able to run non stop without many problems, but it does come with a manual thermostat that allows the fan to turn off once the room reaches the desired temperature. There are only two speed settings to this fan, and it would be nice if there were three since high has such a powerful blow but low may not be enough for some comfort levels. Window installation is a bit more of a hassle, as the E-Z-Click extender panels may take a bit more work and fuss than the name implies, the problem being that they don’t always stay in place. If a kitchen only has one window, the fans can be set to circulate, with one blowing in and one sucking the odors out. The biggest advantage of the Lasko Twin Window Fan 2137 is that it will actually fit into the smaller windows, even down to 22 inches and is unbelievably easy to install. This fan is thin enough to be used with the window screen still installed, which it recommended since there is no built-in dust screen to block dirt and bugs from entering the home through the grills. The plastic that the housing it’s made of is not very expensive looking, and somewhat thinner than the plastic used with other models. The fan’s only knob is at the top, flush with where the window sill fits against the top of the fan.
The Bionaire BWF0910AR-WCU Remote Control window fan is definitely solidly built for such a light fan, weighing in at only 8 pounds, and well worth the price. The electronically reversible blades can be set to intake, exhaust or circulate with just the push of a button to create the perfect environment in your room. This  Bionaire BWF0910AR-WCU Remote Control window fan has a digital thermostat that can be programmed to turn on or off for the desired temperature in your room. The included remote control can be used to turn the fan on and off or change the temperature setting without getting up. I found 51 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Bionaire BWF0910AR-WCU Remote Control window fan 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 on average. Like other models of Bionaire fans, the BWF0910AR might have some issues with the thermostat as some unit’s heat sensing wires are placed a bit too close to the motor, but the remote makes it so easy to program that the room temperature can be adjusted with a little guesswork.
A very nice bonus is that the brightness of the temperature display can be dimmed to prevent it’s light from interfering with your sleep if you are sensitive to that.
You can’t just run one fan at a time or individually control their speed, but you can adjust the  fans individually with slider switches to intake, exhaust or one fan doing each for air circulation.
I found 178 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Holmes HAWF3095-U twin window fan with accutemp plus 4 stars out of a possible 5 on average. Sometimes, when the room temperature reaches close to the desired setting, this fan’s digital thermostat can cause the fan to cycle on and off rapidly, as often as two or three times a minute.
If you’re trying to beat the summer heat without beating up your electric bill or the environment, we have a great list of summer energy efficient cooling tips for you.
Tighten all of your electrical connections and measure the voltage and current on your motors. Check your thermostat settings on your heating and cooling systems to make sure it’s turning off and on at the proper temperature.
Before you head out to get the supplies to begin your first energy efficient heating and cooling projects, we believe it's important to do research.
Effects on the Earth: If radioactive waste and spent fuel are not disposed of properly they can potentially be an environmental hazard. Effects on the Earth: These plants have potential to add to air pollution releasing toxins, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide into the air.
Effects on the Earth: These forms do not combust gases so air emissions are not compromised.
Pop singer Ariana Grande blows kisses to her fans from the window of the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam, Holland on November 10, 2013.
It doesn’t have a large number of features, but it does have the ones that really matter.
The extender panels don’t include an accordion style extender that is easily adjustable to any length. The manual thermostat has no temperature readout makes for a bit of guess-work when setting the fan to the desired room temperature, but the dials are self-explanatory.
It has a very sleek appearance, with clearly marked controls that really don’t need any explanation at all to make use of every feature this fan has to offer. The feet also come in handy for windows that are slightly too small for window fan installation. There is no lit screen or LED read out for nighttime use, but this is nice if the light of an LED screen would otherwise disturb light sleepers. Easy to install with adjustable expanders on both sides of the unit, this fan will be out of the box and cooling a room to perfect comfort in no time. A quick review of the instruction manual will add a little time to the initial installation and use. It can only be adjusted by five degree increments between 65 and 80 degrees, and the highest setting is labeled as MAX on the thermostat section, so users have to punch the temperature adjustment button up to five times to get to that setting. The rain resistant motors along with this fan’s ability to control intake and exhaust individually as well as speed, the adjustable timer, adjustable thermostat and quiet operation make this fan ideal for small to medium rooms that need extra cooling or circulation with just the programming of a few buttons and no further thought. The portability features also make it a bit less of a hassle to reverse, since this has to be done manually by taking the fan out of the window and flipping it around. It will move plenty of air for a small room, but won’t produce a strong air flow feel in medium or larger rooms.
