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July 15, 2013 by Gil Schauer 1 Comment You can enjoy the energy efficiency and cooling benefits of ceiling fans all year round—both indoors and out—in a wide variety of styles to match any decor. Outdoor ceiling fans offer the same comfort and cooling as indoor fans, but they’re built to withstand the exterior elements and can even help with insect control. Be aware, however, that although tropical blades are a designer’s delight and add a wonderful element to any decor, they are sometimes limited in the amount of air they can move. Ceiling fans also need sufficient air space between each blade to adequately move air; large oval blades often don’t provide for that.
As you’re shopping for outdoor ceiling fans you’ll notice that they’re rated as “damp” or “wet.” A wet-rated ceiling fan can be directly exposed to rainfall and can be washed off with a hose.
Damp-rated ceiling fans are specially designed for outdoor areas and can withstand humidity, but not direct rainfall. The Fanimation Windpointe outdoor ceiling fan features an oil-rubbed bronze finish and a broad spectrum of sizes spanning 44 to 80 inches.
This damp-rated tropical outdoor ceiling fan features an antique dark finish with dark brown palm leaf blades. Ceiling fans have become quite a way to add an interesting design feature to a room as well as being functional – especially during a hot summer! Many "tropical" ceiling fan designs are UL listed for Damp and Wet locations, if you wish to install the fan in an outdoor location make sure it is approved.

Tropical ceiling fans, many of which are designed for outdoors, provide an ideal way to keep cool and save energy in an island motif. With a tropical-styled fan, you can add a little flare and character to your outdoor living space. Wicker or rattan blades often do not have the rigidity necessary to effectively push large amounts of air, and large wooden blades are sometimes too heavy for a smaller motor to rotate quickly enough.
Unfortunately, making the selection process even more difficult, the standard airflow efficiency ratings—cubic feet per minute (CPM)—often don’t account for a change in blades.
This is ideal for uncovered areas or even partially covered patios where the fan may get wet. Wet-rated ceiling fans can be used in place of damp-rated fans, but a damp-rated fan cannot be placed in a wet location.
Since it’s light fixture adaptable, you can use this fan to replace your outdoor area’s exterior lighting.
A variety of fashionable tropical blades are available ranging from natural palm to walnut leaves to traditional wood. From traditional to contemporary and indoor to outdoor ceiling fans, you can find the perfect fan to suit your budget and your outdoor living needs. As you’re shopping for a tropical outdoor ceiling fan, keep the following tips in mind to make sure you buy a fan that perfectly fits your style and needs.

For example, if you have wicker furniture in your outdoor space, a fan with wicker blades would be most appropriate.
To make sure the tropical ceiling fan blades you choose will operate effectively in your environment, it is best to make sure the airflow efficiency specs include the blades, or check with sales people who have actual experience with the various types of blades available. If your outdoor living space is covered and the fan will not be exposed to rain, you can install a damp-rated fan. Therefore, if you think your fan will have exposure to rain or other harsh weather conditions, consider a wet-rated fan just to be safe. If, however, you have a tropical theme and perhaps even have palm trees in your yard, a palm frond style may be a better fit. Its tropical flare will make you feel as though you’ve escaped to an island paradise—even if you’re stuck in the middle of the city. The Hunter Bayview is light fixture adaptable, so use it to replace your current outdoor lighting for versatility and comfort all in one. Tropical ceiling fans can tie your outdoor living space’s decor together, as long as you select one that complements what you already have in place.

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