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QuietCool Fans Are Good For The Environment According to the EPA, if too little outdoor air enters your home, pollutants can form to levels that can pose health and comfort issues. One way to lower levels of indoor air pollutants is to increase the amount of outdoor air coming in.
Attic fans are installed in the attic near the gable vent and are designed to exhaust hot air from the attic space. A Whole-house system can be used instead of an air conditioner most of the year in most climates. Based on the fantastic savings realized by homeowners on their electric bills by using whole house fans to cut air conditioner usage, California State Legislators have now recognized the benefits of whole house fans. Lets expand on items 1 and 2:   Whole house fans manufactured with gravity backdraft damper or shutters offer little to no insulation or sealing of the conditioned living space from attic space. Modern whole house fans offer automatic electric actuator (motors) that seal tightly against  gaskets or gasketing material when the fan is not in use.
Low noise is another key requirement as in order for a whole house to be used on a regular basis it must be quiet enough for the house occupants to not be inconvenienced. Motorized, sealed, insulated doors are typically operated by electric actuator(s) that seal the doors against gasketing material when the fan is not in use. This entry was posted in air sealing, insulation, manufacturers, Uncategorized on July 25, 2013 by neil.
The mission of the Whole House Fan Institute (WHFI) is to educate and provide standards that promote the use of modern whole house fans with the goal of saving energy and promoting comfort. 2. To promote the inclusion of whole house fans as a mandatory energy saving measure in residential building codes. 3. To conduct and promote research looking at quantifying the energy saving nature of whole house fans. Membership in the Whole House Fan Institute is open to all whole house fan manufacturers subject to the organization’s bylaws.
Hook & Loop is commonly used to attach objects together but was never really manufactured to seal openings. The ShutterCover Trim to Fit manufacturer contacted me with some information about his product and I decided that it is worth to mention it on my website.
Installing the whole house fan ShutterCover appears to be an easy task to perform and a valuable item to put on your house maintenance schedule list. Despite the fact that whole house fans use significantly smaller amounts of energy than air conditioners, the entire assembly provides very little insulating value. During the warmer months, whenever air conditioning is running, or even without the system operating, the whole house fan shutters become very hot. Touch the whole house fan shutter surface (assuming that there is no insulating cover installed in your attic) during the summer and during the winter. Look at it this way – what’s going to happen when you open your window during the winter, or while operating an AC on a hot day? An unprotected whole house fan shutter is the same as that – an open window into the attic. It is made of ?-inch thick, Low-E reflective foil insulation.  This type of insulation adds significant energy savings by stopping up to 97% of radiant heat transfer.
To fulfill your aesthetic expectations, one side of the Shuttercover™ has a white coating that blends in perfectly with the surrounding ceiling. The square piece of insulation can be easily trimmed to fit any whole house fan shutter size up to 48 inches by 48 inches. A trimmed-to-fit Shuttercover™ section attaches to the whole house fan shutters frame with a self-adhesive Velcro tape.
However, I’d still highly recommend to examine your attic periodically, or have someone do it for you. Without some type of a cover installed over the whole house fan, this area will always have a “micro-climate” – hotter or cooler than the rest of the house, affecting the thermostat directly and resulting in a false activation of the system. The only stair cover kit available that meets the 2009, 2012, 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the 2009, 2012, 2015 International Residential Code (IRC) - used in all 50 states and most jurisdictions! Now Available - Battic Door Attic Stair Cover with non-compressible R-50 insulation to comply with Guidelines prepared by the U.S.
Attic Access Solutions For The New Energy CodeE-Z Hatch Attic Access Door Available In R-42, R-50 and R-80. The E-Z Hatch Attic Access Door Panel Hatch System is an easy to install, easy to use, highly insulated door, panel, hatch system that installs in minutes and provides an air sealed, professional, high-quality, insulated access opening into the attic space. For new construction and renovation - an alternative to energy-wasting pull down attic stairs!Standard and Deluxe models with 4 point lock and handles (can be keyed alike or different) are available. The E-Z Hatch Attic Access Door meets the 2009, 2012, 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the 2009, 2012, 2015 International Residential Code (IRC) - used in all 50 states and most jurisdictions!
