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To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. The house I moved into had a ceiling fan in the bedroom that was hooked up to a dimmer light switch. What I'd like to do is split it so the fan motor is toggled by the normal switch, and have the lights controlled separately on the dimmer. I'm a complete beginner at this type of stuff, so I took some pictures and drew up a basic diagram. I assume I need to split the black wires, and possibly use the orange one to power the other switch after I split them? BTW, with two black wires between the switch box and the fan, we should be able to make this work with two wall controls or with one wall control and the fan always on, so you can be thinking about that. The non-standard wiring is the first thing I noticed since every Google search seemed to be telling me to look for different colored wires.
If it's easier to shortcut it by just configuring the fan to be always on and just using the pull switch to control it I'm fine with that! The other thing that you could do right now is to kill the circuit and disassemble and dismount the ceiling fan and light. You can put a wire nut on each wire that you find there and turn the circuit back on while we figure things out - shouldn't take more than a minute once we have the info.

Most of the wires are black and they're all joined into a weird little connection (see the picture). I'm starting to feel a bit over my head here already (I'll check out that Amazon book, thanks!), so let me see if giving any more information helps. It's part of why I'm confused here (and also because I have no idea what that little connection is with the 4 wires going into it). For starters, if the wires in your switch box emerge from open pipes, then you have wires pulled through conduit. And one new question: Can you see the outside of your panel and, if so, does it have pipes or cables running into it? You should be able to get one that will do what you need for less than $30 at Big Orange or Big Blue or a good local hardware store. One of those four wires is the hot feed from the panel, and it is making the other four hot. Or, if your fan is mounted with a mounting bracket, and not canopy-mounted, you should be able to just lower the canopy to see how everything is wired, and to do the work you will need to do there.
Telling us where you're located may help us have a better understanding of the applicable codes, methods and practices for your situation. You can think of a hot wire as a water supply pipe and a neutral wire as a drain pipe, if that helps.

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It appears that there are two pipes in the switch box, that there is one white wire in each, and that those two wires are spliced together. Since one wire controls both the fan and the light, you will need to do something there to separate the light from the fan.
For now, I disconnected the dimmer switch and put everything on the normal switch so that the fan works properly. There is a purple wire coming down from the ceiling that goes into the other connection on the switch. The switch did not have a ground wire connected, nor did another switch in my second bedroom.

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