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One of many versions of a Japanese Garden that may offer valuable insight into why they have such a low incidence of brain disease. All of us accept the fact that we have a subconscious mind and yet few of us make any effort to connect to it. Researchers who observed the effects of Japanese Gardens on Alzheimer's patients concluded that they appear to relieve stress and calm the people who sit in them. Professor Goto, of Rutgers University, where some of the most meaningful studies were conducted, was so impressed with this information she even created a small Japanese garden in a room at one end of the Alzheimer's unit at the Francis E. According to the Rutgers news release at one point during the testing, there was a cricket singing in a chrysanthemum plant, "Ten days passed before the next garden visit.
If Japanese Gardens can have such a powerful affect on people with Alzheimer's what can they do to improve the health of everyone's brain? We use the CDC, NIH and individual state and county databases for verification and supplementation for USA data. I saw in Japan huge koi, like those from New Otani, and I understand that they are about 50 years old… But they can live a lot longer, it was scientifically verified that a koi named Hanako lived 226 years, between 1751 and 1977!
During winter, the koi eat just algae from the bottom of the lakes, but during summer they become gluttonous.
Muza-chan are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Two odd flavors that are missing from the line up (that are from Japan) are Roasted Corn flavor, and Lemon & Vinegar flavor. This Amber Japanese Glass Ball Fishing Float With White Netting Decoration 8" is a perfect piece of beach wall art.
Our Japanese Glass Ball Fishing Floats come in various sizes (2", 3", 4", 6", 8", 10", & 12") and various colors (clear, blue, light blue, green, amber, red, and orange) so mix and match to create your own perfect beach wall art decoration.

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Knowledgable Live Customer ServiceOur customer service team consists of real people right here in Southern California awaiting to assist you. This Clear Japanese Glass Ball Fishing Float With White Netting Decoration 4" is a perfect piece of beach wall art. The Japanese not only attempt to make contact with their subconscious mind they create special places that facilitate this internal exercise. Parker Memorial Home and introduced several of her patients to the garden during 15-minute sittings twice a week. The lesson that Japanese Gardens seem to offer is that taking the time to calm our minds leads to a healthy brain and having a special place for that purpose makes calming our minds easier to do. Extremely popular in Japan, you can see them everywhere, in small aquariums inside the restaurants or in temple ponds and park lakes.
I took this photo at a temple from Ueno, from a small bridge, probably exactly the place where they are usually fed. Gorgeous whether in your home or office, enjoy the charming inner warmth of this buoy float as lights play through the amber glass ball. Gorgeous whether in your home or office, enjoy the charming inner warmth of this buoy float as lights play through the clear glass ball. One of these special places is the Japanese Garden and there is strong evidence that indicates they can play a powerful role in assisting us in calming our mind.
Perfectly contrasting the glass float is the authentic fishing rope netting which holds the float in place.

Given the low rate of brain disease among the Japanese, taking the time to calm our minds may be a bigger factor in the health of our brain than we think. The age standardized death rate from Alzheimer's in America is 19 times higher than Japan even though their population is older. Mesmerizing and enchanting, enjoy the historic wonder and brilliant style of this nautical glass float each and every day.
This makes us wonder if a healthy brain isn't as important to their amazing longevity as their low incidence of heart disease.
Yet immediately upon being in the garden they calm down, even if they were in the midst of screaming. In the west we tend to think of the health of our mind as being separate from other parts of our body. They smile and stay calm for the rest of the day." She went on to say, "this was more effective than medications that can take time to work and leave patients listless. We address brain disease when it occurs and rarely consider that the health of our brain may be connected to the health of our mind. If they reduce stress, this could mean lower healthcare costs, less medicine, and fewer calls to the nurse.

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