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For our number 5 we have the Instant Inflatable Pool, the perfect solution for a quick dip in the garden. Our proud number 3 is the room to room fan, a rather simple yet ingenious and budget-friendly way to cool ourselves this summer. The Chillow Comfort Devicehits our number 2 spot; it’s a pillow with soft outer material and Chillow water core to give a great and cool good night’s sleep.
Remember way back when last winter you were praying for warm weather and promised you would never complain about the heat again? A dehumidifier helps remove excess moisture from the air which leaves you feeling cooler even in hot temperatures. Take advantage of daylighting or use energy efficient light bulbs, such as LEDs, in your high use areas. You can purchase blackout shades, use window tint film on your windows (easy to install), or good blinds.
A completely dark house during the summer with all of the shades closed makes me depressed and drives me crazy.
This takes some time to establish and a little bit of planning but will provide you win-win results. Posts may contain affiliate links, which allow me to earn a commission to support the site at no extra cost to you. In the summer, ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise to push cool air down to the floor. These are great tips – so many people forget about the direction their ceiling fan spins.
I talked to Amber about the timing, since I’m in Wisconsin, and she assured me that plenty of people were still quite hot and sticky. Obviously the color of your blinds will also play a role, dark colored blinds will absorb a portion of the energy and act as radiators in your house. Warm summer days call for welcoming patios, shaded porches and terraces surrounded by trees and plants.
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I do not claim ownership of the photos I post,unless otherwise stated, and I try to do my best in crediting them properly. A classic never looked so cool (literally) as in this Ellington E-KM52ABZ5LKRCI Knightsbridge 52 in. Use the form below to delete this Cool Ceiling Fans a€“ Making Your House Feel And Look image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Inch Industrial Cage Ceiling Fan Fans By Shades Of Light image from our index. Use the form below to delete this You Have Sought To Fund Your Project Via The Popular Crowdfunding Site image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Availability This Fixture Is Currently In Stock List Price $ 429 30 image from our index.
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Use the form below to delete this Cool Ceiling Fans My Dream Home Pinterest image from our index. There are the babes, the hunks, the beaches, the weather, and of course the gadgets built to cool you off this coming sizzling season.
Though measuring 8 ft wide and 2 ft deep, it is rather easy to set up – thanks to its inflatable top rim and tough 3-layer PVC and Polyester wall.
Just put water or any liquid in the mold and freeze it for few hours and you have the chilliest pair of glasses.

With Chillow, you don’t need to wake up just to twist and turn your pillow to get to the a€?cool sidea€?.
It is a special mattress with built-in air conditioning system developed by a Japanese company. Remember, when things get blazing hot, just chill and check out for more of our summer gadgets. I’m from Southern California where the blistering heat can be relentless, not to mention the drought, although it was a dry heat. A traditional 1oo watt light bulb can increase the heat by 11 degrees per hour in a small room.
During the summer months, try to pre-plan meals so that you don’t need to use the oven during the day.
If covering your windows during the day makes it too dark, you can lower the top of your shades 6″ from the top of the window to let light in but not the heat.
During the summer months your ceiling fan should blow forward in a counter-clockwise direction, forcing air down and making you feel cooler. My husband, (aka energy police who I swear has some vampire blood running through him) would paint our windows green polka-dots if it saved on our electricity, so we made a compromise. The tropical plants keep it shaded in the summer and die back in the winter so the heat can come in during the colder months.
One of the most affordable ways is to paint your roof with a light colored paint specifically for roofs.
She is a wife, mother of three (20 yr old son, 13 yr old daughter and 2 yr old daughter), Owns a contracting business with her husband, is President of the local Herb Society, and a 4-H Leader.
The cool air evaporates perspiration and creates a wind chill effect, which makes you feel cooler without affecting the room temperature. Homeowners who use ceiling fans during the summer can save as much as 40 percent on air conditioning bills. If temperatures cools down substantially at night, set up timers to run fans that circulate that cool air through your house from about 2 a.m. Heat pumps and air conditioners work most efficiently when the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures are not that great. Warm your house up into the mid to high seventies during the warmest part of the day, probably early to mid-afternoon.
I have NO insulation except in a few areas, a horrible foundation, (the west facing wall, I can clearly see the ground and sunlight through it, and have pushed long round 6’ long pillows into it to keep ‘critters’ out!) and no space between walls to even blow insulation! Too often, I feel burdened down with my energy costs, so I’m glad that I stumbled upon your article! You make a great point about how reducing the sunlight that gets into your home during the summer can significantly help keep your home cool. If you have blinds that will block the light from entering the house and reflecting a bunch of it back outside, less heat energy is dumped inside. I bet you've just fantasized of a beautiful outdoor space, a terrace or porch perhaps, with trees and a pergola and yourself swaying carelessly on a hammock with a good book and a cold lemonade. Go ahead, leave one and make my day!Please, do not add links to your website or products on the comment section. If, in any case, I have posted your work and you are not happy about it please let me know and I will remove it asap!If you would like to use my photos, go ahead, but, please, play fair and credit properly (use my name and a link to their original post).My Paradissi uses from time to time affiliate links to some of the products being posted.
