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Related Products (6)The Honeywell 3-speed digital tower fan with ionizer exudes the feel of a spring breeze throughout your home. By clicking Confirm bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. By clicking Confirm bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. By clicking 1 Click Bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. This is a private listing and your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the seller. Without constant cleaning, the Daggett Solar 2 power tower heliostats degraded in quality as the mirrors became sand-blasted. We are not sure what fire fuel management policy the company has in mind for all this potential dying vegetation. Weedy successional growth will most likely grow as mirror wash-water falls to the ground during bi-weekly washing. The solar heat used in the boiler process would be supplemented by burning natural gas to heat a partial load steam boiler when solar conditions are insufficient. Coliseum Road, currently a dirt road used by recreationists, would be paved to a 30-foot wide, two lane road for a distance of 1.9 miles from the Primm Valley Golf Club to the facility entrance. Within the heliostat fields, 10-foot wide maintenance roads would be established concentrically around the power blocks to provide access for heliostat washing and maintenance. An a€?Irish Bridgea€? or low-water crossing would be constructed where permanent asphalt paved access roads cross major ephemeral washes on the site (CH2M Hill 2009l). Those who complain against off-road users on the desert need to consider this huge increase in roads by solar thermal companies. Another question is how these fine-mesh tortoise fences will act as barriers to flood debris allowed to flow in washes through the project (see below). After the (highly theoretical and optimistic) 50-year lifespan of the project, the owner would close the plant. Supposedly cacti and yuccas species would be salvaged prior to construction, transplanted into windrows, and maintained for later transplanting following decommissioning. So after public comments are taken, after the environmental review process, and after the plant is built and begins operation, BrightSource wants the option of more public land.
The land use plan affecting this project is the BLMa€™s California Desert Conservation Area (CDCA) Plan of 1980, which will have to be amended to include this project.
CEC and BLM admit that the project would not conform with San Bernardino County's General Plan Conservation and Open Space Elements.
San Bernardino County Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt recently said the Ivanpah Valley project site should be protected, as it is pristine desert habitat that is home to several endangered species. In a statement, Mitzelfelt said the project would use San Bernardino County resources but likely wouldn't provide jobs or power for the county. Specifically San Bernardino County's General Plan calls for preservation of scenic vistas in the County. The ISEGS project is just the tip of the iceberg, as more massive land-consuming solar thermal and photovoltaic projects are planned for Ivanpah Valley (see our coverage of the NextLight Silver State projects on the east side of the valley >>here). Previous surveys in the region, including Ivanpah Valley, have found evidence of prehistoric use: campsites, lithic scatters, ceramics, rock shelters showing sign of habitation, trails, and agave roasting pits. Three rock shelters are in the area, one just above the project site at the base of Clark Mountain.
On the actual site an obsidian flake and nodule, and a chert biface (all of rock not from the region) were found, as well as historic mining debris, pits, and a horseshoe.
In a sad commentary on how special this area is, during geoarchaeological studies observers found patches of very stable old bajada, bypassed by flood washes and ground disturbance.
We find it amazing that they would go ahead and license the solar project before fully determining the significance of this site and possible surrounding land use. The document says, "staff considers that the proposed project does constitute an unusual circumstance. Looking at the quiet desert landscape it can be easy to underestimate the violence of a summer thunderstorm or El Nino winter flood. Other requirements are inspecting and repairing damage and buildup of sediment or debris on the tortoise exclusion fence, inspect for heliostat "tilting, mirror damage, depth of scour compared to pylon depth below ground and the Minimum Depth Stability Threshold, collapse, and downstream transport. The applicant estimates project water consumption would not exceed a maximum of 100 acre-feet per year. But BrightSource doubled the proposed number of mirrors on each heliostat and changed the mirror array fields from what was originally proposed, and then wanted more water. BLM and CEC quote two different groundwater studies from the that estimate 1,275 and 1,607 acre-feet per year of recharge, two other studies from 2000 that range from 2,845 to 5,800 afy, and a study in 2008 that estimated 2,806 afy. That's what developers in Pahrump Valley, Nevada, said as they lowered the groundwater hundreds of feet in a few decades, drying up springs and causing a halt in growth of the city. Defenders of Wildlife in a letter expressed concern over impacts to springs used by the local Bighorn sheep herd. San Bernardino County expressed its concern over the quality and quantity of groundwater pumping for the project to the Energy Commission (page 6.9-44). Extremely heavy rainfall on the evening of August 15, 2004 produced extensive flooding in Death Valley National Park.
