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Please submit your contact information through order form so we can contact you as we'll have the product. Their previous male figures releases include characters from Gintama series, such as Sakata Gintoki, Hijikata Toshiro and Okita Sogo. Goods: Death Note Nendoroid Petit Case File #1 (Goodsmile) A quick post to go KYAAA~ about. XP 90% or the time, I’m either surfing one of the sites on the Cheezburger Network, or messing around with wordpress themes. XD Having a bunch on tiny Kaito singing along to whatever song you’re listening to on your windows desktop is awesome. Adults who still indulge in anime and manga are still a minority in most places :) Wow~ your company is lucky to have you!

XDD Hell, I’m even considering getting a Kyon and Koizumi figma so I get to put them in suggestive poses on my desk.
Now I’m just waiting for the fanmade Kaito theme to be completed before I switch over. XDD One of the guys even commented that it’ll be perfect if there was one of Yukimura saying something like “Oyakata-sama! But honestly it’ll be quite irritating after a while if we have to clear our recycle bin often, no?
8DD I wanted to sign up to the premium service for NND so I get more favorite slots, but it seems like they only accept Japanese credit cards. XDD Masamune even has a British-sounding accent lol~ The Hoshi Souichirou one… lol~ so Yukimura has a thing for Oyakata-sama?

8Db Oh, but if you really want to see some NSFW male dakimakura images, there are quite a few of em on Pixiv.
8D Yeah, I’ll wait for the pictures of them before deciding if I should get it for the covers.
I seldom buy Statue PVCs since I’m mostly an action figures girl ^^ And my upcoming figma and nendoroid list is rather long, so I better be prepared and not buy anything that is not a priority. Alter’s Natsume Takashi PVC was a major exception and there’s Nyanko-Sensei too lol~ so that sealed the deal for me XD Did you buy Natsume too?

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