It’s ideal for use as a back up fan where a box fan just wont do by itself, or use in a small room to bring in extra cool air. It would be nicer if the fan had controls to reverse airflow, rather than having to take the fan out and flip it around, but the controls are on both sides of the unit, so once it is placed, it can be turned off and on with ease. This is good if the white noise is useful for drowning out background sounds, but bad for use in rooms where the extra sound might interfere with conversations or watching television. The extender screen makes the Bionaire BWF0522M Thin Window Fan very easy to install and set up in your home.
Its manual controls are easy to use and adjust to get just the right amount of air flow into a room. The unit responds well to this function, and you won’t have to reprogram the thermostat every time you plug the unit in. The smaller design also impressed many customers as well as its easy installation and flexibility when fitting into windows. Setting the temperature is a bit of guesswork since there are no readings on the knob, just low to high, but turning it down a bit once the room is cool enough will adjust it to the right setting. A pair of screws are included, but they are small and difficult to work with and turning them too hard can easily strip the plastic.
It clears the room just as fast as opening a second window and brings plenty of cool air in while it works because the airflow is much stronger than most window fans.
The exhaust function is strong enough to pull plenty of hot air away from the back of the computer and keep it purring along.

It’s adjustable, accordion style side panels will fit windows up to 34 inches without the need for extra panels or adapters. The window grabbers built into the top give a secure fit for the fan to the bottom of the window.
This makes it very difficult to turn the knob when you want to turn it off or change the speed because it’s just too tall and bumps the bottom of the window.
It won’t produce as much air movement as a typical box fan, but it still comes in handy, especially as a desk fan, for which it provides plenty of power.
It’s larger blades move much more air than most window fans and are comparatively whisper quiet.
Additionally, the power of this fan makes the circulate mode much more effective than most dual fans. Unfortunately, the mode button is not on the remote, so switching the fan from automatic to manual mode will have to be done from the button on the control panel. This fact, coupled with the very quiet operation and remote control makes this fan absolutely ideal for nighttime bedroom use. There is a small gap between the bottom of the adapter and where it is supposed to meet the window. The temperature can be further fine tuned in one degree increments with the two additional temperature buttons. This mode is very nice for cooling off a room while removing stuffy air and odors, especially in a hot kitchen while cooking on the stove or using the oven. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) averages most families spend roughly $1,900 a year on electricity. A good rule of thumb when using your AC in the summer is to try to keep it at 78 degrees when you are home and 85 degrees when you leave your home. If a room in your home gets direct exposure to sunlight you’re going to want to keep that heat from entering your home. Find the areas of your home that get the most sun exposure in the summer time and plant your favorite types of trees there. Energy Star ceiling fans use the latest technology to save energy, and manufacturers like Quorum offer a wide variety of Energy Star ceiling fans. If installing a ceiling fan in your home is not an option for you, consider buying portable desk fans or floor fans. This is a big one and we know many homes do not get a choice in the matter, but if you do get to choose your AC unit we recommend picking a Energy Star qualified product with a higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). If you live in a cold area try to keep your heater at 68 degrees when you are home and at 55 degrees when you leave the house, this will save you up to 20 percent on your heating costs. Exhaust fans are great for clearing nasty odors and smoke from your bathroom or kitchen but they also push out your warm air. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace or to be able to build a fireplace extension in your home, use it. This Energy.gov article has a chart that shows the recommended amount of insulation based on the location of your home and gives a lot of tips for installing insulation.
A programmable thermostat will allow you to set the temperature to your individual needs for each day of he week. Look up the rates for each product you're considering, especially large fixtures like air conditioners (AC) or heaters. Energy Star is an EPA sponsored organization set out to help businesses and individuals save money and the Earth's natural resources through superior energy efficiency. Every bit of energy we make has an impact on our environment, especially when finding unique ways to keep the huge turbines moving that make electricity. These are all considered non-renewable resources that cannot be replenished in your lifetime. Ninety-nine accidents have been reported from nuclear power plants across the world, only a handful have been major. Hydropower is considered a renewable energy source because although water evaporates it eventually rains back down.
