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This is where you'll find answers to the most common questions regarding ceiling fans as well as a bit of history and some buying tips.
Ceiling Fan Airflow - Federal Regulations mandate testing and publishing of ceiling fan CFM. For every degree you raise the air conditioning thermostat above 78 degrees you can save 3 percent to 5 percent on cooling costs. However you won't save it all if you use a ceiling fan do not raise the air conditioning thermostat or if you leave the fan on when you leave the room.
Choosing the right size ceiling fan for any room is important for both looks and performance.
Our most important recommendation: Choose the largest fan that will fit into the space without overwhelming it visually. The vast majority of the cooling effect you feel from a ceiling fan is in the column of air directly beneath the fan blades.
Here's a scenario to consider: Let's say you have a small room that has a normal height ceiling. So each room has its own considerations when it comes to choosing the right size and style of ceiling fan that fits best. One of the most commonly asked questions people have when they visit this page is how to install a ceiling fan, or how to balance a wobbly ceiling fan. For general reference purposes, we have included the downrod recommendation chart published by Casablanca Fan Company. The following are just a few considerations that are not taken into account with any downrod size chart, which is why we suggest that you give us a call. However, before you go and buy just any ceiling fan light fixture, you need to make sure that you can use CFL bulbs in it. We suggest that you give us a call before you make your purchase so that we can help you find the right light fixture and fan combination and help you determine if CFL bulbs are an option. The following information is provided by the EPA and is taken from the Energy Star website. To choose the ENERGY STAR qualified CFL with the right amount of light, find a qualified CFL that is labeled as equivalent to the incandescent bulb you are replacing.
Most people simply try to balance their fan with a blade balancing kit if their fan wobbles. Remove the canopy from the top of the fan at the ceiling and try to wiggle the junction box to see if it is not loose. Be sure that the screws holding the blade holders to the fan motor are tight, as well as the screws that hold the blades to the blade holders. Hold a yard stick near the end of a blade and measure the distance from the bottom edge of the blade to the ceiling. If you suspect that you have warped blades or bent blade irons, we suggest that you remove the blades from the fan by loosening the screws that hold the blade holders to the motor. Once you have checked the blades and blade holders, put them back on your fan and tighting the screws. QUESTION: I am looking at the Emerson Carrera Grande Eco 72 (DC Motor) Ceiling Fan Model CF788VNB, however regarding fan blades for an outdoor-damp location, would these blades tend to warp over a few years in a humid environment? ANSWER: When you click on the orange button for blades, look for blades that say "(Outdoor Damp)". ANSWER: I am sorry to report that Halsey went out of business several years ago, so finding parts for them is difficult.
QUESTION: The location I am considering was wired only for a light and no fan (1 wire pair). QUESTION: How far down from the ceiling does the Seaside fan hang when installed with the flushmount option?
ANSWER: I am sorry to report that we do not have any of the Hunter light fixtures you are looking for.
ANSWER: Regarding the Emerson Carrera Grande Eco, it is one of the most powerful and efficient fans we sell. Per the information on the site, the new DC motors, the Emerson K55XL, and other "induction" type motors are considered best quality.
The Minka Aire Concept II was the very first remote controlled unibody style flushmount ceiling fan with a built-in light fixture.
It comes in 44" and 52" versions as well as a similar style standard mount model for higher ceilings. The Emerson Carrera Grande Eco is a large 60" remote controlled ceiling fan has 6 speeds in both forward and reverse.
Small Kitchen Ceiling Fans with Lights for how it works using a dimmer switch also lets you adjust the light on the fan to match your mood . To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. Clearly, power is getting to the unit because the fan works fine but neither the wall switch nor remote can control the fan anymore. So let's not just focus on the remote and battery issues because you are missing the point entirely. I understand that you're feeling frustrated, but I'm not sure why you posted a question here if you're not willing to engage in a conversation that's intended to help you find an answer. I only tried the remote for the first time in years after the wall switch signals were not being received by the unit. Would you expect it to be in good condition to work, with sufficient battery power, if it hasn't been used in years? The hardwire wall switch is not working at all though it is receiving power (green light is on) and the fan is receiving power because I can use the fan through the pull change switch.
That was clear to us from your original post, and we went straight to asking questions about that. If you would like to continue diagnosing why that system appears to have stopped functioning, we'll be here. So, is the problem tending more toward the receivers in the base or the wall switching unit?
