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I look forward to hearing about the outcome of this project and any other one that you take on. Unfortunately you will need to get to the fan and look on top of the motor housing in order to get the UPC# and model# so that they can figure out the correct replacement part. Not worth the trouble to fix, replace the fan and save yourself the trouble and cost of replacing the receiver later. I want to use the switch to turn on the light but I don't want another remote to keep track of.
Skyrock., Blogs, profils, rencontres, chat, photos, videos, musique avec skyrock, cree gratuitement ton reseau d'amis et partage tes photos, tes videos et tes gadgets en. The patented Accu-Arm technology of the Hampton Bay Campbell Mediterranean Bronze Ceiling Fan with Remote significantly reduces installation time and provides exceptionally precise blade-arm mounting for wobble-free installation. Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. I still have pull chains to turn on and off the light, and a chain to reverse the direction. I may replace the pullchain in the future, but for the time being, is it possible to shut off the fan somehow without the chain?
To control the fan speed without the switch, you'd have to apply current to the proper wires to get the speed you want. If even a small bit of the chain is left, you may be able to pull it using needle nose pliers.
If you like to tinker; and have a bit of knowledge about this stuff, you could take the fan apart and replace the switch. The important detail is that this is likely a mechanical switch that is physically in the high speed position, not an electronic switch that can be reset.
Short of replacing the switch or opening up the fan to disconnect the switch, there's not much you can do to reset it since it's a mechanical switch, not an electronic one.
If there are any exposed wired or apparent electrical parts exposed, test with a non-contact tester to make sure they are not live (hot). You will probably have to remove (lower) the light fixture section of the unit to get to the fan section.
Check to see if the switch for your brand is available from either a home center store or the manufacturer.

Most newer fans have brackets that allow them to hang from the mounting bracket on the ceiling while you wire them up, so they no longer require two people to install. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged ceiling-fan or ask your own question.
I contacted the Hampton Bay Customer Service and they were able to give me the information. Unfortunately, the Home Depot does not sell that part of the item as an individual unit for a replacement part. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan 1 answer Does this fan have some kind of adaptable down rod.
This fan offers 3-speed reversible operation to help you easily select the desired speed and direction. White Ceiling Fan 8 answers am I able to purchase an extended warranty on the hampton by ceiling fan 42"s? Utilizing its rich Mediterranean Bronze finish, design detail and 5 reversible blades in Dark Cherry and English Oak finish, this ceiling fan represents class and sophistication for any room in your home. Mediterranean Bronze Ceiling Fan with Remote Control 1 answer Are there replacement globes for this fan? Replacements are available to order online (model # 82392055721) or by searching "Campbell replacement". Mediterranean Bronze Ceiling Fan with Remote Control 1 answer Can't I buy this fan in white anymore? The Campbell fan is no longer available in the matte white finish, it has been discontinued. Since this is likely a mechanical device (not electronic), the only way to change the setting is to physically move the switch to another position. If the fan is connected directly to power (not controlled by a wall switch), you'll probably want to shut off the breaker to stop the fan while you do this (so you don't loose your head).
It's probably a good idea to have the old switch in-hand, when you make your trip to the hardware store for a replacement.
Get a replacement that's designed to handle your load, make sure you wire it up identically, and be sure to follow all the safety steps (shutoff the power, verify with a non-contact tester, don't leave any exposed junctions, etc).
There is often a small bolt or nut in the center bottom or small screws holding the bottom cover on.

If you do, you may be able to remove the remaining piece and replace it with a new chain or attach a new chain to the stub of the old.
However, getting a bit older, less balanced and slightly weaker in the upper body, I HATE to carry that motor and housing up the ladder to the hook. Even in a crowded store full of ceiling fans, you won’t see many people pass by the Napoli without stopping short to take in its intense beauty. I would suggest getting the UPC# and Model number and then giving them a call so that you can make sure and get the correct replacement part.
This 3-speed fan features 3 blades to help move air efficiently, with quiet, wobble-free operation; a handy remote provides independent light and speed controls. The Campbell fan features 3 Sandstone glass shades and uses three 60 watt candelabra bulbs (included). Don't forget to label the wires when you remove the broken switch, you won't remember where they all went. A bonus is many come with hand-held remote controls for fan speed, light dimming, etc., which I know your mother-in-law will appreciate.
The lift-to-hook once I am at the top of the ladder is where I need backup (and it is always good to have a tool-hander-upper).
The Marta's light kit offers etched opal glass with three 40-Watt candelabra bulbs (included). The Traditional Dry fans from the Napoli line by Minka Aire feature finishes in Sterling Walnut or Tuscan Patina. No other ceiling fan designer comes close to the pioneering efforts of Minka Aire when it comes to sophistication and innovative styles.
The Napoli II style is available for anyone requiring a 68 inch blade span for their wide ceilinged home.
For those with small and midsize ceilings, the 56 inch blade span should suit any room ideally.Special!
Free shipping on all Minka Aire ceiling fan orders over $50 via UPS ground within the continental US!

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