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You must isolate the circuit that you are working on from the consumer unit or fuse box! All electrical pages are for information only! Please read the article on safe isolation procedures before doing any electrical work. Building regulations are changing all the time and modifying your home electrics could be against new rules and could invalidate your home insurance, if in doubt check first! This is a shower extractor fan, this has been specifically designed for use in a shower and it also incorporates a halogen lamp which is 12 volts. Fans like this require additional wiring as both a permanent live and switched live are required as the fan has a built in timer so that it continues to extract air for a set period of time after the light in the room has been switched off.These fans are wired from the existing light in the shower area and go via a three pole switch to the fan itself. Cladding is also going to be fitted to the ceiling and so we need to plan where the fan will be fixed and then we can cut away the tiled area for the fan.

Time adjuster ( by turning this you can adjust how long the fan stays on for- after you switch the room light off) To wire a shower fan like this you will need some three core and earth cable which is normally 1mm - although there may not be a place to connect the earth wire at the fan! This shows how the fan is arranged. The fan has been fastened to a piece of timber in the loft and then a flexible 4 inch pipe is connected to one side- this is then connected to the vent that is fixed in the shower area. You can see that the pipe extends right out to the soffit, where it is connected to a vent. The drill can bite and will slip from your hand in an instant, so be aware and be ready not to let go of it.Ensure that nobody can walk below when you are drilling the hole as dropping a drill from that height could cause severe injuries. I have labelled the terminals in the junction box to help explain what the wires do, once you have looked at it a few times it will become clear.

Now it's much easier as you only have six wires (two cables) to think about. So you now have your fan, a triple pole switch and enough three core and earth cable! Fix the fan to a suitable piece of timber in the loft and then fix the three pole switch, You now need to run the cable in the permitted zones In this diagram we are using the old three core colour's of yellow red and blue, but it is more likely that you will be using Brown, Grey and Black instead now.

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