You've asked me a lot of questions and provided me with more operation about parts of the unit and what they do. Based on all the information provided, what do you feel is the most likely problem here and what would it take to fix it? I know I?m jumping in kinda late on this, and you may already have your problem fixed one way or another, but.
If you have two hot legs from the wall switch, you will also have two hot legs to the unit from the ceiling, one for fan, one for lights. Whether wired with two hot legs from switch to unit, or a single hot leg to the unit, every ceiling fan, with lights, that I have seen has two pull switches, one for the lights and one for the fan. If you have power to the hot leg that connects to the light pull switch, but no lights, then my money will go to a bad light pull switch, a generic one cost?s maybe a buck ninety five plus tax. If you have no power to the hot leg of the light pull switch itself, then I would check the hot leg that goes to the light circuit from the wall switch, and see if you have power on the hot side with the switch off and on both sides with the switch on. If no power shows at each side of the wall light switch with the switch turned on, then my money goes to a bad wall switch.
If you have no power at the hot leg of the light pull switch, and power at the component side of the wall light switch with that switch turned on, then you might need to get up on your ladder and check for power at the wires coming out of the ceiling to the unit. If you have power on ?both? hot legs that go to the unit, and no power to the light pull switch, then there is something in the light circuit itself, such as maybe that little black box that is in the light circuit, which is breaking the circuit. There are times when you can go to a manufacturer?s web site and use the model number to find paper work on the particular item. And some often include wiring diagrams showing components that someone could look at and possibly theorize a problem and make suggestions about what to try next.

Because there is no definitive rule of thumb or building code standard for determining what size fan you will need for a specific area, you will find numerous charts online with recommendations that differ widely. You must also consider the layout of the room, where the fan will be positioned in relation to the area where the airflow is most needed as well as how high the ceiling is. If you have walnut furniture and choose a bronze colored fan with walnut blades that matches the decor in your room, the fan will look and feel like it is barely missing your head as you walk under it, so you better purchase a smaller fan to help alleviate this feeling.
Our response to that is that most hugger fans don't move much air, and really don't save but 2 or 3 inches in head room. If you have any questions that we have not answered here, just give us a call and one of our ceiling fan experts will be happy to help you choose the right size fan.
Although there is more information regarding this lower on this page, we have posted some do-it-yourselfer videos that have been very popular that show how to install a ceiling fan and how to balance a ceiling fan. Often times, when a pull chain switch breaks in an inexpensive fan, the entire fan becomes useless because a replacement switch is most likely not available. However, we suggest that you give us a call before you purchase any ceiling fan for a high ceiling so that we can discuss your individual needs and make sure you end up with the correct combination of ceiling fan, hanging system and downrod for your application. However, as of now, there are very few Energy Star qualified ceiling fans that come with a light fixture, and there are even fewer add on ceiling fan lights that are Energy Star qualified. Light bulb manufacturers include this information right on the product packaging to make it easy for consumers to choose the equivalent bulb.
This, combined with the use of precision made components such as the blade holders and motor rotars, help insure that more expensive fans will not wobble when they are newly installed.
This can be a frustrating challenge because often times, a combination of the above problems is what causes a fan to wobble. This way you can remove the blade holders from the blades once you take them down and then perform the next two checks. Be sure to line up the base of the blade holders so you can check the angle that each blade holder (blade iron) is bent to.
If you discovered warped blades or bent blade irons and were not able to fix them, at least now you know if you cannot balance your fan with a balancing kit, there is a reason why. If your fan still wobbles after performing the above maintainence, then the next step is to use a ceiling fan balancing kit.
Emerson specially makes the damp rated blades from solid hardwood (instead of cheap plywood) that is treated to resist cracking and warping from being outside.
It is not a brand that we ever sold, so we would not have any fixtures on hand that were made by them. If you give us a call, we will be happy to help you choose the best fan for your needs and make sure you can install it. The bottom of the fan cage hangs 16.3" from the ceiling when installed with the 8" downrod. Hunter only made the triangular fixtures for a short period of time and they discontinued them several years ago (too many problems). When installed with a standard downrod, the regular Velo hangs down the same distance as the Velo Hugger, so the airflow is the same. A 5 rating is not just based on the motor inside the fan, but the overall consideration of the quality of the components and performance. Although shown in Polished Chrome, this great fan is also available in White, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Nickel and Mahogany. When operating in the forward direction (counter-clockwise) on higher speeds, the super efficient DC motor generates lots of airflow for maximum summer cooling. By looking at the current condition of the economy as people will think twice to have an object that has a high price but have a much less effect on the environment such as air conditioning , for example .
