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On the other hand, the cold air from an air-conditioning vent may excessively cool a projector and cause dangerous internal condensation when the air conditioning unit is switched off and the room returns to normal temperature and humidity.
Therefore ensure that the light path is not crossing a heavily trafficked area or mount your projector where the light shoots over the pedestrians' heads.
In addition, alwo be prepared with an effective way of bundling toghther so that they are neat. Taping them together with duct tape, or using specially made plastic shielding are alternatives you can consider. To mount your projector, you can opt to purchase an Epson EL PMB series bracket, or you can ask your local hardware or lighting store if they carry stocks of such mounting brackets, or if they can refer you to a seller.

Avoid false ceilings that have no reinforcement, fiberboard, plywood or plaster surfaces, or furniture at all cost, as these are not strong enough to support the weight of your projector and its mounting bracket.
The screws you use must be tapping screws with sharp ends and threads that will bore and bite into the wood to ensure a strong mount.

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