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I'm planning on lining the walls and ceiling in knotty pine or cedar tongue and grove boards. Air extraction and purification advice and any other advice that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated. I have a folding domino table and four folding chairs as well as a table top poker table that seats six.
Please be patient as I will be doing this project all by myself and will take me a number of weekends to complete.
I have seen window fans that will surely exhaust some of the smoke but am concerned if three or four guys are in there smoking. To answer Jimmie's question, yes there is a small window (18" X 24"), but I plan on installing a bigger one om the opposite end. As far as ventilation goes, you can set it up to have several smokers in there without a problem. Omaha Door and Window installed the sun room walls and we finished the rest of the interior. Fuse Panel Layout Diagram Parts: ventilation system, ignition coil, steering wheel, immobiliser, fuel pump, lambdas, Engine ECU back up, passenger lock, boot lock, driver lock, passenger window, gauges, mirrors, radio, brake light, dip beam, side light, rear fog light, engine fan, horn, master ignition, main beam, starter solenoid, heated rear screen, engine fan, hazard light, door lock, drivers window, boot light, courtesy light, cigar lighter. Herein we will see the door locks wiring diagram of the 1957-58 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham.

Fuse Panel Layout Diagram Parts: Meter, Rear window defroster, Tail, Audio, Wiper, Colling Fan Rear Wiper, Power Window, Center DIF Lock, Sunroof, Engine, Hazard, Stop or Horn, Door Lock, Room, Air Conditioner. Fuse Panel Layout Diagram Parts: fan ignition, turn signal, gauge, defogger relay, power window, washer, heater, wiper, ECU ignition, radio, dome light, radio, cigar lighter, door lock, fog lamp, tail light. Fuse Panel Layout Diagram Parts: rear fog lamp, reverse lamp, crank relay, automaic occupan sensing, stop lamp, steering wheel dimming, engine control module, exhaust module, heated seat, wiper relay, inrusion sensor, radio, reverse lamp, brake transmission shift interlock, instrument cluster, heads up display, cruise control swich, courtesy lamp, door lock, driver door switch. Fuse Panel Layout Diagram Parts: HVAC control, battery, radio, ignition sensor, fuse holder, instrument cluster, wheel illumination, interior, rear wiper, power mirror, canister, pedal, wiper switch, ignition control, air bag, crank, door lock, roof heat seat, power window. There are several parts and components you must deal with here, so be sure to have read about the wiring diagram shown here first before attempting any wiring work on your vehicle. Saw seating a few days ago and it still looks like when he bought them (excellent condition).
I cannot say money is not a problem, but as this project comes along, it may be a wise investment. The old deck had insufficient footings and rotting buried support posts, which was causing the deck to sink. The parts to deal with will include: left roof rail light and switch, left rear interlock switch, left front door switch, left rear locking solenoid, left front locking solenoid, body accy connector, trans interlock solenoid, neutral switch, etc. This will be a long project as I do not want to put all of my Vegas Herf Fund monies into this right now.

I have worked as a Bailiff in the Miami-Dade Court Systems now for almost 19 years (March 18, 1991). Buried support posts are actually code-compliant under some circumstances, but even treated lumber or cedar in contact with soil will eventually decay. There's a Fine Homebuilding article by Dud Carlson that describes this setup, and he says it works. I currently am assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit and deal with the sadest and most unpleasant of cases in the court system. The new footings that we installed allowed the posts to do their job without excess soil and moisture contact.
I suppose the criticism is that warm moisture-laden air will be sucked into the basement, contact cool surfaces, the moisture will condense and be deposited on your slab. Perhaps the 100+ cfm air exchange changes all this -- the air is moving through so fast that on balance, the basement is less of a moisture trap, basically same principle as bathroom exhaust fan.

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