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This product features: 1, the charging fans to ensure the fan in low \ unstable voltage conditions for operation and can charge the battery capacity, to ensure that the fan can be run per charge 5-8 hours. 2, the product AC (AC220V) DC (DC12V) with two ways a fan, AC to DC 2-way independent control circuit design, using the latest computer chip for the controller, AC power supply in normal use the fan as the exchange current Without going through the battery discharge, charging fans to ensure the life of storage battery. 3, 3-way control system, independent of current output, lights, fans, and power storage batteries separate circuit, when used will not affect each other, to use stable and long service life.
4, the unique charging protection device for power supply fan with the AC charger used at the same time, automatically stop charging when the battery is full and will not cause overcharge state, no heat, the use of safe and convenient.

5, the fan motor uses a 12V DC motor, the use of quiet, noise, and particularly suitable for night use, power and durability, long life; other 6V rechargeable fan motor is used more, the use of noisy and Relatively power. 9, with 4PCSLED lights, rechargeable LED lighting after a single use of sustainable 100 hours.
11, the company's new products are developed with lighting, built-in safe and reliable maintenance free sealed rechargeable battery fans, AC and DC dual-use, rechargeable fan can be used for outdoor shade, set with travel, camping, power outages Emergency, temporary jobs, mobile stalls, schools, dormitories, and recreation or fishing enthusiasts and other temporary place without power supply.
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