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The CoolZone CZ500 Ultrasonic Dry Misting Fan by SUNHEAT is designed to keep you cool and comfortable during the hot season with many beneficial features.
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. A brand new super, compact, plug and use, climate controller – for indoor and outdoor areas. Contact Climate Australia Directly to order accessories, beaches, entertainment venues, all external or patio hospitality areas and private home use. Available in black The Tornado is built from the finest materials and fittings to INDUSTRIAL and COMMERCIAL specifications, ensuring maximum coverage, efficiency and durability, and should not be confused with other DOMESTIC models currently on offer in the market place. The misting function uses ultrasonic high frequency oscillation principles to atomize the water into 1-5 micron ultra-fine particles.

Ideal for all indoor and outdoor areas, restaurants, clubs, pubs, gyms, sports events, dance halls, outdoor vendors, beaches, entertainment venues, all external or patio hospitality areas and private home use. The water is then diffused into the air leaving you cool and hydrated, but not feeling wet.
For an even cooler breeze, simply freeze the included polar packs and add one to the water tank.
Sterilize your air by using the anion function, which utilizes a pulse and a high oscillation circuit to produce corona and oxygen molecules.
The Tornado, as well as being ideal for home or hospitality use, packs a big grunt for both warehouse and outdoor or semi outdoor industrial use. If using indoors, electronic thermal sensors detect the temperature and display it for easier use.

The Tornado Misting Fan can be plumbed to a standard outdoor tap and has its own float system which prevents over filling.
Connect your device to the fan via USB port or Bluetooth Technology to enjoy music from the built-in speakers. Wheels on the unit make it simple to transport between rooms or move from outside to inside throughout the year.

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