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Some people may prefer a noisy (but still pleasant-sounding) fan as a white-noise generator.
Some designs (especially box fans) have a rotating front grill with angled slats to divert the wind into a large cone.
Oscillating and rotating fans can develop irritating rattles and vibration noises, if not immediately then possibly in a few months. The input power rating (watts) of the fan is an imperfect but usable indication of the wind power of a consumer fan. If not specified in documents, the fan's wattage should be labeled at the back or bottom of the fan. Box fans (window fans) are slim and can be placed on window sills to bring in fresh outside air.

The squat, fat designs (floor models, but can be placed on tables) are stable and good for homes with small children or pets. Tiltable models are useful for mixing air, especially bringing down heated air from the ceiling in winter. Multi-function notebook table could be used as a portable laptop table, laptop holder, bed table, reading table and many more.
Antique designs can be dangerous if the grill is too widely spaced and allows fingers to enter and touch the blades.
Even in today's air-conditioned age, the simple electric fan can save money, maximize heating and air-conditioning, and even save the environment.
A large fan turned on low, is quieter than a small fan on high when moving the same amount of air.

Stainless steel will still rust (most steel fans are only coated or chromed anyway), and even brass fans can oxidize and require polishing.
However, there will be no direct wind in front of the fan as the wind is deflected either up or down in that position. Oscillating fans can be used with the oscillation switched off, leaving the oscillating feature as a "just in case" for some occasions.

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