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Usually located in the ceiling of an interior hallway, a whole house fan is a simple and inexpensive resolution of cooling a house.
This Belt Drive Whole House Fan With Automatic ShutterBelt drive whole house fan features 2-speed, thermally protected PSC motor for up to 1,800 square feet on one story.
Featuring a belt drive, this Master Flow 6,000 CFM Power Whole-House Fan is able to reduce the hot air in your house efficiently with less motor noise and vibration. This entry was posted in Tower Fans and tagged Belt Drive Fan, Belt Drive Whole House Fan, Best Belt Drive Whole House Fan on August 23, 2013 by longer. Northern Tool + Equipment, Generators, pressure washers, air compressors, power tools, trailers, heaters, stoves, food processing, go karts, and more!
Belt Drive: Sometimes an whole house, belt drive fan can be repaired or adjusted to run properly.
Direct Drive:A For most direct drive whole house fans, parts are not available and are not repairable. If your attic fan requires service, call us at 303 695 7911 for a free consultation, or complete the form on theA Contact Page, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Spin the blade in the proper direction, with the lower part of the blade scooping the air upwards.
If the fan does run it means the motor is ok but the starting switch did not snap into the correct start position.
If you are getting electricity to the motor & it still does not run, you need a new motor. If fan has always been noisy then try opening the attic hatchway & listen to see if sound is better.
If the problem persists and the shutter is not opening enough, consider adding more ventilation to your attic.
If the problem persists and the shutter is not closing, consider cleaning and spraying a small bit of lubricant on the pivot rivets.
A too small shutter means you will have some ceiling repair in your future, but it is still easier than reframing larger.

Replacing the shutter with one that does not rattle usually requires a complete reframing of the shutter hole and reinstallation of the whole house fan. We are delighted to present the fantastic Air Vent Inc 24 Whole House Fan 54301 Attic Whole House Fans. For this price, the Air Vent Inc 24 Whole House Fan 54301 Attic Whole House Fans comes highly recommended and is always a popular choice for lots of people.
Compared to direct-drive whole house fans, belt-driven models are quieter and more efficient, making them ideal for medium and larger homes. The motor is mounted on struts above housing, so it features a quieter operation than direct-drive units. Great for 1200 to 2000 square foot attics, this unit requires minimum 8 square feet of net free air exhaust vent area. Sometines a whole house fan will have a motor that has oil ports and is designed to be lubricated every few years.
Is the fan blade connected directly to the motor (direct drive) or does the motor spin the blade by using a belt (belt drive)? At other times our customers find it cheaper to upgrade the older model with a quiet, more efficient fan. This is due to the springs having lost some of their pull or dirt or corrosion in the motor.
See if the pulley has shifted and fallen so that it rubs against the housing of the motor or the fan itself. Does the original shutter sit flush with the ceiling or does it drop down several inches as a box housing? Place a tarp or piece of plastic on the floor since you might get some insulation blowing out of the hatch. The Air Vent Inc 24 Whole House Fan 54301 Attic Whole House Fans is certainly that and will be a superb purchase. Pick one of these highly efficient belt drive whole house fans to provide excellent ventilation and lower indoor temperatures.

Direct drive fans have the motor directly in the center of the blade, either above or below it. This can usually only be determined by checking out the label on the fan itself, in the attic. Other than checking the venting by opening the attic entry hatch, there is not much to be done.
You should have as much attic ventilation that equals the size of the shutter hole in the ceiling. In any case, it is usually impossible or impractical to access these ports in the attic and are best left alone.A  Cleaning the shutter and blades every few years is often the only thing that needs to be done. An attic exhaust fan is usually on the roof itself and looks like a mushroom or hidden inside the attic on the end wall and goes on and off automatically and does not have a ceiling shutter.) We usually simply replace the entire unit.
Belt drive fans have the motor positioned to the side, not directly over the center of the blade. Sometimes it is the shutter that is really noisy, but replacing it is normally not possible due to the fact that each company makes a different size shutter for the same size fan. Have you had an roofing, siding or insulation work done before you noticed the difference in performance? If screws or bolts have come loose on the fan, it is an indication that there is not enough ventilation and the fan is vibrating itself to pieces. Your belt might have deteriorated to the point where it is slipping and not turning the blade effectively. Check the fastener holding the pulley to motor and the fastener holding the fan blade to the shaft. Fan is not working very well, not pulling in much air anymoreThere is a listing of some simple do it yourself repairs in the FAQs section below.

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