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Scary scene: Larson (32) goes airborne into the catch fence in a multi-car crash including Dale Earnhardt Jr. Victims: Medical personnel remove an injured fan from the stands following following the wreck'It was like a war zone there,' Terry Huckaby, a fan whose brother was injured, told Dan Wetzel of Yahoo!
Jacksonville to First Coast News.16-year-old Andersen recorded the crash on his iPhone while sitting in row 8 watching the last lap of the Daytona Nationwide Series COPD300 race. At least 28 spectators were hurt in the incidentThe accident spread into the upper deck and emergency crews treated fans on both levels. Rescue workers respond next to a hole in the catch fence the was ripped when a car engine flew into it'I tried to throw a block, it's Daytona, you want to go for the win here,' Smith said.'I don't know how you can play it any different other than concede second place, and I wasn't willing to do that today.

The show will go on: Daytona International Speedway Joie Chitwood III (left) and NASCAR Sr.
There were five stretchers that appeared to be carrying fans out, and a helicopter flew overhead.
Our job is to put them in position to win, and it was, and it didn't work out.'As the cars began wrecking all around Smith and Keselowski, Stewart slid through for the win, but Larson plowed into Keselowski and his car was sent airborne into the stands. A forklift was used to pluck Larson's engine out of the fence, and there appeared to be a tire in the stands.Daytona President Joie Chitwood waited by steps as emergency workers attended to those in the stands. Tires flying over our head.'In the immediate seconds after the huge 28-car crash, spectators in the video are seen to attempt to call for medical attention as it appears a woman has been hit by the tire.

Asked if the placement of fans in the stands tomorrow would be changed due to the accident, O'Donnell said, 'We don't anticipate moving any of our fans. Just hope everybody's all right.'He said he was along for the ride in the last-lap accident. We had our safety protocols in place and maintained a buffer, and with the fence being prepared to our safety protocols, we expect to race tomorrow with no changes.''It's a violent wreck.

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