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Historically, I’ve always been pretty opposed to the fanny pack, even an admittedly chic-ish version┬ásuch as this. This entry was posted in accessories, handbags and tagged clare vivier, fanny pack on 17 October, 2014 by shoppingsmycardio. I use a backpack purse for dog activities, and think I’ll keep passing on the fanny packs. Bless Clare Vivier, but even if I wanted her fanny pack, I would look ridiculous in it (though all the shots I’ve seen of others rocking her bags look great).

Wouldn't it be great if you could feel lighter and carefree while still having fast access to the items you need?
This \nrugged yet lightweight waist bag is a refreshing twist on the old-school fanny pack, featuring a trendy design, quality materials and multiple compartments.
It easily fits your phone, charger, wallet, snacks, and water bottles-with plenty of room to spare! Enjoy \nhands-free freedom without worrying about hurting your back or misplacing your bag (and your valuables).

It's perfect for runners, hikers, frequent travelers, parents, and anyone who wants to carry their belongings without the burden of a big carry bag!

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