The blades are reversible for switching from intake to exhaust with just the flip of a button, and it has a manual thermostat that will automatically turn the fan on and off for your perfect level of comfort.
Instead, the plastic is rigid, and one of the panels must be adjusted and then held into place with a pair of small screws.
The thermostat is also less sensitive because it’s manual and therefore less likely to cycle on and off several times a minute, which can be annoying with digital models and there is no lit LED screen to cast an annoying light in a dark room while trying to sleep if extra light could potentially be a bother. The fans can also be set to circulate air with intake blowing harder than output or intake blowing softer than output.
It also has a rain resistant motor, which is very useful if this fan is being used in a humid climate that sees a lot of rain. But the fact that it has removable feet also makes this fan perfect for desktop use where heavy blowing power isn’t needed. There is a small gap at the bottom and top of each side that could sometimes let small bugs and dirt in, but it’s not an overtly large problem.
The blades can be individually set to intake or exhaust, or one each for circulating stale air out of a room while bringing fresh air in. The LED light also blinks, which is can be annoying at night time, but other than that it is quiet enough not to disturb nighttime sleep, or conversations and television use during the daytime.
The placement of the cord is a bit awkward and causes the fan to sit a little less flush against the window’s frame than it should so it may take a little moving around to get it to set right.
It’s fairly good for use as an exhaust fan to take cooking fumes out of a kitchen, exhaust fumes out of a garage or excess humidity out of a bathroom. The motor is rain resistant so it will not die at the first sign of humid weather, and it handles continuous use on high speed very well. Moving it around isn’t a problem as it is light and fairly easy to handle, although it should have a proper carrying handle for this purpose.
It will also have to be turned off in the middle of the night if it gets too cold since there is no thermostat. This fan is absolutely great for use in a garage or shop where it can be run continuously on exhaust mode to draw out fumes and odors.
Because the BWF0522M is designed to be small and adjustable to most windows, you will be able to place this fan anywhere in the house where there is a window. Even lighter than its predecessors, weighing in at about five pounds, the BWF0522M model packs a punch that can fit vertically or horizontally in almost any window of the house. The fan is so quiet on high, however, that most customers concerned with bugs entering the house through the window simply run the fan on high. The independent controls for both blades allow this fan to be tailored to any situation, whether cooling, exhaust or circulation is needed, and it can be adapted even for desk or floor use with the removable feet.
The manual thermostats are much less sensitive than the digital type, which is a plus if you don’t like for the fan to circle on and off too often.
Also, one side of the fan can be set on exhaust to pull away the hot air while the other side is set to intake to provide a little relief for the user. It looks fine despite this, with a simple white color, and the adjustable extenders on both sides of the fan to make it possible to center the fan in the window for a nicer visual appeal, which fans with rigid side panels can’t do. But the knob can be accessed from both the front and the back to make it manually reversible, just pull it out of the window and turn it around to change from intake to exhaust. It is rare to still feel a very nice, powerful breeze while a dual fan is in circulate mode.
Fan dimensions are 25 inches by 13 inches, so it won’t fit  the smaller windows, but it will fit even many types of casement windows with a specifically designed bracket that the manufacturer can provide. There is no remote with the holmes HAWF3095-U twin window fan, so you have to rely on the thermostat if you want the fan to turn off at night when it gets too cool.
For instance, if you want the room cooled when you first go to bed, but you know that the temperature is going to become too cold to keep running the fan around midnight and don’t want the chill to wake you up, you can simply set the timer for it to turn off.
Opening the windows and doors in the early mornings or evenings, when the temperature is still low outside, will allow cool air to move through, letting your home cool itself naturally before the summer heat kicks in.
A wide selection of energy efficient sun blocking curtains are now available at many stores and online. This is not an instant fix, but in a few years shady trees could help save you big time on your home cooling costs. No installation necessary and these fans can move from room to room while still saving you up to 65 percent on your heating and cooling costs. Here are some of our top tips for stopping your energy usage from creeping up during the winter months. Most have a built in switch that allows you to turn your fan clockwise in the winter months.
This is a general energy saving tip that is especially important for winter because the fan will slowly circulate the warm air out of your home. These easy to install devices help you use anywhere from 10 to 50 percent less energy on your home lighting. These windows reduce UV damage to interior fabrics and help control the climate based on your locations climate zone. Each of these fixtures must pass a rigorous set of requirements to assure they are saving electricity every time you used them.