The Funeral Mountains reach only about 6,000 feet elevation, so present less of a catchment basin than Clark Mountain, at 7927 feet. The amount of new gravel and rock deposited by one flood was amazing: Highway 190 after a bulldozers uncovered half the road. The Globe and Herald has coverage of Vertex Pharmaceuticals announcing that they're going to move to Fan Pier.
Cambridge-based Vertex Pharmaceuticals has signed a letter of intent to lease two as-yet-unbuilt office towers in the Seaport District’s Fan Pier area and provide 500 new jobs in exchange for tens of millions in subsidies. Vertex was lured, in part, by a Tax Increment Financing offer of up to $12 million in tax incentives and $50 million in public infrastructure improvements in exchange for a promise to hire 500 new workers by 2015.
In one of the largest office deals in recent Boston history, drug maker Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Vertex yesterday signed a letter of intent to relocate its headquarters from Cambridge to the Fan Pier complex in late 2013. This is a blog about the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston, MA, run by residents: Sara McCammond, Drew Volpe, Kate Watkins, and David Aperol. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. The proposed ISEGS project would occupy the fan between the hills and playa in the distance. Cables connecting each heliostat that transmit information to the controller, would be strung above ground. This ended up reducing the efficiency of the system, and it produced less electricity than hoped (Romero-Alvarez and Zarza 2007).

The AFC [Application for Certification] states that broken mirrors would be replaced annually by one repair truck. Many other shrubs present on the desert fan are adapted to dispersing by seed, and are killed by cutting at this level. In cooler seasons this would probably result in the increased growth and spread of invasive Red brome grass (Bromus madritensis ssp.
How much herbicide will accumulate over the years of operation, and will any get into the groundwater?
In each plant, one Rankine-cycle reheat steam turbine receives live steam from the solar boilers and reheats steam from the solar reheater. Federal Aviation Administration-required lighting and a lightning pole would extend above the top of the towers approximately 10 feet. The boiler converts the concentrated energy of the sun reflected from the heliostats into superheated steam a temperature of 550 degrees Celsius. Each power plant within the project would include a small natural gas-fired start-up boiler to provide additional heat for plant start-up and during temporary cloud cover.
With loose soil, a trench up to 8 feet wide at the top and 3 feet wide at the bottom may be required. In areas where general site grading is not required for stormwater management, vegetation clearing and grading would be performed only between every other row of the heliostat arrays that radiate outward in concentric arcs from their associated receiving towers. These bridges would be constructed of reinforced concrete or gabion baskets, would generally conform to the cross-sectional dimensions of the channel, and are being designed to prevent the scour and washout of major asphalt access roads during storm events (CH2M Hill 2009l). Will tortoise fences act as dams, collecting gravel, cobbles, and branches, eventually changing the flows of these washes? The county was concerned that the project would monopolize too much desert tortoise habitat. These include auto touring, backpacking, biking, camping, climbing, hiking, horseback riding, nature walks, star gazing, wilderness areas, and wildlife viewing. Three apparently prehistoric rock shelters were found on the small limestone hill in the northern part of the project area, as well as rock walls and cairns on both this hill and the larger metamorphic hill. They conclude that it could be related to some symbolic ritual activity, possibly related to Southwest agricultural users. The archaeological feature would not be destroyed by the project, but it lies within a few hundred feet of the edge of one of the heliostat fields.
Panamint Valley geoglyphs also sometimes have piles of white quartz rocks integrated with the design. The current design of these projects would result in a significant cumulative impact to the region. The proposed project is of a very large scale compared to other projects constructed on active alluvial fans in the past. Because the heliostats would be mounted on poles, which would be driven into unconsolidated sediments on the alluvial fan, general erosion, migration of channels, and local scour caused by storm water flows could remove sediment supporting individual poles and cause them to fall to the ground. We have witnessed storm cells in Death Valley cause huge flash floods that have moved car-sized boulders down mountain canyons and destroy small buildings. This is critical: in our lifetimes we may not have even seen the largest flood events that could occur in the desert. To test the potential effects of storm water flows and scour on the heliostats the applicant recently (August 2009) attempted to install and conduct load tests on heliostat poles.
