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Nie jestem pewien czy nie powinienem umiescic tematu w dziale Laptopy Software ale zdaje sie iz problem dotyczy sprzetu jakim jest wentylator. Wentylator jest zasilany z przetwornicy 5V, tak wiec nie ma mozliwosci zwiekszenia tego napiecia programowo. OK, sprawdzilem przez dluzszy czas (1-2 minuty) co sie stanie przy 255 i tak jak pisal miecho18 nic sie nie dzieje po za tym iz nie da sie pracowac przy takiej glosnosci. The T61p is the first widescreen ThinkPad mobile workstation, and the latest high-end offering from Lenovo.
I’ll have to admit, as a current owner of a ThinkPad T60, I was quite eager to see what had been updated and changed with the T61.
Starting off with cooling system changes, I turned on the laptop and opened up tpfancontrol to watch the internal temperatures.
Thermal pad connecting GPU heatsink to keyboard base structure as additional passive heatsink. All these changes account for the dramatically lower GPU temps at idle, even with the higher-end GPU that T61p has in comparison to the T60.
The LCD cover was also changed on the T61, going from the stamped magnesium piece, to plastic. With the broad range of Core 2 Duo processors available, combined with the NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M graphics, the T61p doesn’t fall short on performance. One problem that wasn’t directly related to the screen itself was my eyes viewing the extremely fine resolution. The keyboard hasn’t changed much, in fact it is the identical part number to the one found on the older T60. The touchpad while being on the small side compared to versions found on other laptops is still easy to operate.
The onboard audio on the T61p is more than adequate for mild entertainment while traveling, or listening to music in a smaller room.
The T61p comes with Intel gigabit wired networking, as well as your choice of 3 wireless card offerings and a Bluetooth option.
Off the grid users would be strongly recommended to look into the 9 cell battery for the T61p. All content posted on TechnologyGuide is granted to TechnologyGuide with electronic publishing rights in perpetuity, as all content posted on this site becomes a part of the community. OK, first of all I would like to say thank you to forum member TuuS for making this possible. Very good job I believe TPfancontrol uses sensors on the board and other utilities use sensors in the chips. Nice job mate, I see I should start looking for a t500 fan especially that mine seems to be dying. Sorry if I generated any confusion here.The 45N4592 T500 heat sink for DISCRETE GRAPHICS does not fit well at all on T6x motherboards with dedicated GPUs. I edited my original post.I just removed the little blue silicone pad that I stacked on the GPU spring bracket. Istnieje swietny programik do regulacji predkosci obrotow wentylatora CPU dla laptopow serii ThinkPad. Probuje zostawic na dluzszy czas wartosc 255, wytrzymalem z 10 sekund i przelaczylem na Smart bo wentylator ciagle sie rozpedza jakby mial zaraz wyskoczyc z laptopa , no nie mam pewnosci, mam wrazenie, ze tylko pojdzie dym i sie spali wentylator.
The key difference between both these lines, besides screen size, is the memory size of the NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M video card included with the system.
The items that gained the most attention out of the box were system operating temperatures, as well as the new LCD cover construction. Keyboard is tried and true, and you don’t have to worry about replacing your spare power cords, batteries, or even the docking station. Even with its being targeted towards business applications, it has more than enough raw power for the latest games.
This is a more personal preference than anything, and I would highly suggest that you find a 15” WUXGA screen to play with in person before you make the purchase.
This is great news for those hoping that the trusted layout and feel stayed the same into the new model. The semi-rough texture I find to be preferable to polished feel for better control, and it seems to hold up longer to oils on your finger without getting too slick.
With its beefier configuration, it has a tendency to suck down power at a greater rate compared the standard T61 or T60.
With many configurations possible depending on processor speed, ram, hard drive size, operating system, security features, and battery sizes you are bound to find a setup perfect for your needs. From what I've read the board sensor is a better idea of the overall chip temp, as the internal temps inside the chips can vary quite a bit as they develop hot spots, so an internal sensor could read adnormally high at times when the chips overall temps aren't that high.
Everything else is super fast, though.What I was really after with the T61p motherboard conversion was SATA-II support.
In worst case I just leave the original fan and hope that the new paste makes a difference. This model has also gone under a number of changes from the previous generation, and in this ThinkPad T61p review you will find out how it stacks up. Lenovo had advertised both items on how they were improved across the board, and I wanted to see just how much. Obviously something changed under the hood of the laptop besides the wider heatsink grills. Both laptops had GPU temps peaked around the 80-81C range, with the T61p slightly higher (though it’s a much better card than the old X1400 in my T60).

