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At our last house, we adapted a pendant light and then added a drum shade to attempt to make our own imitation of West Elm.
Turn the power back on, put a light bulb into the fixture and turn on the switch to make sure the wires are properly connected.
Subscribe, Learn More, or connect with Aimee on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. I need a new light over our kitchen table, and I’m thinking this is a perfect solution. In 2009, Harmony was recognized by the International Dark Sky Association as the world’s first Dark Sky Development of Distinction, a new award designated to promote subdivisions, master planned communities, and unincorporated townships whose planning actively promotes a more natural night sky. All public streetlights are 100% dark sky designed so that at night residents can enjoy a heaven full of stars and lights will not disrupt wildlife in the conservation areas. Harmony hosts an annual Dark Sky Festival with the support of the Central Florida Astronomical Society and the International Dark Sky Association. In 2009, Harmony was recognized by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) as the world’s first Dark Sky Development of Distinction (press release). We’re so proud of our Dark Sky efforts that each year we celebrate the natural night sky with a public Dark Sky Festival.
Full cut-off fixtures function by reflecting the light that would normally be sent to the sky back down to the ground. The Osceola County School District has been a strong partner in Harmony’s lighting program, providing shields on its football stadium lights and controlling all outdoor lighting on both the Harmony High School and Harmony Community School campuses.

As landscape lighting usually creates wasted light and can interfere with plant flowering and even the activities of beneficial insects, it is not allowed in residential areas except in unusual, pre-approved circumstances. Besides being cheap to run, compact fluorescent lamps are kinder to the environment providing a gentle wash of light with reduced glare. Home Lighting: Porch lights recessed into the ceiling provide a soft welcome for visitors and adequate light for porch use. Street Lights: A full cut-off Harmony streetlight featured in a National Geographic article is fully shielded so that light is directed to the sidewalk and street below it.
After we added the decorative paneling to the office, removed the wallpaper and painted the walls,  the rest of the room began to whimper for change.  We needed a new light fixture and knew it would be a do it yourself installation. We brought it home, enlisted the aid of tall Bytes and a very short time later, had a new light fixture in the office!  Here’s how we did it in seven easy steps.
5  Unpack the new fixture and check the instructions for how your specific fixture needs to be fastened to the ceiling.  Certain basics apply but there are some differences depending on weight, style, etc.
6.  Have a helper hold the light fixture while you match and fasten colored wire to colored wire, white wire to white and screw the ground wires down with the green screw.
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With a clean, architectural design, this recessed lighting fixture creates an impression of extreme simplicity, "less is more". The Artemide Nothing recessed ceiling light fixture is ideal for both upscale residential and commercial applications.

The festival features stargazing, interative exhibits, live entertainment as well as information about light pollution and the Dark Sky movement. In doing so, they can make the ground brighter, while using lower wattage light bulbs, therefore using far less power. Full cut-off lights, like the rightmost fixture in the picture below, improve visibility and save money.
For example, a 40 watt light bulb in a full cutoff fixture can be as effective as a 100 watt light bulb in a normal fixture. In a full cutoff the light bulb is recessed into the fixture to give optimal light direction.Outdoor fixtures are fully shielded or are recessed into porch ceilings to provide a soft welcoming glow at night. I would love for you to share this at Totally Inspired Tuesdays at The Inspired Collection!
These units are generally mounted lower and are therefore less susceptible to nuisance switching and complaints from neighbors. If you want to share any part of the text in part or full, please contact me before doing so.

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