However, the calculations and assumptions used to evaluate potential storm water and sedimentation impacts are imprecise and have limitations and uncertainties associated with them.
And if giant berms, diversion channels, and other artificial flood control projects are going to be built outside of the project right-of-way, then this is just another cumulative impact on the valley, as more public land will be graded, more tortoises moved, more rare plants destroyed. Workers must also collect water samples after storms and analyze their water quality and report to the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board. These wash trees are phreatophytes, specializing in sending strong taproots deep down into the substrate -- some phreatophytes in the desert have roots 100 feet deep to withstand floods. Conveniently, a study done by the applicant and another by CEC recently estimated a high of from 5,223 to 6,200 afy. They note that 40-foot declines in groundwater levels have already been seen around existing wells.
A Fremont cottonwood (Populus fremonti) and Honey mesquites (Prosopis glandulosa) grow here, but we found no surface water on a December 2009 visit.
As water levels equilibrate and stabilize based on current and future pumping over time the local declines would spread and result in lowering of basin-wide water levels.
In a visit in early December, 2009, we found bighorn sheep sign on a ridge trail leading down to Willow Spring at the base of the mountain, a few miles above the ISEGS project site. The seeps and springs derive their water from precipitation further upgradient in the Clark Mountains and beyond the potential reach of any cone of depression that would result from the projecta€™s proposed groundwater pumping. They'll receive $10-12m in government funding and another $50m in infrastructure loans to support their move across the river from their current locations in Cambridge.
You can turn on the breeze mode to simulate a gentle outdoor wind, or set the fan to shut off on its own in 2-, 4-, or 8-hour intervals.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. The Ivanpah solar project plans on using similar technology, scaled up to larger size with 7 such tower receivers. The mirrors track the sun throughout the day and reflect sunlight onto the receiver atop the central tower. Developers wanting to build these delicate systems in the harsh desert may not be taking this into consideration. The solar field and power generation equipment would be put into operation each morning after sunrise and insolation build-up, and shut down in the evening when insolation drops.
The applicant estimates that 100 heliostats can be washed per hour with 4 trucks working 10 hours per night at about 0.4 mile per hour. The cleared rows would serve as access routes from which the heliostat mirrors can be reached from both side of the road for service and cleaning, thus minimizing soil disturbance within the heliostat array fields.
When necessary, offsite stormwater drainage would be collected using a system of swales, berms, and existing ephemeral washes to control and direct stormwater through and around the ISEGS site (CH2M Hill 2009).
But concrete, piping, and other materials existing below three feet in depth would be left in place. Pending the results of actual performance during plant operation, a decision will be made on whether or not to install the additional heliostats" (page 3-6). When a project affects desert tortoise habitat other land has to be set aside for tortoises. In addition, sightseers, painters, and photographers are drawn by spring wildflower displays, and year-round bird-watching.
Open temporary campsites as well as more permanent camps have been found in the valley zone, as well as chipped stone artifacts, ceramic scatter, and a trail. Grass seeds were probably eaten, as well as pine nuts from the local Pinyon groves in Clark Mountain and other surrounding ranges.

The log is thought to be anywhere from 1,100a€“3,400 years old and may date the surface on which it was found to that approximate age. After consultation with various experts and research on the site, comparing it with other archaeological sites, the BLM and CEC think it is prehistoric. Within the desert region there are numerous traditional use areas, and lands sacred to Native Americans are present.
The public is not able to review how the applicant will install the heliostats to withstand flooding until after the project is approved? BLM and CEC recommend mitigation and minimization measures that they hope will alleviate these worries (we are more doubtful).
Once on the ground during a storm event, the broken glass associated with the mirrors could further break and be transported downstream. The 2004 flood in Furnace Creek Wash dug out a new channel, took out the highway, and unfortunately caused the deaths of a few tourists who attempted to drive through the water loaded with moving boulders. Historical records of rain in Ivanpah Valley cannot be used as predictors of future weather. During this test, problems occurred where large rocks were encountered causing installation refusal and drilling equipment breakage and malfunction.
Given the uncertainty associated with the calculations, the magnitude of potential impacts that could occur cannot be determined precisely" (page 1-27).
