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Rotating SwitchYou don't have to worry about accidentally changing the settings of the V10 while it's in use; the rotating switch is located on the bottom of the unit for extra safety and convenience.
Modern DesignThe Vornado Flippi V10 features a sleek white high-gloss finish that matches almost any setting! Moves More AirThis Vornado portable fan is able to move air up to 40 feet for consistent air flow in larger rooms.
753, 3 Speed, Whole Room Circular Fan, Great For Large Rooms, Using The Signature Energy Efficient Vortex Action To Move Air Up To 100 feet While Providing Complete Circulation Of All The Air In The Room, 3 Speeds Can Move The Air From 3 Different Positions, Built In Handle, 5 Year Limited Warranty. The 630B Air Circulator continues Vornado's superior benchmark performance with a new edge definition design.
Occupying a mere 7.5" x 13" of floor space, the Vornado 270, formerly V102, packs unexpected circulation power into a footprint that is under 1 square foot. Quiet, Complete Air CirculationThe 530B leaves your room with no hot or cold spots, as it fully circulates air to even out temperatures. Stylish DesignThe 530B is designed to use up as little space as possible without sacrificing power. Ideal UsesThe 530B can be used in an office, dorm room, cubical, or any other place where you need powerful but quiet cooling and air circulation.

To get a better experience of PriceSpy and other websites, we recommend that you download a newer version of Internet Explorer. This portable fan can help you save up to 10% on your energy bill per year by increasing your tolerance for discomfort! With its unique signature grill and deep pitched propeller, the 630B moves air up to 70 feet, while aerodynamically circulating all the air in the room with Vornado's signature Vortex Circulation. The geometric, low profile design brings Vornado Vortex Technology into a sleek, unobtrusive form.
No more knobs, easy-to-use silver push button controls are top-mounted, putting three speed control at your fingertips. The efficiency of this fan allows you to raise your thermostats up 5 degrees without sacrificing actual comfort! Its sleek, black color makes it easy to correspond and coordinate with many home themes and in the office. It also saves energy with its Vortex Action, breaking off dollars from your typical energy bill. We can also recommend any of the following alternative browsers: Firefox,Safari, Opera or Chrome.

The 3-speed control, located on the side of the air circulator's base, is easy to access and allows for speed selection to meet any circulation need.
The base of the Vornado 630 provides added stability when operating from the floor or desktop. As a whole room circulator, the 270 is designed to focus a powerful beam of air horizontally across the room, or vertically towards the ceiling.
Use the 630B fan all year long in the home or office for added comfort and energy savings in every season. Horizontal airflow is ideal for traditional whole room circulation, particularly for warm weather use.
Focusing the air upwards maximizes the 270's ability to force warm air off the ceiling to the rest of the room - an added bonus during winter months.

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