To create more relaxed lighting , consider the use of ceiling fans with indirect uplighting and seepage reflect light from a ceiling fan can create a cozy mood . Suddenly, the wall switch (hardwire) won't turn the fan or the lights off or on though the green light is on. I removed the lower switching and light unit that unscrews from beneath the fan unit to check the wires.
Is it possible (hard to believe though) that a faulty pull cord switch for the light could make the light, wall switch and remote switch inoperable?
Do you have the model where the wall switch matches and controls the fan's remote control ?
One is to post the make and model of your remote control so that we can all look into its characteristics together. If a voltage meter shows no 120 V current going to the light sockets regardless of how many times I pull the chain switch, then there is no power going to those light sockets. I just removed the lower hub and didn't want to take apart more than necessary before getting some idea about what is going on. I'd start by checking the dip switch settings on all three devices (assuming they have those), the power coming into the canopy, and the output from the controller.
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So after over 35 years of dealing with ceiling fans, we have devised the one and only Ceiling Fan Size Recommendation Calculator, which will give you as close an approximation as you can hope for to help you determine the best size ceiling fan for any square or rectangular area. There is a significant drop off in airflow just outside of 2 feet from the tip of the fan blades. Because we are not aware of any limiting factors you may have in your situation, we cannot say for sure that the largest fan we recommend will actually be appropriate for your room.
There are some exceptions to this, but you really need to know the fan business to know what they are.
Selecting the appropriate downrod length for a ceiling fan is not a cut and dry decision, so we do not like to go by charts. Cheaper brands do not go through this process, so it is likely that the blades are either warped or do not weigh the same as each other, so lesser quality fans will almost always need to be balanced even when they are newly installed.
So we recommend going through the following dyagnostics before you actually use a blade balancing kit.
For fans other than hugger fans, there is usually a ball at the top of the downrod that fits into a bracket that is mounted to the ceiling. Although this is not a problem with most better quality fans, some of the cheaper fans seem to have a chronic problem with blade screws, so if yours are loose, you should check them regularly just to be safe (so you don't end up with a blade flying off). The ceiling fan blade balancing kit should consist of a plactic weighted clip and some lead weights that have double stick tape on them. They will hold up much better than what you have experienced and are in fact rated for use in outdoor damp locations by the manufacturer.
In reverse direction (clockwise) for winter, the lower speed ranges will draw warm air off the ceiling without cooling you off.
For now many stores that sell various fan models with multiple functions integrated with decorations like lights in the middle.
It has four categories which include residential fans, outdoor fans, fan lights, and parts and accessories.
I just provided that as additional information to show the complete complexity of the problem. This is a real surprise to many consumers who install a fan in the center of a room when their seating area is 4 or 5 feet away. Just keep in mind that the larger the fan blades are, the more area the fan will cover and the closer you are to the fan, the cooler you will feel.
So a good alternative would be to purchase a normal size fan that blends in with the ceiling. If you have an attic above the ceiling fan, you can reinforce the junction box simply by nailing a 2x4 between the joists above the junction box and then screw the junction box into the 2x4. If one or more are obviously different, you can attempt to bend them back, but you must be careful since some of the cheaper fans use pot metal for these parts and they can break easily.

The clip is the same weight as the lead weights and is simply used to locate the blades that are out of balance. If you can email me some pictures of your fan along with the model number (located on a label on top of the fan housing), I may be able to come up with an alternative that will fit.
If you can only install a single fan, then I would recommend an even larger fan (up to 84") such as the Fanimation Odyn. The 6 speed remote gives you ultimate control over your comfort level during all seasons (smaller versions are also available).
Small Kitchen Ceiling Fans with Lights can be seen more beautiful with the light material of mica or glass . Price is very diverse fan according to the model , and most importantly have a good quality . Menards is the best place to shop because all the products are affordable and the service is excellent.Menards ceiling fans offers a number of products such as fan lights, residential fans, outdoor fans, and fan’s parts and accessories.
Before you go out for shopping, you might want to bear in mind these tips.You can choose a legitimate company which has been in the business of small ceiling fans for long years.
The fan will work properly when turned off, on or the speed changed from the pull cord itself.
The hardwire wall switch we have used for 9 years to control both the fan and the light does not do anything. There are two black units one larger than the other that connect to the pull chain switches and to the lights and fans. Three of the four wires (green brown, grey) coming out of the bigger black unit go to the fan chain switch. Our calculator will give you a range of sizes that may be appropriate for your room, but the largest is the size we recommend most. Most 4 light fixtures will accept CFL bulbs, but you must be careful with single light globes that use more than 1 bulb, or very low profile globes that simply do not have room for a CFL.