The applicant has also stated during workshops that they would like to have the water supply metered on a five-year rolling average. Already this spells trouble if you doubt that the recharge is high in the basin, but CEC and BLM use the highest estimates to claim that their is no overdraft and that pumping by BrightSource will be just fine. In the case of IVGB [Ivanpah Valley Groundwater Basin], this equilibration time is largely a function of the time and duration of pumping, areal extent of the basin, aquifer characteristics, and nature of the boundary where underflow occurs.
Where drawdown lowers water levels below well screen elevations there is the potential for impacts due to incrustation and sedimentation of a well. Either way, you can control it from your favorite spot with the convenient remote control, which features three cooling speeds and infrared technology. 158,285 linear feet of new heliostat maintenance would be graded into creosote-bursage-cactus-yucca desert (page 6.2-61).
It should be noted that a minimum amount of cutting and filling within these access routes is anticipated.
That means either buying private land or putting more restrictions - such as banning off-roading - on existing public land. The area has been used for hiking, bird-watching, and people coming to view the Clark Mountain burro herd. This information and the recent inadvertent discovery of an intact historical archaeological site (Temporary field no. It lies on a ridge, and has five stacked rock features, some like small terraces on either side of the ridgeline. Potential impacts would include physical disturbance or alteration directly as a result of construction activity or diminished visual character of traditional use areas due to the presence of industrial structures. An additional 110,000 cubic yards would be cut and moved through the remainder of the project.
Also, the heliostat structure itself and the associated wiring, could be transported downstream. The testing did not demonstrate poles could be installed at depths satisfactory to mitigate potential scour and failure. The quantification of basin wide water level declines that would occur is currently difficult to predict, however, because little is known about the boundary where underflow occurs. Incrustation and sedimentation would result in increased maintenance costs and shortened life of the well and pump components. We think this is an assumption, as little appears to be understood of the groundwater in the area. The tilted head also allows for directional cooling, and the strong motor operates with a quiet performance. An additional maintenance road would be established on the inside perimeter of the boundary fence. Those of us who live in the desert know that the infrequent yet strong flash floods in the desert easily take ill-conceived down fences. If the project were built elsewhere - not in a tortoise habitat - the Ivanpah Valley land could be set aside to make up for land lost to other projects. Some geoglyphs in Panamint Valley, Inyo County, California, to the northwest of Ivanpah Valley, show tamping of the ground that may be from dancing. If impacts to traditional use areas would occur at any individual site, mitigation would be implemented to minimize project impacts; however the potential for vast disturbance of the desert would potentially lead to a loss of resources and impacts to visual character, thereby resulting in a significant cumulative impact.
They may try to pound in the poles deeply using a truck-mounted sonic driver, but we do not know. Although the security fence located on the downstream side of the proposed project area could stop larger pieces from leaving the property, it would not stop small glass fragments.
Satisfactory completion of heliostat pole installation testing by the applicant is necessary so staff can confirm the proposed method of installation is adequate to install the heliostats at a depth sufficient to mitigate failure and that there would be no impacts related to other methods of installation. Within each unit, a diagonal dirt road would be established to provide access to the concentric maintenance paths and the power blocks. Near the terrace complex is an odd triangular rock-wall feature filled with angular cobbles. In addition, the applicant estimated that approximately 412,600 cubic yards of vegetation would be cut, mulched, and used in erosion control.
Condition of Certification SOIL&WATER-5 requires the heliostats to be reinforced to withstand up to six feet of scour. The quartzite was apparently taken from a vein about 90 feet to the south, in an area that was dug out by mine prospectors.
In addition, this condition requires the applicant to develop a Stormwater Damage Monitoring and Response Plan, which would include a plan to cleanup and mitigate failed heliostats.
The quartzite from the feature seems more weathered, and may have been collected prior to the vein was opened by miners.
By requiring reinforcements of the heliostats, the estimated number of heliostat failures during a 10- year storm event would be reduced to approximately 10. Generator interconnection lines would tie each power plant into a new substation and the Southern California Edison transmission lines passing through the project boundary, which would have to be upgraded to a larger size. The project design would result in the construction of 7 power towers: two power towers 312 feet in height, 5 power towers 459 feet in height, and 3 boiler stacks 131 feet in height.

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