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An exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York has managed to combine all the magical qualities of a rainy day into one 300 square-foot space. The exhibit has proved to be wildly popular since it opened in May, attracting hordes of art admirers willing to stand in line for hours to get their time in the showers.
Watch the video above for more on the collective's fascinating project, which is a part of EXPO 1: New York. Following friction between top Apple Human Interface Vice President Greg Christie and Senior Vice President Jony Ive, Apple’s hardware and software design is being dramatically shaken up, according to sources familiar with the matter. The design shakeup at Apple will result in Christie soon leaving the company, with all software designers now working directly under Ive with the rest of his industrial design team instead of within Federighi’s engineering group.
When Ive tasked Apple’s Human Interface team with redesigning iOS 7 to include an entirely new look, Christie and Ive reportedly clashed over design direction, after which Ive is said to have circumvented Christie’s leadership of the team during the new operating system’s development. Christie’s impending departure comes in the months ahead of significant updates to both iOS and OS X. Christie is also known to App Store software creators as the herald of Apple’s design aesthetic as he frequently held application design sessions and user-interface review meetings with developers at Apple’s WWDC conferences.
Christie’s exit from Apple also comes amidst the encore for Apple and Samsung’s high profile trial in San Jose, California. Christie also has hundreds of Apple patents in his name such as the iconic “Slide to Unlock” patent that is crucial to Apple’s patent infringement claims against Samsung. Christie has been a part of Apple and the technology industry long enough to have worked on the first Newton and the transition of Mac OS to OS X and its Aqua interface in the early 2000s.
Christie’s upcoming leave from Apple will mark one of the most significant design exits in several years and represents a complete changing of the guard for Apple’s software design style. While Apple’s executive shakeup in 2012 unlocked the silos separating hardware and software, this latest change will completely remove any internal boundaries between Apple’s hardware and software design and will likely result in even more well-integrated products. Looks like design over function won this round, but it’s the customers who are the real casualties.

If you read the article it clearly states that Johnny Ive went above Christies head to implement his design ideas anyway… This piece of crap that is iOS 7 ui is all Ives fault. Yes, the person telling lies about Apple is not a troll and the person calling out those lies is not. If any of you are developers and watched or attended the WWDC13 sessions, then you would know that Greg Christie was very much a part of the design direction of iOS 7.
There’s a lot of insight there, for people who wish to enlighten themselves with actual knowledge, rather than tech blog gossip and nonsense. You’re probably right, especially about WWDC and listening to the designers speakfor themselves and gaining more insight.
Serbia and Croatia were the main (though not the only) constituents of the former republic.
Once global market forces came calling through the door, love flew out of the window, and the final deed of separation was ironically carried out by Germany, a country that had itself just been reunified after over 50 years of induced separation by global forces (it was mentioned at the time, but no-one was listening). However, how this translates to the OS design changes at Apple, where hardware and software are becoming more closely aligned, baffles and mystifies me no end. I’m already not looking forward to the amount of white that is no doubt ready to sear my retinas out in Syrah.
Visitors are invited to roam the space and experience the chilly beauty of falling droplets, while remaining dry thanks to a system of 3D tracking cameras that can sense a person's movement and presence. A new video from The Creator's Project, however, lets you preview the space before you commit to the queue. After adding human interface design direction to his responsibilities in 2012, Ive will soon completely subsume Apple’s software design group, wresting control away from long-time human interface design chief Christie, according to sources briefed on the matter. Sources say that Christie’s upcoming departure is significant and stems from a falling out with Ive.
While Christie has long worked under the shadows of Apple’s most senior executives, the original iPhone designer was given stage time last week as a key witness for Apple in court and Christie was made available for interviews with the Wall Street Journal and NPR.

It is unclear at this time if Christie plans to join another company or retire from the industry completely.
Over the past two years, Scott Forstall and Christie will have both exited Apple, and Ive will have secured his position at Apple as the central product design decision maker for the foreseeable future in the post-Steve Jobs era. On the hardware side nobody seems to want the iPhone 5c despite heavy marketing focus on the 5c. I don’t know what happened to Jony Ives’ taste but everything looks like a 2D palm pilot now and skeumorphism is one reason why we all have retina screens!
I’m sure the functionality will have all kinds of new bells and whistles but the look and feel will be horrible de-evolution!!
Tim is a great CEO, but he does not have the passion and vision for gadgets like Steve did. Once the guy who is holding it all together through fear and intimidation is gone, the infighting and sheering starts, often with disastrous results. It might not have been easy for all of Ive’s co-workers who came in with him to submit to his decision making. Installation view at The Museum of Modern Art, as part of MoMA PS1's EXPO 1: New York, 2013.
The interviews position Christie as critical to the iPhone’s success, making his departure a significant loss for the Cupertino-based company.

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