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Well that question was quickly answered in the next episode and thankfully it wasn’t dragged over the next few episodes (not that there were many left). Thanks to them making up they were able to take on the quest again (along with the annoying as hell Recon).
First we see Kirito trying to save Asuna with all of his might despite knowing he is limited to the game’s numbers. It wasn’t too long before reinforcements came along and Kirito was able to make it to the top thanks to Sugu giving up her sword to give him the ability to dual wield. To his surprise though the quest is revealed to be impossible to complete since the door requires system administrator privileges to open.

At this point I’m reasonably sure his feelings for Asuna are stronger and she will win in the end but I suppose there is always a chance for a surprise ending even if it is highly unlikely.
Normally this would suck hard but thanks to Asuna throwing the card down the situation was quickly resolved. Even so I understand why he wanted to press on because every second wasted is a second he is giving the enemy to play with. On his downtime he enjoys gaming, writing, music, and reading as much of anything as possible. I knew should would be upset at the revelation long ago but it went past my expectations as the poor girl is completely devastated.

I can’t begin to imagine what it feels like to abandon feelings for a person to fall in love with another who turns out to be the very same person you gave up on earlier.

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