The water to cool the turbines is sometimes removed from rivers and lakes which can disturb the living environments for aquatic life and animals living near the water source. This does make the panels easier to clean than the accordion style, since they don’t collect as much dust and can just be wiped off with a cloth, and they also look nicer, but it takes more than a few minutes to get it installed. This is great for exhausting rooms with uneven heating in the winter, while still leaving the option to bring in a little air without over cooling. The fan won’t need to be taken out and reinstalled every time a slight drizzle occurs. The fan also has removable feet that are very stable for use as a desk fan or floor fan, or placement on a window sill without removing the screen. It’s also great to double as a desk fan with its included removable feet, and will produce a very nice flow of air for that use.
These design features make the fan especially ideal if it is being used for ventilation to remove excess humidity from a bathroom.

The plastic seems a bit flimsy, and it looks a little cheaper than other window fans do, but it holds up to being moved around a lot. Even with its smaller design, this window fan is more powerful than previous models and can cool any room down quickly and efficiently. In comparison to previous models, the Bionaire BWF0522M Thin Window Fan has a 40% greater air velocity and is 25% more compact. The manual thermostat also is a well renowned feature that does not have the bright display of digital displays, but is still responsive and easy to set.
Some previous models have been difficult to install in certain windows, but the new BWF0522M model improves on this design and makes it easy to install and get up and running quickly and quietly.
It also lacks a groove on the top and bottom that make other fans fit more tightly to the window and sill, but this is surprisingly less of a problem than it appears to be at first notice since the fan sits well enough once the window’s edge is placed on the top.
The power, durability and versatility of this fan definitely make up for the small design flaws with the extender panels. Users can tell that the fan is in auto mode by the red indicator light at the top of the control panel.
When it cycles on and off, the noise is not too disturbing as this is definitely one of the quieter fans on the market.
The timer can also be set to turn the fan on a couple of hours before you return home without having to run it for the entire day. Adjusting a handful of factors, such as choosing the right light bulbs, will save your wallet and the environment big time. You will be saving one to three percent of your energy bill for every degree higher you set it. Pair this technique with high-end ceiling fans, desk fans or floor fans and you will not even need your AC on during the first part of the day.
Solar screens, window tinting or shutters are the most efficient way to block the suns heat. Utilizing these techniques in your home have energy packed savings of 15 percent in the winter and up to 50 percent in the summer.
Sizing and proper installation are key when installing a new AC so pick a high quality technician to help you. You can save one to three percent on your electric bill for every degree you lower you go on the thermostat. Using your fireplace will not only create a calming atmosphere in your home and smell great, but it will also help you save significantly on your heating costs and save our precious non-renewable resources. If you’re in a colder climate consider hiring a contractor to add insulation to your exterior walls. Dimmers can be used with most devices including ceiling fans, floor lamps, desk lamps and various light fixtures. Look to repair or replace damaged, disconnected or undersized ducts in your home immediately.
The energy savings of these products range from 15 percent all the way to 80 percent depending on the product you choose. The waste is taken to the energy plant and ripped into smaller, more manageable pieces before it’s burned to produce steam to turn the turbines. The feet are rubberized as well, which keeps it from getting knocked around while it is being used as a desk fan.
The Bionaire BWF0522M Thin Window Fan is also designed to be quiet while still moving a large amount of air through any room in your house.
This smaller design makes it easy to fit in most windows either vertically or horizontally. Overall, customers are satisfied with this wall fan due to its air speed, size, and quietness. This makes a nice feature to get a house ready for the owners to return without wasting electricity.
We will break these energy efficient heating and cooling tips into winter, summer and anytime categories.
Having ceiling fans in different parts of your home can significantly save you on your energy bill. Make sure enough room is left for serving your new AC and making sure it’s charged correctly.
When your fan is running clockwise it pushes all the warmer air, which naturally rises to the ceiling, back down to the floor. Update your weather stripping if it’s torn or no longer filling the space between your wall and door.
Energy Star has a large list of lighting fixtures and home appliances that will help you save on your heating and cooling usage.
You can cool off your bedroom at night and still sleep without this fan waking you up with any noise. The Bionaire BWF0522M Thin Window Fan is the most compact, most powerful, and the easiest to install fan that Bionaire has come out with to date. Another way to beat the heat is to replace some of the light fixtures in a room with a ceiling fan with lights. Even the most expensive ceiling fan versus the cheapest AC unit saves you almost $900 a year.
