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When I initially watched Vandread several years ago, I was not into mecha titles but I was rather impressed with the story of that series, so much so that I bought it and Vandread: The Second Stage before completing the series. At the same time, Gonzo brings in a new character, Misty, who originates from Earth and has been in space for a very long time in suspension. It is these character moments that make both Vandread and Vandread: The Second Stage take a step above your traditional harem comedies or even traditional mecha outings. Hibiki has some things revealed about him that don’t prove too shocking I suppose since this reveal had been laid out from the start. As I mentioned earlier, Gonzo does continue to explore males and females living together both in a serious and comedic fashion and Misty helps that.
Also on the romantic front, Duelo and Parfet continue their little relationship, though again, there’s not much there due to the shounen aspect of the series. Jura’s interest in making a child the normal way is amusing, especially at the end of the series when she gives specific instructions regarding the kind of man she wants. Incidentally, I felt that the people from the Man and Woman planets coming to their aid to be quite believable because most of both planets did _not_ come. The ones that came were already part of the militaries of both worlds except for Magno’s remaining pirate ship and crew. Second, we know that Magno leaks Hibiki’s speech at the colony leaders to the public at large. The fleets are already deployed, and they’ve just learned in a very dramatic fashion that their collective backs are up against the wall and their enemy will kill them all no matter what. My only real disappointment is Misty, who I feel is rather pointless and could have been safely left out.
Well, I see your point on the military, but I just think of my own military days and it is just hard to see going against your own country no matter what is revealed.
As to Misty, I agree that she’s a weaker link, but she was used to bring the info from Earth (though that could have been delivered by another means) and her use to show the girls how a normal girl behaves around guys worked for me too.
Meia was always my favorite character and I know there were hints that she could show interest in Hibiki.
As to episode 6 of Vandread, since I never watch anime in English, I didn’t know the English version had a song change.
I introduced a friend to this series at AX many years ago, and they always show everything dubbed. They apparently approached the various colonies 100 years earlier and told them, “You will provide us with high quality xxxxxxxx, and you will cooperate. My impression, at least based on how Mejere and Taraak were colonized, that the colony ships were sent out expressly with the purpose of providing certain body parts for harvesting.

As I see it, Grandpa and Grandma and the ruling elders of both Mejere and Taraak were in on the plan from the start, staged the event to cause males and females to go their separate ways, then had some children, including Vivian’s little brother (or so it is implied), sealed away in a bunker in cold sleep to be revived AFTER the harvest.
The video that accompanies Misty implies that the colonies didn’t know about the harvest plan initially.
The scientist may not have been fully informed of the government’s plans and thus sent out the warning in the hope of letting the colonies know the truth, something the colony leaders certainly had no intention of letting out. Further, the fact that there were female pirates shows how far things had deteriorated on Mejere, to say nothing of the major accident that affected both Meia and apparently Gascogne. Given that at least half of the people present during the meeting toward the end of the series seemed to be related (including Magno), perhaps not so surprising. You’re going to get rebels no matter what, and piracy turns up anytime you have a group that can successfully evade the authorities.
Also, I believe Dita is implicitly identified as yet another victim of the disaster on Majele. Archive Post Image Fix ProjectNew visitors -- if you see posts with the images improperly placed, it is a known issue that I have to manually fix. 19-MAR-2016 : Reached post dated April 24, 2009, and quite a number of scattered ones earlier than that (usually based on cross-linkage or what's currently trending), including all of 2006. Gonzo uses her character to move the plot forward by revealing certain things that happened on Earth in the past and why the harvester ships were being used. The character of Bart had solely been used for comic relief purposes throughout Vandread, but early on, the writers have an episode dealing with a planet where the people have been subjected to experimentation by Earth so that the effects of diseases can be documented. We get some background information on Gascogne which seemed to tie in with the disaster that effected Meia’s life on Mejere. The only problem here is that with only thirteen half-hour episodes, time is limited on how much character work can be done while at the same time advancing the plot AND maintaining the harem comedy aspects of the show. I laughed as nearly the entire crew watched the antics and drama of Misty using her knowledge of how to get a guy interested in her while Dita floundered. There’s a bit of a disconnect between the space shots and the more traditional anime shots. When mixed with the harem romantic-comedy elements and fascinating characters along with (mostly) good writing, Gonzo produces a real winner and one of my top-10 favorite anime titles of all time.
After Misty serves that purpose, she then is used to be a rival for Dita for the affections of Hibiki.
While the crew of the Nirvana do what they can, Bart is given a chance to shine and does so, though his efforts do not ultimately result in saving some people he longed to save.
Barnette more than makes up for her behavior in the first series by taking on a new role in the Nirvana crew.

In all honesty, I would have liked to have seen how Magno broke away from the elite rulers of her world and founded her pirate band.
There are a couple of other big surprises that happen including the major shocker towards the end of the series.
Seeing Dita lose points wasn’t funny but seeing the girls get so caught up in the idea of a male-female relationship was.
Also as I mentioned earlier, Bart is still used for canon fodder in some of the comedy routines. I also found the gathering of forces for the final confrontation against the Earth Harvesters rather unbelievable, at least when it came to the people of Mejere and Taraak. However, Gonzo knows how to make some beautiful work and it shows here with some huge battle scenes if you are into that kind of fanservice.
I’m glad FUNimation rescued this, though I still have my old 8-disc collection from Pioneer. Gonzo doesn’t stop there because they use Misty to continue to expand on the male-female relationship aspects that the crew of the Nirvana are only just now starting to come to grips with. What impressed me is that Bart shaved his head in honor of those people and Gonzo kept him shaved from then on.
That plot twist goes off well because when one thinks back or rewatches Vandread, some signs were given. Gonzo still used him as comedic fodder afterward, but he was different from then on while still being Bart. I would have loved to have seen why Dita was picked to not only be a pirate, but a pilot as well. The other event (and I’m struggling to word this without spoiling anything) is a rather devastating moment for the crew of the Nirvana.
There relationship follows a typical path for shounen romantic-comedy titles, but that’s OK given all the other good in this series. Ezra has to come to terms with having a child and how much she’s come to rely on Pyro to care for the baby.

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