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The Honeywell HF-910 Turbo Force Floor Fan is the superior choice for those looking for a highly efficient and quiet cooling option. I have a small honeywell fan for my bathroom and it blows way more air than the turbofan floor fan.unless there was something wrong with it,but I was not happy with it. After 6 years of super heavy duty use with our rock band to cool sets and practice rooms, my 810 failed. The new fan I ordered from Honeywell is to replace the old Honeywell fan that gave up its last gasp for us. The HF-910 replaced a Lasco 20 box fan, which created a stronger draft but was louder and a lot less practical. This contemporary aerodynamically designed fan is powerful enough to use as a whole room air circulator or for Direct Focused cooling. The 3 speed Honeywell Ht-900 Turbo Force Air Circular utilizes its advanced technology to deliver you a quiet and efficient means of cooling your surroundings. We have had this fan or at least a slightly older version for about 10 years now, it runs every single night while we sleep and for awhile it ran almost 24 hours a day when our roommate borrowed it for a few months and it has never faltered. I purchased this fan from Costco and really like the product mainly due to its portability and sturdiness. Customer Service Response: From my personal experience an air compressor with a fine attachment to blow out dust works well. I believe the interior space of the fan is sealed to insure safety, especially for children. I had the older version of this, that lasted years until it got damaged when our apartment flooded.

By utilizing its Turbo Force Power, the HF-910 is an immensely powerful cooling option that is capable of emitting air into large and spacious rooms.
If the new fan, which is now in service, is as good as the old one, in service 16 years, then you people are indeed the Kings of fan-making. Leagues above its competitors, the HT-900 is 25% quieter than its competitors and is the superior option for those seeking a relatively noiseless experience when it comes to emitting large amounts of cool air.
It is astounding to know that this product is still working like it just came out of the box. My husband works 3rd shift and we all need air circulation to sleep so our fans are pretty much always in use. Our customer service rep notified you of the status via email, however it may gotten stuck in a spam filter. Today s deal: your biggest fan okay, maybe it s not the biggest, but it s definitely the quietest.
This comfort control tower fan has 3 speeds, auto shutoff timer and oscillation for wide area cooling. Share your thoughts with other possible buyers, leave your pros and cons on why others should buy Honeywell Quietset 8 Speed Tower Fan. An adjustable fan head is fully capable of pivoting and reaching a 90 degree angle that can be used for direct cooling or circulating the air. Three separate speeds and strengthened blades increase the fan's reach significantly and allow users to feel its full effect from 40 feet away. I can hear the television better over the fan noise than I could with the Lasko, but I definitely sweat more with the HF-910 than I did the Lasko.

Its relatively small size allows users to be creative when it comes to installing their fan. Why didnt the designers make cleaning user friendly instead of having to go through the hassle of trying to unscrew the back screw in order to unhinge the grill?
Features 3 speeds, variable tilt head that pivots up to 90 and removable grille for easy cleaning.
Three differing speed settings and a 90 degree pivoted head allow for unrivaled customization. Due to its efficiency and number of settings, this fan has the added ability of reducing your energy bill substantially.Perfect for the office, home or dorm, the Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator offers 3 speeds of powerful cooling and does so while remaining up to 25% quieter than competitive models. I still havent been successful trying to remove the front grill and therefore I have to contend with a dusty fan.
Reduce the overall amount of your energy expenses by substituting the HF-910 in place of your standard air conditioning unit.The Honeywell HF-910 Turbo Force Fan was designed for large spaces like kitchens and family rooms. Sure you can brush the outside of the front and back but a major hassle to get to the inside.
The Turbo Force power is up to 25% quieter than competitive models and the adjustable fan head pivots up to 90 degrees.

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