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Yesterday’s post about patterned ceilings apparently did not satisfy my enthusiasm for interesting ceilings. Christa Terry is a writer and wedding and lifestyle expert whose book iDo: Planning Your Wedding with Nothing But a€?Net is a one-stop planning resource for modern, free-thinking brides and grooms. June 7, 2012 in decoration, design, different strokes for different folks, flying, oh man it would be great if it could eject a little parachute man out the door and then chop him up in the blades, sure why not, you get back here and you get right-side up this instance!
Thanks to Joshua and bb, who both made ceiling fans out of ninja swords and now everybody's afraid to ever get drunk at either one of their places. Geekologie is a geek blog dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome. I’m back, but only for a minute A because I’m working hard on transforming our pinky-beige bonus room into an art and craft studio fit for an art show! Remove the dust screen from the bottom plate (if your fan has one.) Wipe it clean and set it aside. Clean the fan blades, arms, and the brass bottom cover well with a damp rag and some multi-purpose spray cleaner if necessary.
Reassemble your ceiling fan blades and then attach the arms to the fan with the freshly painted fan blades facing the floor.
Having your ceiling and fan blades painted the same flat white color helps the blades blend into the ceiling and almost disappear.
The best part is that I didn’t have to buy a new fan, spend time installing it and worry about the old fan ending up in the landfill!
Old, new, brass or blue… remember that there are so many different paints and finishes available and Pretty Handy Girl has just shown us how to pull apart a basic ceiling fan to customize it in our very own way.

Oh I did the same thing with my ceiling fan, and it not only turned out great, it is very quiet now from all the screw tightening! Our fans and we have one in every bedroom have the five light attached on them the glass cups are kind of curvy and the center glass has grooves.
Most ceiling fans have removable blades, so you can get as creative as you want to with paint and stencils or Mod Podge and craft paper of fabric. With one husband, one toddler, and more on the way a€“ kids, not husbands a€“ Christa somehow manages to stay on top of the tricks and trends that make getting married and living life stylish and fun. Choose any finish appropriate for metal and your brass can be pewter, and your white wood blades could even be covered in wallpaper or fabric.
But it’s really up high and it has a 4-foot long brass stem that extends down from the ceiling.
And whipping up a DIY project like this is super easy and super fast – maybe even one of the fastest things you can do to spruce up your bedroom! Problem was, someone did some server jiggery-pokery and all my previously uploaded images were lost to the ether. AND, even if your blades are white, I’m going to show you a trick that will help make that fan almost disappear on the ceiling. No idea how I’d be able to spray paint that, and I think it would look odd to leave it shiny brass.
Today, I happened to spot some sweet decorated ceiling fans that prove that your ceiling fan doesn’t have to be boring.
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I visited many online stores wishing for finding a fan which was both good looking and affordable. And I’m sure if you have children, they would love to have a say in the creation of their own personal fan for their room. I can just imagine a fan for a little girl’s room where the interior of the blades is a gingham fabric and the blade surround is painted white. As the fan I bought didn’t have a light, I purchased a light separately to be attached to the fan.There are some reasons why I ended up buying the fan.
The price has included the remote control so I did not need to purchase the remote control separately. Lucky me, I could find the light attachment in the Hampton Bay catalogue in cheap price too. It was about $50 and it had a nice looking.  The light is very bright as the light comes from a frosted white glass.
If you are interested to buy this fan, my advice is to read the multiple instructions carefully that are packed separately. The other good thing about the Hampton Bay Altura is its friendly noise meaning that it is very quite although the size is big.

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