Controllable ceiling fans with lights will cool you down while providing ample lighting for a room. Subscribe to our Knowledge Base!Email* 5 Reasons Why All Your Small Windows Deserve a Small Window FanSmall windows can be a nuisance when it comes to cooling down an apartment or small spaces. That is mainly due to the fact that small windows do not let the outside air in to efficiently pass through the house and ventilate it. The small windows prevent the warmer air that has built up inside of the house to go out, and likewise prevent the cooler air in the atmosphere (which is denser) to travel inside.Clean and proper ventilation is imperative for a healthy living. And if you're on the lookout for a cheap way keep your house or apartment at a perfect temperature, then is vital that you invest in some very good small window fans.Small window fans are perfectly designed to keep small living spaces like apartments to maintain temperature. But if you haven't yet made up your mind about getting cost effective window fans for your apartment, then here are some very compelling reasons why you should:1. Small Window Fans Help Achieve the Ideal TemperatureSmall window fans are perfect for maintaining a pleasant and cool environment inside of the house. They significantly aid in the ventilation of the house, so no matter how hot the day is outside, the temperature inside your house will always be cool.
Did you know that a small window fan can considerably lower the inside temperature of your house by 20 degrees? And because they are relatively cheaper than other cooling products, you can install them in a number of spaces inside your home.2. You Couldn't Ask for Easier Installation You'd be surprised at how simple installing a small window fan actually is.
Most small window fans come with instructions and the entire kit that will aid in you in setting up the fan. There are expander panels given so that you can stretch the panels according to the length of the window. All you need is to follow the instructions and have a tool kit handy with you.Small window fans are designed to consume less energy because of the low wattage.
Window fans in comparison to portable air conditioners and window ACs are far more cost effective. And the best part is that these fans lower the temperature far quicker and up to 20 degrees F. So you're getting something cheap but highly effective.Small windows come is all shapes and sizes and you can get yourself a fan for as little as $29!3.
Reverse Functionality to Provide Effective CoolingWhenever you decide to get a small window fan make sure that you get one which has a reverse functionality feature.
Fans that have reverse functionality blow the winds in two directions allowing the air to cool and ventilate at the same time. So in essence, you are not only enjoying cooler outside air but also ventilating your entire apartment, depending on the amount of small fans you have installed.Reverse ventilation allows for the air to travel much faster, which in turn affects the hot and sticky indoor air, and ultimately it gets blown away outside of your house.
For example, if you close all your windows and go out of the house, your indoor space will trap all the hot air inside, and when you come back and turn on the fans, the reverse function will allow cooler air to pass through while throwing out the bad, hot air.Window fans ventilate your indoor space much faster than air conditioning.
Although air conditioners are excellent for cooling your home, the fact still remains that they take way too much time to cool your house than small window fans.Window fans are also ideal for bathroom windows which also tend to be small.
Well you don't have to, because window fans for bathrooms are perfectly suited for drawing away all that moisture. Quit Paying So Much for Energy BillsWhy pay so much in energy bills when you can save and enjoy at the same time? If you have an air conditioning unit and you're really tired of paying so much just to keep your bedroom or other living spaces cool, then get a window fan. Window fans are excellent for keeping temperatures cooler inside even on those hot summer nights.At nightfall, the surrounding atmospheric temperatures lower considerably, even in the summer season.
Since window fans are designed to cool and ventilate indoor air, you can use them to cool your bedroom instead of turning on the AC.5. Perfect for Kitchen VentilationYou can only imagine how hot it can get inside of the kitchen in the summer season. Without proper ventilation, the heat from your stove and oven will cease to escape and remain indoors further warming up the kitchen and the surrounding area. Window fans considerably lower the kitchen temperature and allow for cool air to pass making the area much more pleasant.Plus these window fans also draw out all the hot air and replace it with cooler air coming from outside of the house, thus maintaining optimal ventilation. You have to think about everything the way this economy is going, and people these days cannot afford to keep their ACs running all the time. Window ventilation fans are a perfect solution, they are less pricey, infinitely more effective, and easy to install.With peak summer months on our tail, investing in small window fans for your apartment windows can be a great way to chill in the summer heat.

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