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The primary benefit of solar shades is the ability to protect your furniture and flooring from damage, reducing heat – often as much as 70%, cutting glare to make your home comfortable. If you’d like to discuss options, styles, or advantages, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. December, a month when we get so much from others, is a great time to focus more on the gift of giving to others and spreading peace.
What I liked most about this new idea was that it encouraged the kids to think about other people every day over the next month.
I decided to write them a letter explaining to them this new twist that would be appearing in the Christmas House on the first day and every day throughout the month, and leave it for them propped up in front of the house for that first morning. I feel like our 25 days of giving to others is an example of the little things we do in our lives that make a difference in the world, no matter how small. No matter what you celebrate or how you do it, I hope that your holiday season is peaceful and wonderful!
Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. We’ve got a countdown to Christmas written on the fridge memo board and we have a Christmas House countdown where each day, beginning with December 1, you open a window of the wooden house which has a tiny treat inside.
Just before the start of the month, a friend of mine, Gina, sent me a link she thought my kids would enjoy.

I think overall we do a good job of raising our kids to think of other people, but this month-long activity would really put the focus on good deeds as the kids anticipate the arrival of Christmas. I told them that there was no pressure here, that whichever of the RAKs they could accomplish would be one more nice thing than they might have normally thought to do on any given day and would brighten someone else’s day. At 95 years old, he was one of the worlds most prominent examples of a peacemaker; someone who dedicated his lifetime to being a truly good, peaceful person. I’d never dare to even compare myself or my family to Nelson Mandela, but I do believe that we make a difference. I’m certainly thankful for my friend Gina, that she came across this and thought to send it our way. Unfortunately, with all that light comes HEAT – and usually lots of it – and that’s to say nothing of the glare! We only sell solar and sun shades, and we are experts in helping you select both the best in practical as well as aesthetic solutions.
The link, to 100 Days of Real Food, contained 25 business card-sized messages which each fit nicely, one per day, in the windows of our Christmas House, along with our three M&Ms.
I did not take away the treats, as I didn’t feel the need to erase one tradition in order to add in another. As we sat in church this past Sunday morning, our pastor spoke about Mandela and his calling.

I read through the messages which gave daily Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs) and I loved the idea of including them in our countdown to Christmas. This weekend for example, they made pillowcases for Kids Conquer Cancer at their sewing class, we bought a toy doll for a three year old girl who lives in a local shelter for our church’s giving tree, we bought pajamas for a school pajama drive, and we donated money to a charity for foster teens by attending a local fashion show for which their ticket prices went towards Christmas gifts for the teens. He talked about what a leader Mandela was, what a role model he was for living a truly peaceful life. What a wonderful way to honor the victims of such a violent tragedy, by working to spread peace to others.
Every year they await the day we decorate our living room and the Christmas House comes out of its box and goes onto the hutch next to our Nativity scene.
I asked them to fill out a piece of paper each time they accomplished one of the RAKs and throw it into the vase.

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