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I came back here and I know its stupid now but the most saddest thing ever LovingLife I didn't even knew her real name . I walked up the stair's and straight into my room, passing my parent's without a word, then locking the door.Walking into the bathroom and looking into my mirror, I'm horrified of my face. I think about her from time to time .(sigh) I know those times that u can't find the words that your are feeling ?
I stopped laughing, realizing that I had done something horribly wrong, Oh god, I will most likely be sent to the hospital today, for like the third time third month!Walking out of the school, I saw Karla pinned up by John. BREAKING A DEAL WITH ME IS A HUGE MISTAKE!" I cracked my knuckles and popped my neck, "OH YEA!
He was horrified of my strength, "I may have been seen as a weakling, but I'm fucking serious you don't mess with my friend's and family", I said, right before I kneed him in the crotch, punched him in the face, and kicked him multiple time's on the floor.I finished and turned around to see about the whole school, recording video's, snapping picture's.

The horror on Jill, Justin, and Jane's face, was priceless, it made me smile, "well, let's just say, if you challenge me, you'll end up like him", I laughed pointing to John's bloody body.
The whole room is spinning and Harry is really uncomfortable to sit on!" I said standing up, but falling forward, while tripping over Liam and falling on Zayn. I closed my eye's to stop the spinning and said, "very." I open my eye's and the room has stopped spinning, I jump up and cheer, "I AM NO LONGER DIZZY!

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