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Shawn Colvin: I'm good, I'm doing support for Don Henley, I'm on my bus right now, I had an eighteen hour ride yesterday from Denver to Dallas. MR: With one of the Uncovered's featured tracks, "Tougher Than The Rest," you liberate the song from the eighties production values of Bruce Springsteen's original recording, freeing its lyrics and melody to breathe easier.
SC: That's the whole point, to take lyrics that perhaps have been obscured somewhat by the music or the production--which is not to disparage the original versions by any means, I am in love with these songs as they are--but the lyrics jump out at me sometimes and tell me to do them and as a result, because I pare the music down they're more personal.
MR: David Crosby's harmony on there is almost like the friend coming in and agreeing with you.
MR: Yet another interesting choice on this album was Crowded House's "Private Universe," which could have been an alternate title to this album.
SC: We're almost done with the October leg, it's about ten dates, and then in November there's seven or eight. When it comes to the New Smyrna Beach lodging scene, the most discriminating travelers stay at the Black Dolphin Inn. Our elegant and intimate Spanish Isle inspired historic estate features 14 guest rooms and suites, with private baths, which are individually designed and tastefully decorated with mid-century vintage furniture, custom art work, euro-style bedding, spa inspired bathrooms, and designer fabrics and soft-goods.
He paints a picture and he just does it exquisitely, the vernacular of the people and their journey.
Was that the mission when you approached all these songs to fit into the Shawn Colvin repertoire?
The litmus test was to say to myself, "Can I take this song and make it acoustic," when you're used to hearing it differently. I love his version, we loved the sax solo--that was the biggest challenge; are people going to be horrified that that part of the song is gone?

I really struggled with whether to use him for the entire B section or just part and I thought it made more of a statement when I just brought him in on the second half. Tucked away in a quiet New Smyrna Beach neighborhood just minutes from the beach, this historic inn has a connection to the outdoors-where you can feel breezes blowing and look at seemingly endless water views. An elegant presentation of champagne, candle-lit bath, and a scrumptious tray of delectable goodies-await you at our romantic bed & breakfast.
Was it because that album's material influenced you early on and were songs that you personally loved?
I think there were more songs on Cover Girl that represented my past incarnation, which was when I didn't write and I made a living in clubs and bars doing cover songs.
He's just one of the best songwriters there is, and it's a pleasure to sing that conversation and that story.
The Robert Earl Keen song is different because it's not that different of his, I just think people are less aware of Robert's songwriting. But we decided to approach it by taking the least saxophone-oriented instrument we could, the pedal steel guitar. It's one of those that I refrained from learning because I don't see how I could be anything but an interpreter that would just fall short of touching the original version in any way or differentiating myself in any way. In fact, someone put out a bootleg of songs of mine--this was many years ago that I was told about this--and whoever did the bootleg called it Private Universe. Our interior designers have mixed Mid-century style with classic Old Florida woods and materials.
Sometimes, another aspect of doing these cover songs, I think it's enough for the gender to change.

But I was a group called Three Girls And Their Buddy, which was Buddy Miller, Patty Griffin, Emmylou Harris and me. Eclectic ceiling fans, vintage art, and tropical spa-inspired baths come together to create a unique oasis for your escape. On Uncovered there are still a few old stalwarts that made up my set back in those days before I wrote, like "Acadian Driftwood" or "American Tune." Those were songs I used to do in my act, but a lot of the songs on Uncovered are ones I recently learned. You'll notice I didn't say, "I Used To Be A Queen," because I thought, "No, that's not the one." I don't like to change the gender if I can help it, but I thought I stayed pretty close to his version, I love it.
I just decided it was time to go for it, so we did that song and then I just couldn't stop doing it after that. I remember that song being used in the soundtrack of Good Will Hunting and they used the sax solo to start this fight that Matt Damon got into, a physical fight, and it was exquisite. The payoff line, "Someone's gonna take my heart, no one's gonna break my heart again," how does it get any better than that?
I was always afraid to learn that song, because Graham and I are not that different in terms of the genre we occupy. I thought, "What can I bring to it?" But I was asked to be part of a tribute concert to them and I had to do three songs because there's three of them. So I said, "It's now or never, I'm going to learn 'I Used To Be A King,'" and it worked out, so I used it.

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