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Latest Shameless Season Finale "Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!" Review (Season 6 Episode 12) ‘American Crime Story: The People v. The Bikal Tribe (Favorites) and the Gota Tribe (Fans) are set to compete in "Survivor: Caramoan -- Fans Vs. Posted by amandatalkstv on January 15, 2013 in Survivor: Caramoan and tagged Andrea Boehlke, Brandon Hantz, Brenda Lowe, Caramoan, Corinne Kaplan, Dawn Meehan, Erik Reichenbach, fans versus favorites, Favorites, Francesca Hogi, john cochran, Malcolm Freberg, Phillip Sheppard, returning players, Survivor. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Contestant Sherri Biethman attends CBS' "Survivor: Caramoan Fans VS Favorites" Finale and Reunion at CBS Studios - Radford on May 12, 2013 in Studio City, California. Casting for this season was originally done as an All-Stars season with all returning players, but that idea was scrapped in favor of the Fans vs. Fans versus Favorites: Ten new contestants (all of whom are die-hard fans of Survivor) faced ten of the show's most popular contestants. Returning Players: As it is part of the theme of the season, ten returning players are featured in one original tribe. Temporary Immunity Idols: At the beginning of the game, the contestants vied for two individual Immunity Idols, one for each tribe. Even-numbered Jury: This season marked the first time that a Jury is comprised of even numbers. Final Tribal Council: The standard two-finalist Final Tribal Council returns after three seasons of having a three-finalist finale. The two tribes were pre-selected before the start of the show: ten returning Survivor contestants and ten fans of the show.

After 11 days, with the tribes still at equal numbers, the tribes were swapped through a Schoolyard Pick.
After the merge, the remaining fans attempted to form alliances with the favorites that held the majority.
After eliminating the last fan, Natalie, and realizing that there would not be three contestants in the Final Tribal Council, Amanda and Parvati both saw Cirie as the likely winner against either of them, and through her immunity win, Amanda voted Cirie off, opting to go to the final with Parvati.
Favorites." The 26th season of the reality series pits 10 ultimate "Survivor" fans (The Gota Tribe) against 10 of their "Survivor" favorites from past seasons (The Bikal Tribe).
Favorites" when the twenty-sixth installment of the reality series premieres with a special two-hour edition, Wednesday, February 13 at 8 p.m. Goes by Cochran, noted for his underdog physique and personality who flip flopped alliances half way through which led to his demise.  Definitely one of my personal favorites.
Another twist is that one person from both tribes will be sent to Exile Island and compete to find one Hidden Immunity Idol.
In their first challenge, each tribe competed within themselves to be first at a distance island and retrieve an Immunity Idol that would only be good for that tribe's first visit to Tribal Council; these were claimed by Yau-Man Chan and Kathy Sleckman. Despite the separate tribes, the favorites worked within their new tribes to eliminate the fans, who succumbed to infighting. A core alliance of Amanda Kimmel, Parvati Shallow, and Cirie Fields worked with the other female fans, Natalie Bolton and Alexis Jones, to push through several upsets. Meanwhile, over at the Gota Tribe, Reynold shares confidential information about his hidden Immunity Idol that could change his game, on SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN – FANS vs. Ten ultimate SURVIVOR fans will have the chance to prove they have what it takes when they take on 10 of their favorite players from the past.

She received five votes, versus three for runner-up Amanda Kimmel, the 23-year-old former beauty queen and fashion designer.
This season featured ten new contestants, dubbed as "the super-fans" facing ten of the most popular castaways at the time. In the pre-merge Reward Challenges, the winning tribe selected both a member of the losing tribe and a member of their own tribe to go to Exile Island where a series of clues would lead to a Hidden Immunity Idol. First, Eliza Orlins attempted to work with Jason to use his Idol to trick the majority, but her plan failed when she realized Jason's Idol was fake. Ozzy Lusth managed to follow the clues to claim the Idol, and following Yau-Man's strategy from Fiji, left a fake Idol in its place.
After luring Ozzy to believe they would be voting off Jason, they were able to eliminate Ozzy without him playing the Idol. In previous seasons, the remaining three competitors have gone to the final counsel.This season featured two tribes, made up of former contestants and new players competing against each other.
Jason was next sent to Exile Island and found the relocated Idol but he too was lured into not playing it, and was quickly eliminated.
After James' evacuation, the remaining fans (Alexis, Natalie, and Erik Reichenbach) convinced Cirie to betray Amanda, but Amanda had been to Exile since Jason's elimination and had retrieved the Idol, playing it to protect her and eliminate Alexis. Finally, the remaining women convinced Erik he was safe at the next vote regardless if he won individual immunity; Erik, having won this immunity, gave it to Natalie to engender her trust, allowing the women to vote him off.

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