E-Z Hatch is provided with non-compressible insulation to comply with Guidelines prepared by the U.S. Easy, quick and clean installation - installs under the damper not up the chimney, so no messy soot to deal with! The Battic Door Whole House Attic Fan Ceiling Shutter Seal is an energy-saving insulating seal for Whole House Attic Fans. The Battic Door Whole House Attic Fan Ceiling Shutter Seal is easily installed over the fan louver from the house side in the fall and removed in the spring. By reducing the amount of heat and moisture leaking into your attic, the severity of ice dams and attic mold is greatly reduced! If you are going to cut a hole into your door or wall shouldn't the pet door look great and provide an energy efficient seal?

Choose our Stick 'N' Seal peel and stick insulated gaskets for use your own switch and outlet plates! Our Stick 'N' Seal peel and stick insulated gaskets are available in numerous sizes, including outlet, switch, Decora, double switch, waste line and water line sizes.
Stick 'N' Seals are the ONLY socket insulator on the market with an adhesive back that sticks to the wall for an AIRTITE seal! Exhaust Fan Draft Blockers are specifically designed to stop backdrafts from your clothes dryer, bathroom exhaust fan, and kitchen range hood exhaust fan. Introducing the ValveSentry - the first and only automatic water shut off valve that you install yourself - no expensive plumbing required! Prevents floods in your home from leaking frozen pipes, water heater, washing machine, sinks, toilets, ice maker, etc. The ValveSentry device's water sensors can be placed anywhere in your home to detect unwanted water and promptly turns off water at its source. The ValveSentry device fits over almost any ball or gate valve and shuts off your water main when a leak is detected. Installation of the ValveSentry device is simple and doesn't require cutting into plumbing -- anyone can do it with ordinary hand tools. We offer 3 size models of super efficient, whisper quiet, energy efficient whole house fans.
These are the highest quality fans that cool your home at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning.
We offer 17 sizes of replacement whole house ceiling fan shutters, 5 sizes of interior wall mount intake shutters, and 23 sizes of exterior gable end wall mount exhaust shutters. Sized to fit any wall mounted air conditioner up to 19 Inches High, 27 Inches Wide, 5 Inches Deep. These durable and lightweight covers will stop heat loss through the light, and stop condensation from getting into the attic. Twin draft door and window protectors are wonderful-they are a real energy saver, winter or summer. Use of this durable elbow support decreases pressure drop by up to 500% over kinked flex duct saving a significant amount of energy costs.
Solar Powered Attic Fans Available in 2 styles - Roof Mount and All Purpose Interior Mount.
Attic Fans are designed to reduce heat build-up in your attic in the summer and remove harmful moisture in the winter. Our AC vent covers are a patent pending fastening system that works on any grille material, including wood, metal, aluminum or plastic, an inlude a two part foam with different compression ratios that will contour to uneven surfaces. Our AC vent and grille covers will positively seal vents, registers and associated duct work from contaminants, moisture, construction dust, mold, and fungi, and stop heat loss from cold drafts. Electrical Outlet Covers for WinterizationOur Electrical Outlet cover is another excellent product to stop drafts from entering your home. There is no other one-step energy saving outlet cover that provides an airtight seal around the outlet and the entire wall plate. Place the Electrical Outlet Cover over the outlet and firmly insert the plug lock through the perforations in the outlet cover to keep the cover in place. If your outlet is currently in use - simple remove the plug(s) from the outlet, place the electrical outlet cover over the outlet and firmly insert the plug(s) back into the outlet through the perforations in the outlet cover. Professional Grade Spray Foam Insulation KitsPortable, disposable and self-contained with color-coded, pre-connected hoses. Our Spray Foam Kits use disposable, pressurized chemical cylinders to dispense polyurethane spray foams eliminating the need for external air compressors, pumping equipment or dry nitrogen. These kits are the largest size disposable kits available, that means no special pumps, heaters, etc are needed.
Unless properly insulated, a water heater will lose heat energy if the temperature around it is colder than the water inside.
Our programmable bathroom fan control can be set to run the bathroom fan on a duty cycle every hour on the hour for a time and fan speed set by the occupant. Equipped to operate bath fans with, or without a light, it features an LCD clock and comes in the color white. Our wireless room thermostat system offers heating and cooling zone control solutions for your family or business. This device lets you set the temperature of each room or area of your home or office to your comfort level!
