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Seems to me for a hundred or so more what you paid for the mini fridge you could buy a glass doored wine cooler and make the chamber out of that.
The solution I went with ended up being that I'd be better off placing the terrarium in a place where the ambient temperature would help and not hinder the process.
I talked to some hydroponics fellows, and they mentioned how a grow tent could do a decent job of keeping a temperature in.
I also ran a tube of air from the AC directly to the terrarium (although I need to check just how much this helps).
Ideally, I'd like to push the nighttime temperature to 55, but I think for now this is as good as it's going to get. There is the unfortunate 'cost' of having an enormous black cube like this thing taking up space in a room and blocking a window. Talking to someone, they suggested moving the AC out and venting its cool air into the tent.
I am preparing to start my third grow and introducing a lot of new variables and therefor have a lot of questions. I will first get my (only registered users can se the link, login or register) and start them in the cloning tray in the left tent. I have been told to replace my resivore every 7-14 days, do I simply dispose of anything left inside there?
I am thinking SCROG is the way to go in order to make sure the aeroponic system can support the size of the plans, however I am not sure if SCROG or SOG would be a better choice for this, the system I have has optional replacements to do more, smaller, pots.
I’m having a hard time finding a solid answer, when using scrog do you or do you not want to trim off everything below the screen?

So in my previous house, the ambient temperatures were always around 75 F (23 C) and I kept my terrarium down in the basement where the temperature would get to about 65 (18 C) at night with the fluorescent lights off.I recently moved and am now in a house at around 80 degrees with no basement, and am about to go mad trying to figure out how to achieve a temperature drop to keep my nepenthes happy. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! I would consider moving the intake and extract duct apart a bit, there can't be much air circulation with them being that close, air will be coming straight out of one and going in the other without circulating round the tent.
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A number of them that had stopped producing new leaves are now starting to pick up their growth again. I have done a ton of reading but have had a hard time answering a lot of my questions or finding similar set ups. I forgot to include stand alone fans, I will have a small clip fan, and a tower fan in the large tent, and another floor standing fan in the mother tent. Once they have popped through the rock wool cubes I will move them into the rainforest setup into the large tent. Could I take my clones directly from my growing plans, keep them until I finish my current grow and then repeat? I used a small computer fan a while ago to help circulate the air in my terrarium, but not to cool it.

Also when temperatures get warm in the summer what will be my best options for keeping my setup cool enough?
I'm concerned that merely chilling the air via a fridge might be inadequate, since both the heat capacity and conductivity of air is low (if I recall correctly).
As we all now china is smashing out copys of everything and sad to say aswell as grow tents.
A few weeks before harvest I will take 5 clones from my mother plan and begin preparing them for my next grow.
From what ive heard and read is that if it was a poor copy u wouldnt be able to grow anything in there so leaning on bulb brv. You'd want to make a few volumetric calculations to make sure that your large reservoir of water in the fridge is big enough, so that the water has plenty of time to chill before being sent to the terrarium.By the way, I've got some experience in this, having adapted the refrigeration unit from a drinking water dispenser to cool the water for a Darlingtonia tank. Try the passive intake and 2x extractions be like a vortex in your tent and nice cool temps. Once growing is complete I will hang my plants inside of my large tent with my light lowered to the floor.
Once drying is complete I will move the clones I previously started into the aeroponics system.

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