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Ceiling fans have made the shift from functional to aesthetic without compromising comfort. The customizable Haiku’s LEDs are 80% more efficient than standard light bulbs and last 3 times longer than CFLs, all while emitting less heat.
Odditymall features unique gifts with a focus on geeky gadgets, survival gear, outdoor gizmos, unique kitchenware, pet gadgets, novelty gifts, and amazing product designs. From fitness trackers to alarm clocks that can also brew your morning coffee, the technology world keeps evolving to make us lazy. Let’s look at these 21 intelligent tech products that came out recently and see what they can do for you. This smart technology device makes your coffee when your alarm clock sets off in the morning.

Unlike regular coolers that only keeps your drinks cold, the Icybreeze Portable Air conditioner cools you down as well.
You can control what it detects as annoying to block out and what’s important for you to hear.
This smart device tracks environmental conditions to help your plants stay in good condition. A cute little robot that can move around the house and follow your hand gestures, and even objects.
Find useful information like calories, nutrients, chemicals and other ingredients in your meal. The smooth and fluid lines of these innovative fans offer simplistic grace in varying shades of bamboo or minimalistic white or black.

The Haiku fan with SenseMe technology is a smart fan that can sense when you enter and exit the room, turning off when you leave, and turning on when you enter, as well as monitors the rooms temperature and humidity as it adjusts the fan's speed accordingly.
This eases you through the day with the subtle movement of small steel ball bearings that boil the water with induction heating. Having received a top rating from Energy Star for ceiling fans, the Haiku Fan brings efficient cooling from a form of art that will grace your ceiling.
Imagine all those things blowing at the same time around a swimming pool when the sun starts to shine !

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