We guarantee that our Chimney Plug Large Fireplace Draftstopper will fit your masonry fireplace, and that our Round Chimney Plug Fireplace Draftstopper will fit your zero-clearance fireplace. Yes, they both are installed in the attic and in similar ways provide cooling to your home. Attic fans are designed to remove hot air from the attic space, but do not pull air from the living area. Similar to attic fans, whole-house fans push hot, stale air out of the attic to help cool your home, office or building. The purpose of these sealed doors is to make sure that conditioned air is not lost to the attic.
Because these back-draft dampers have to be light (the air has to move them open), it’s not possible to add a low leak air seal or insulation. The thickness of doors can vary from 2-6 inches depending on the insulating material used and the desired R value. To promote a general public understanding and acceptance of whole house fans for residential and commercial use.

It does not require white tape to cover up the edges of the green foam that other covers have.
For example, insulated covers can be used for supply grills, return grills and ventilation shutters in livestock buildings. I still highly recommend this solution, but it sometimes requires a lot of effort, and for many home owners, it might not be even possible to implement. During the cold months, while you are heating your home, the whole house fan shutters allow the heated air to escape into the attic, which sometimes results in condensation and attic black mold growth. For every proud whole house fan homeowner, they are just increasing the energy usage and cost. Department of Energy's (DOE) Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) for use in Energy Efficiency Programs. Even if you have an unusual construction, the Fireplace Plug Chimney Draftstopper can be successfully installed in less than 2 minutes. It reduces air-leakage through the whole house attic fan saving the homeowner heating and cooling loss and energy costs.
Freedom pet Pass Pet Doors are the most energy efficient pet doors on the market and are easy to install.
Our air-sealed cover has been specifically designed to eliminate heat loss and stop cold air from coming into the house through the recessed light fixture.
Making your home energy efficient will save you money and more comfortable on those cold winter nights. Kits are available in sizes from 15-600 board feet and provide a quick consistent flow of foam that dries in under a minute.
These systems provide quick and easy foam application for repairs and renovations, new installations and production applications. Our garage door insulation material consists of two layers of polyethylene bubble film sandwiched between two layers of metalized film.
The truth is they are very different and understanding how these products work is important, so you can purchase the proper product to help cool and ventilate your home. However, instead of simply pushing the hot air out of the attic, a whole-house fan pulls cool air into the home through an open window and flushes hot air out of the home via your attic vents. In addition, the doors are made of insulated material to prevent thermal loss by conduction. The further benefit of having an actuator is that combined with gasketing, a high quality air seal can be achieved.
Furthermore, a back-draft damper is a 1 way damper, so in the winter air can still go 1 way – out of your house into the attic.
All hooks and loops must be securely fastened together to provide any measure of air tightness. The core of the door is 10" thick and made of Expanded Polystyrene foam that provides a greater R-Value per inch than fiberglass.
Tested to withstand the equivalent of a 25 mph wind yet let pets enter and exit with no effort. Our air-sealed cover has been specifically designed to eliminate energy loss and stop allergens and pollutants from entering the furnace at the filter.
Simply install two sensors to your power cables and a wireless transmitter will send usage data directly to the display in real time. Our 600 board foot size kits include a free 30 foot hose and professional spray gun with your order of 1 or more kits. Our water heater insulation jacket features a highly reflective metalized aluminum film that blocks 94 percent of radiant heat.
We do require a fee equal to the shipping cost to cover the shipping of the new Battic Door to you.
The hot attic air gets trapped in the attic, and attic fans can be effective in pushing the hot air out which in turn helps to cool your living space.
Whole house fans cost much less to operate than air conditioning and are relatively easy to install.
There are literally thousands of hooks and loops that have to be securely attached to each other to provide any significant closure that can prevent air leaks. Easy to use - simply open canisters, expose for 2-5 days, then send the test canisters to a laboratory for analysis with a pre-paid priority mailer (included in kit). Our garage door insulation kits can dramatically improve thermal performance and energy efficiency, keeping energy costs lower and interior spaces more comfortable. Our water heater insulation jacket provides superior thermal performance and energy efficiency and can significantly reduce energy costs.
Attic fans are thought to be helpful in extending the life of your roof structure and other components. Every inch of the hook and loop fastener must be mashed together when attaching it to a closure to help prevent air from leaking through. Attic fans, especially the new gable attic fan with an energy saver motor, draws very little power, saving energy while working to cool your home. Quiet whole house fans are also energy efficient and rebates are available from many energy or electric companies to help offset the cost of installing a whole house fan system.

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