With the old design, although it protected the screen just fine, you could still flex it in if you pressed hard enough with your thumb. Another fun fact for those curious about the video ram configuration, you will be happy to know this laptop has GDDR3 modules, Hynix hy5rs123235b to be exact. Direct sunlight does wash out the screen, but short of a perfect reflection off the screen it is quite readable outside. The Trackpoint hasn’t changed much over the years, and gives the same feel as it always has. They provide more than enough volume for most tasks, but don’t compare to the speakers found on some of the media center laptops.
I had no problems connecting onto networks promptly, and configuration was easily controlled through Windows Vista. Under heavier loads the fans would come on more, but heat would still stay in acceptable ranges. This machine offers high performance for both business and leisure (gaming) uses, without sacrificing any of the build quality of previous ThinkPad models. With the known problems with T61p's with nVidia GPUs, I swore that I would just avoid a Frankenpad conversion.
Your furmark gpu temps are consistent with the results when I stress tested the board, so all looks good, Enjoy your discrete FrankNpad ps. I'm also going to buy the T500 fan for my 15" T60p and the pics will be really helpful! I believe that the T500 heat sink for integrated graphics does fit though, although it may not cool the GPU as well.I used a 42W2028 T61p heat sink. Wartosc 255 w programie TPFanControl powoduje zwiekszanie predkosci a wiec zapewne i napiecia, czyli mam rozumiec iz po osiagnieciu 5V predkosc wentylatora zostanie na stalym poziomie? To take a closer look, I removed the keyboard from both machines, and compared the heatsinks side by side.
On the new design, the internal framework supports the lid completely, preventing almost all flex. To keep system lag to a minimum, this particular configuration also had a 7200rpm Seagate hard drive. On higher backlight settings some mild backlight bleed was visible on a completely black screen.
Platform updates from the T60 series seem to all be for the better, with other trusted components staying the same. Czy moge zostawic program z ustawieniem 255 w Manual Mode bez obawy o uszkodzenie wentylatora? At first I was thinking it was a new fan design, but playing with tpfancontrol I noticed you only have 3 fan speeds instead of 7 on the T60.
Viewing angles I felt were lacking, as colors washed out with vertical movement up or down. You can type comfortably for hours at this keyboard as if it was your desktop in front of you. If you have never used one before, it may be a few days before you get the single stroke login down pat. The Bluetooth transceiver was plug n play with all accessories I had laying around, although a few items were strict about using the MS Bluetooth stack or the Widcomm stack. Overall I find the T61p to be an excellent choice for almost any situation given its midrange price point.
Start by removing the T60p motherboard from the frame.As is well documented on here, you need to grind down the screw bosses below the two modem screw holes.
Volume and brightness features work (Hotkey features) once I manually launch the TPHKSVC executable, but not Fn+F5. I did buy a 45N4592 heat sink to steal the fan from though (and I assume that the other T500 heat sinks had the same fan too). It is quieter under high load because the fan is limited to ~3300rpm, whereas the T60 can go upwards of ~4300rpm. Horizontal angles were better, with little color distortion as you moved towards a steeper angle. Super sprawa - nareszcie mam cisze przy przegladaniu internetu - temperatura 60°C - slychac tylko dysk twardy Z ciekawosci postanowilem sprawdzic co jeszcze ten program potrafi.
Really, you only need to grind the smaller portion of it off and can leave the larger part, if you put some Kapton tape on the motherboard to prevent the remaining posts from hitting it. Also, you need to file out a little bit of the T60p spring bracket that holds the GPU portion of the heat sink down, as shown in the picture. I've temporarily wrapped tape around it and the keyboard holds it in place nicely, and the tension on the keyboard is negligible, literally non-existent, but I'm planning on making a more perm mount to secure it by welding a small piece on the end of the retainer.
Speeds 1-3 are roughly the same noise level, but the T61 (with its newer heatsink design) spends more time without the fans on at all. If that type of thing bugged you, the matte black finish, squared edges, and industrial looks would have turned you off well before that wider bexel on one edge.
Zaczalem ustawiac rozne wartosci dla Manual Mode i zauwazylem iz przy 255 lub 200 wentylator rozpedza sie do bardzo wysokiej predkosci - nigdy nie slyszalem jeszcze zeby tak szybko i glosno sie krecil i dlatego z obawy przed uszkodzeniem wentylatora zmienilem szybko wartosc z powrotem na 7. Overall the screen was fine for normal use sitting in front of the laptop, but deep down inside I wish some screen manufacturer offered a Flexview screen in this format.
Air blast the frame when done to remove all megnesium shavings.Next, install the T61p motherboard onto the frame. Teraz pytanie: Czy to normalne i po prostu wentylator ma spory zapas predkosci dzialania - nie potrzebny przy normalnym uzywaniu laptopa? Nie wiem jak regulowane sa obroty w ThinkPadach - zmiana napiecia czy PWM i regulacja szerokosci impulsu.