You might even find that your problem has been eliminated before you ever balance your fan. There are special expandable fan brackets available for applications where there is no attic space.
Make sure that the set screw is tight and that the ball does not wiggle on the end of the downrod.
You can visually inspect the blades by standing on a ladder and looking at them down the length. Finding replacement blade holders is difficult or impossible for cheaper fans, but not so much for the more the higher quality fans.
Once the out of balance blade (or blades) is found, you will need to stick a lead weight on the top middle of the blade in the same position you had the clip. This is a special motor that Savoy House had designed for this fan and the performance and quality of the motor are excellent. This concept also requires a combination of matching decorations and proper staining on walls and floors , furniture decorations , accessories and also with appropriate structuring condition or area of the room . The switch runs on two wires between it and and the fan instead of the required three and transmits the commands from the wall switch to the receiver.
Aside from the outside cosmetic differences, the basic design of a fan and light combo unit are the same even though the exact part numbers may differ for some models. Also, you cannot use a CFL bulb to replace a Halogen bulb since halogens use a special type of socket. Ultimately, your fan will operate safer, perform better and be much easier to balance if all of these things are first checked. To install one of these, you will need to remove the existing junction box from the ceiling.
Please call us at: 1-800-201-1193 and we will be happy to discuss all of your options and help you make an educated decision.
Glass shades etched with flowers add a romantic touch when placed in the kitchen that also serves as a place to eat . Small Kitchen Ceiling Fans with Lights for decorating the floors also require appropriate selection on the floor with a wavy texture to avoid slippery conditions and also with the selection of a dark color , in addition to the decor of a chimney stove as a neutralizer room to keep it clean and healthy . The fan will feel like it is higher up over your head, so you can purchase a slightly larger fan that has better performance features. Slip the expandable fan brace up through the hole in the ceiling, then twist it so that it expands until it is wedged between the joists.
If the fan does not come with a set screw, then it was poorly designed and you may not be able to solve your wobbling problem. Others work with light kits , allowing dwellers to mix and mixing and matching models of lamps and installation to create a charming display . The fan lights are available in at least four types, track, bowl, schoolhouse, and energy efficient. Majority must have given positive ratings and you then browse over their items if they can provide the sort of ceiling fans that you prefer. Through screw on wire connectors, the lights appear to be getting direct power from the main wires where one wire is connected to another white wire that goes to the small black unit.
When choosing lighting for your fan , be sure to meet the needs in the space that matches the kitchen space .
You can also take into account the exterior looks but you have to choose a product for its durability. Honestly don't believe knowing the model number would make much difference since it's worked perfectly for 9 years.
It appears the only way the big black unit related to the fan gets power is through the one grey wire that connects to the directional switch where other white wires, yellow wires and pink wires go into. They are finished with various materials such as brass, bronze, brushed metal, patina or brown, nickel, etc. When you buy a fan with top quality materials, you will be saving money as you will use the ceiling fan for quite a longer time. You will not need to purchase its spare parts from time to time.Westinghouse-Lighting Turbo-Swirl 7226100 30-Inch Indoor Gun Metal Ceiling Fan with CFL Single-Light Opal Frosted GlassWestinghouse Origami 7222900 24-Inch Reversible Espresso Indoor Ceiling Fan with LightPick one of the small ceiling fans with a logical price. There are almost 200 products of residential fans from a number of vendors like Casablanca, Hunter Fan, Design House, Turn of the Century, and Reiker. You can find almost all types of fan such as hugger, down rod, dual mount, triple mount, and hanger.
You need to be patient to search in the Internet for those special attributes that you really want. Whether you have small or big room, it will not be a problem since the fan is available in both small and big size to suit your room’s size. You might want to take into account the idea of your room, the color that you prefer most, the brand name, the design and the features that you want in your ceiling fan. There are hundreds to select, thus go over many designs, and decide which one has the finest features.Shopping small ceiling fans via the Internet saves time and money.
In addition, there are more than 10 products of outdoor ceiling fans to complete your outdoor furnishings.Moreover, Menard fans also provides fan parts and accessories to customize and repair your fan. Sometimes there are problems with your existing fans so you need to repair them by replacing the old parts with new one.
Additionally, you need to be wary of any scam site though and then verify the legitimacy of the website, before checking out.

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