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If you’re looking for something fun to do with the whole family this Saturday, make sure to mark down the Jets FanFest on your calendar! REVIEW OR SPONSORIf you are interested in having me test out and review your product, or want to sponsor a contest please Contact me.
According to a New York Daily News poll, 55% of Jets fans want to rid themselves of Fireman Ed, whose real name is Edwin Anzalone. Anzalone, a New York city firefighter and longtime season-ticket holder, is generally a hit or miss icon amongst the fanbase.
Just replying on the comment made, I have no respect for grown men wearing football jersey’s at the games ??? Nick, what your saying is a grown up shouldn’t wear a football jersey of the team they like?
At that point, Fireman Ed began to start the chants … He was close to the field and the stadium cameras picked him up. Fireman Ed in an Icon and truely represents what the Jets are all about.Loudmouthed obnoxious and loathed by civilization. Well Said Sal……The fans never have to take the heat for winning and Losing cuz they never PLAY!!! I don’t mind if a grown man wears a jersey during a game to show support for his team as a fan.
I met him twice, the first time in Green Bay at the opener vs the JETS, he was ok that time It was 97 I think.
The Jets will have Geno Smith waiting in the wings, however after such a successful season it would be somewhat of a letdown if the Jets could not find a way to bring back Fitzpatrick."Marshall's video comes hours after NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported that the Jets and Fitzpatrick are " far" from reaching a deal, which makes sense for both sides.

Patrick Smith Getty Images Alfred MorrisDenver is trying to get a deal done with pending free agent Brock Osweiler, but if he leaves, they are going to be searching for a replacement. He describes the Jets as thinking Fitzpatrick is worth around $15 million a year, which seems reasonable enough. You get to see Jets training camp sessions, games, interviews, bouncers, ball hockey and much more! There are those who appreciate his enthusiasm and passion toward the team, and others who find his act a bit pretentious. As you can see from the Instagram video, teddy bear Fitzpatrick throws the ball and morphs the ball into a larger green one, which teddy bear Marshall catches.
I have a couple, too, and before you point your unnecessary homophobic rants in my direction my WIFE is the one who bought them for me. I Didn’t See Him Their And I Am Sure Other Jets Fans Have Not See Him Their At Shea Either. I Didn’t See Him Their And I Am Sure Other Jets Fans Have Not See Him Their At Shea Either. He also collected 14 touchdowns, which tied a franchise record.If Fitzpatrick doesn't generate the interest (and money) his agent is looking for on the open market, he could wind up back with the Jets anyhow. Ryan is waisting his time with Sanchez, a pouter, who was recently described as a scared via Boomer Isiasons great description that the guy looked skittish, much like the personna of a chi. As long as you have malcontents like Holmes and Sanchez and that idiot coach, Jets will go nowhere, Get rid of them too if you’re gonna get rid of Fireman Ed.
So get off your soap box and go back to your average paying job and keep crying in your milk.

The Jets don't have anywhere near the salary cap space they had in 2015 when they spent their way to respectability off a 4-12 season, only to validate their moves with the team's first season with double-digit wins since 2010."It's possible Sam Bradford's two-year, $36 million contract with the Eagles swung the Fitzpatrick talks in a negative direction". Because I’m a grown man, should I stop playing sports, never wear a single article of clothing that has a logo on it, not go see a game live and watch only the Olympics because that’s patriotic?
The team was looking to add more weapons for him in the offseason, but they didn’t bring in much. Please enlighten me as to why grown men shouldn’t wear jerseys or have any other memorabilia. The team added Eric Decker to the roster and added Chris Johnson to the team, but the team still looks lost in this offensive system. He got popular and ran with it and now he needs to go back to just being a supportive fan and not a stadium celebrity.
On that note, why harp on the high school thing, you still in high school, or you just stuck on those years because they were the best of your life? There are plenty fans I have seen at games all over the NFL that go to the games and are drunk and belligerent, who don’t even pay attention to the game. Who will be brought in to run the show and will they be able to groom the youngster into the Pro Bowl quarterback that he believes that he has shown flashes of.

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