Wentylator ma chyba 3 przewody wiec prawdopodobnie regulacja odbywa sie poprzez zmiane napiecia.
The X9000 CPU is rated at 44W, which is at 8-10W more than the CPUs offered for these computers.
Skoro tak to czy wartosc 255 w programie zwieksza napiecie w nieskonczonosc co moze doprowadzic do uszkodzenia wentylatora czy po prostu gdy wentylator osiagnie swoje max. It is well known that the T60p heat sink leaves much to be desired, so I acquired a T61p heat sink for a discrete graphics model and a T500 heat sink from a discrete graphics model.
The discrete T500 HSF just doesn't fit nicely, on either the T60p or T61p motherboard and it hits the keyboard. 4000 RPM to szybciej juz nie da rady. Czy mozliwe aby program w ogole zwiekszal napiecie w nieskonczonosc? Well, the T61p heat sink fits well enough, and I opted to swap the T500 fan into it.First, here is a comparison of the T60p, T61p and T500 HSFs, left to right.
Note that I removed the little copper fins on the heat pipes up around where they sit under the top keyboard bezel. The fan blades on the T6x HSFs look about the same, while the T500 blades are more compact. You just have to peel the foil back and use a small flat blade screwdriver to bend the metal tabs. I got a little silly with the Kapton tape sealing all of the gaps and making sure that the foil tape wouldn't lift off (peeling it off seems to weaken the adhesive).Next, I installed some small sheets of thermal interface material (TIM). I installed it and screwed it down with the backing still on so that I could get imprints of the CPU and GPU to make sure that everything was nice and co-planar. I had to bend the GPU heat pipe a little to get it just right, and then I removed the plastic backing and installed it all.To minimize interference with the keyboard, you need to file the T60p spring clip a little, as seen in this image.
Maybe it doesn't matter, but the T61p heat sink originally had some material there that was contacting the keyboard, so I copied the idea. I can hold a ruler across the keyboard, and it is raised up around the GPU, but only very slightly and not enough to worry me about hurting anything. Doing so eliminated almost all distortion in the keyboard.You'll also notice the modem card in there. You can see that it is bent upward a little since that part of the frame can't be secured to the T61p motherboard (the hole is in the wrong place). SATA-II speeds really make this SSD shine, and having 8GB of RAM will give me more options when running VMs. So, it seems like a worthwhile update to an aging, but capable machine!What are the temperatures, according to tpfancontrol with the BIOS controlling the fan? I'll just let the BIOS do its thing though since lower temperatures will hopefully mean a longer life.Under Prime95 stress, the X9000 CPU gets almost as hot as the T7600 I had in my T60p (~99°C). Considering that the X9000 burns up 26% more power than the T7600 (44W vs 35W), I guess that it is a testimony to the fact that the T61p heat sink is indeed better.
This is on stock voltages of course, and I will play around with undervolting later tonight to see if I can drop things measurably.During the GPU test I suppose that it is not too surprising that the GPU doesn't get any hotter than the CPU. I believe that the NVS 140M GPU is rated at 10W, which is probably not much more than the CPU at idle lol.Can anyone comment on the accuracy of tpfancontrol? For now I assume that the ThinkPad-specific application will give the most accurate readings, but I really don't know if that's true. A thread on the Lenovo forums indicated that installing the latest Lenovo video drivers (from 2009) for the NVS 140M and THEN installing the latest ones from nvidia's site (296.88 is latest as of today) over the top of them would give some performance benefit. 3DMark 2000, 3DMark 2001 and FurMark scores remained about the same (maybe 1-2% higher, but that could be the margin of error). I OC'ed with RivaTuner as it is probably the easiest and most hassle-free program I can think of to do it with. I only used FurMark since it is faster and simpler than the 3DMark series and is very stressful on the GPU. The temperature of the GPU remains pretty darn low overall, which gives me confidence in this.
I will actually be pushing this GPU to the highest setting I can before stability is lost, but RivaTuner is limiting me to 50% clock speed OC and I need to remove the safety governor.
Under a heavy load, running Prime95's Small FFT test for 30 minutes, my CPU temperature dropped from 94°C to 82°C. Undervolting is a great way to lower temperatures, increase battery life and all with no performance impact (as long as you don't go so low that the system freezes).
Temperatures were monitored with tpfancontrol since RMClock seems to give inaccurate readings.Speaking of battery life, it sort of sucks. I can get just under 2 hours of web browsing in on the battery, with some YouTube mixed in. The T60p mobo + V5200 GPU + T7600 CPU would get me about 2.5 hours of battery life, so really there isn't much of a decrease here, especially considering that the performance of the Frankenpoad is waaaaay better. Laptops of this era all seem to have had low battery life, particularly high performance ones, so it's all good as far as I am concerned.

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