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The Vornado SRTH Tower Space Heater is a low-wattage heater commonly used to evenly warm small rooms and heat personal areas. By passing the heat through specially-contoured louvers, the Vornado SRTH distributes heated air in a wide, V-shaped pattern that creates a more consistently comfortable space.
While its heating technology works faster and more efficiently than most space heaters, this model is also simple to use. Tip-Over Switch: If this Vornado heater is tipped over during operation, it will automatically turn off to avoid any risk of fire. Automatic Safety Shutoff: This model has an automatic shutoff feature that stops operation if it gets too hot at any time. Fan-Only Setting: During warmer months, keep this compact tower heater close by and use its fan-only mode to circulate air around your space. Vornado is known for making top-of-the-line heaters, and the Vornado EH1-0084-06 is ideal if you need quick, silent warmth. The Vornado utilizes “V-Flow Technology,” the practical upshot of which being that the unit provides a full circulation of the air in a room.
The Vornado 184’s motor is capable of moving air at an efficiency of up to 500 cubic feet per minute; likewise, it can influence air up to 100 feet.
This model also features an interesting crosscut outlet which allows for a wide space of constant airflow, thus rendering a a potentially-flimsy oscillating base obsolete.

The whole unite measures 11 x 11 x 41 inches, and weighs 12.6 pounds (50 pounds when shipped). The Vornado allows for pre-set configurations, and can be timed to go off and function at intervals of 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours. Using the highest setting in a closed and especially-quiet environment can seem a touch loud, but this is true of even the best models out there.
So long as you don’t mind a little bit of noise when the fan is going full blast, this is a great buy with a price that can’t be beat. You like to have air circulating throughout your room, but who wants to listen to the noisy wobble of an oscillating fan? Set a Reminder and we'll send you an email when it's time to stock up on items you buy regularly or seasonally, like air filters, fertilizer or mulch.
Using Vornado's V-Flow circulation, a high volume of warm air circulates around your space without the need for oscillation. This wide, powerful airflow is superior to oscillating heaters with unbalanced heat output and leave hot and cold spots in the room. Turn its dial to easily select between low heat, high heat, or a fan-only option (for warm days all year).
While price should never be the sole reason for a recommendation (and it’s not the only reason here) at only $79.99, the Vornado 184 is a bargain, especially compared with other fans on the market.

Vornado has you — and your room — covered with its 3-speed tower. The unique crosscut outlet, which creates continuous air movement throughout the room, eliminates the need for oscillation and the noise associated with it. A sturdy base, lightweight design, and multiple heat settings allow you to take it virtually anywhere you need it. In low heat, it uses 450 watts to warm smaller areas; use high heat (950 watts) for larger, colder spaces. As for the unit itself, the Vornado 184’s unique fan and slot design allow for the kind of airflow mentioned above. Since this model weighs just 2.67 pounds, you can also move it to any room in your home or office for immediate heat.
There’s also something to be said for the unapologetically-cylindrical design of the model—it does look a bit big, yes, but at the same time it does have a hint of a futuristic look to it. The Vornado 184 is also a very efficient unit in terms of energy, so if you’re looking to cut back on your electricity bill, this one might be work a look.

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