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Last weekend was our annual-ish yard sale, that beautiful day when we trade our trash for someone else’s cash. Here are my tips for a yard sale that helps you clear out your storage space, make a few extra bucks and probably rule the world. I’m talking to YOU, obnoxious singing elmo toy, and  YOU, heaps upon heaps of old tupperware!
Before the sale, make sure you have lots of coins and one-dollar-bills on hand to give change. Buy the brightest, most obnoxious poster board you can find and write on it in a thick, black marker. Starting at the nearest (reasonable) main intersection, put a sign at every place where someone needs to turn to get to your house, and make sure all your signs match.
Following these tips, we had a great day, made about $300 and cleaned out our storage spaces. I would also add: Make that sign arrow the biggest, boldest thing on your sign, making sure that the > part is BIG! I hate when I am driving around looking for garage sales and the writing on the signs is so teensie!!! We pretty much donate stuff when we think about it, but if it suddenly builds up and it happens to be yard sale season or getting close, we’ll just throw a yard sale. We typically gather items in totes from the end of one yard sale season to the beginning of a new one. Price things only in increments of 25 cents, that way no dimes, nickels or, God forbid, pennies to deal with. We usually just donate all our junk when we clear out a room or something but I’d really like to make some extra money by trying to sell as much as possible BEFORE donating.
I always have some packing material and lots of bags and boxes available to pack breakables for my customers.

One of the best things I have found for having a garage sale is an app called Garage Sale Checkout.
I was able to set aside some space in the garage for next year’s treasures and I’m avidly adding to it with every room cleaned out! Can I say there is something so therapeutic about purging our stuff and regaining our space? Aim for about 25 percent of the cost if you were to buy it new, 50 percent if it’s still new in package.
My favorite time-saver: make a box of all your 25-cent items and a box of all your 10-cent items, then just label the box. Make everything half off, or just tell all your visitors to make an offer if they don’t like your prices.
Otherwise, people will follow your signs to nowhere, which wastes gas and makes them want to egg your house. Craigslist has a yard sale section (free to post!) and it’s a great way to announce times, and list out key items like patio furniture, gas grill, baby furniture, etc.
I continue to put things in it over the course of the sale, when there is a lag in customers. Also, I wish I would have found your yard sale because those bubble lamps would be in my house! Then we try to have a few sales throughout the season adding things to the totes as necessary. Putting out dirty toys, clothing and other items turn off the buyer, or they will offer you even less than what you are asking for.
At that point if there is something that is more spendy and I can’t think to see it go for that cheap I bring it into the house and sell it in Craigslist later but the $5 bags are amazing. I have had many, many very successful garage sales and I think one of the reasons is that I made sure that everything is clean-that means glassware, dishware, silverware, cooking utensils, anything that could be put into a dishwasher should be placed there the night before or whenever you put your stuff out on tables to sell.

As yard sale day approaches, I tend to get a little overexcited and try to sell just about anything that isn’t tied down. The point is to make sure your yard sale cash is secured – not left on a table where someone could swipe it. One year I passed out little notes giving the address and saying everything would be free after 12 noon. That stuff will disappear in a flash, and you don’t have to haul that junk to the dump or store it. This little blog is where I chronicle our efforts to fix up our beaten-down home on a tiny budget.
If you don’t want to lug this stuff back inside, be willing to accept reasonable offers. I really want to go to your yard sale, but I’m not driving 3 blocks out of my way for nothing anymore.
At 11:55 I removed anything too valuable or sentimental to just give away (hardly anything at this point). I posted a bunch of tips after our recent moving sale but I love your sign idea of not putting up any times, etc.
I’d say the key to my success out of the tips already mentioned is the re-merchandizing throughout the sale. Once we got all the clothes laid out on tables, we took pictures and added them to the group page.

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