One of the great paradoxes here at Geekie is that as the summer gets hotter and hotter our gadgets for you are getting cooler and cooler. Just inflate the top rim and the pool is able to lift itself up in a few minutes as you fill it with water. Nothing beats the heat with cold glasses kissing your lips while an ice cold beverage flows through your thirsty throat.
The Chillow pillow is just the perfect comfortable, quiet, economical, and non-toxic cooling pillow this summer. The bed’s cooling system moves heat away from the body through a fan at the base of the mattress. Here are some tips to keep your house cool in summer heat that we have used to combat our ever increasing electric bill.
I now reside on the coast of South Carolina where you can never get dry after taking a shower (literally), and I find myself missing those 105 degree temperatures compared to the 95 here. During the winter months your ceiling fan should blow in a clockwise direction circulating the air through the room without blowing directly on you. I found this very affordable and stylish shade that we installed on the outside of our house over our windows that still lets the light through, but blocks the heat. Sun-loving, shade providing plants, trees and shrubs in front of windows that receive the afternoon sun to cool down your house and add beautiful landscaping to your yard. Almost every type of roofing can be painted, even shingles, but before you start slinging a paint brush make sure you check with your roofing manufacture to see if painting it voids your warranty. Amber strives to get back into nature with a more sustainable and self-reliant lifestyle that fits a busy schedule and a tight budget.

The blades should move from the top left, then down to the right, and then back to the top. I’m originally from Michigan and I thought it was humid there but now having lived in Central Florida for 15 years, I sometimes long for those dry winter months.
The boards used are nearly petrified wood now, as I have tried using nails or screws for hanging items, and if I hit a stud, they immediately buckle and bend….hence the theory the wood has petrified!
Personally, I prefer feeling the breeze more strongly and directly, but the science seems sound.
We always regret the days were we forget to close our window shades in the morning before we leave for work.
An interior plant can provide the desired moist in the atmosphere and a bunch of them will create a microclimate inside your living room that can help you beat the heat in a natural way.
Each item carries its own memories and references and that's the exact reason why a hammock inside the house will help you bring the desirable summer vibe indoors. Cool enough to give you top 5 products to literally take the heat (and the sweat!) off you! If you have to use the oven, try to cook your meal before noon or after the heat of the day. According to the CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) if you do not have air conditioning, Cool Roofs can drastically reduce a home’s internal temperature.
You described the sticky, humid, heat perfectly and thank you for addressing it with suggestions about cooling off!
We could actually feel the cool air coming into our bedrooms which is different from the air from our ceiling fans.
That’ll soak in the coolness and may allow you to coast through all or much of the day.
Then coast through the hottest part of the day when the temperature outside may be 25 degrees cooler than you want indoors. I love my home and small acreage, but wish there were things I could do to really keep cool in the summer heat. I might also want to look into my HVAC system—I think something might be wrong with my filters!
Plus, it's a great alternative to a plain ol' sofa that, obviously, comes at a much less price.
I haven't installed a fan on my ceiling although it is supposedly the best solution by I swear by my black floor fan.
If you live in an area with dry heat your body perspires, your sweat evaporates, and you cool off, just the way nature intended. You can also put up an umbrella outside your window to block the afternoon sun and pretend you’re at the beach!
If you do have air conditioning, adding a cool roof can save the you up to 15% off your cooling bill. At this time of year all I normally find are articles on how to keep our home warm as most of the country starts to cool off. In many cases, combined with ceiling fans that’ll let you do without air conditioning at all.
At those temperatures, most heat pumps work so poorly, they switch over to an emergency mode in which they use very expensive resistant heaters. We have high 90’s almost all summer, and when it starts cooling down to the 70’s at night, my house starts to really heat up.
Let me tell you 3 straight to the point steps you can follow to transform your living room into the best possible chill out spot and trick yourself into believing that four walls can't keep the summer vibe away from you.
If you don't like what you get from stores you can always diy your own fan, like this amazing tutorial on Design*Sponge.
If you live in an area with lots of humidity (which I do) you sweat and it doesn’t evaporate. It's such a beautiful sight to see the sun beams sneaking through the green leaves into my living room. I've also scoured the etsy for some still working vintage fans and the ones I've found are so cute I'm thinking of getting myself a second one real soon. I keep it dark without lighting at night, mostly due to not wanting others to know my doors are open. The ceiling fan works off that switch, and when using it once, it smelled like fire, so I haven’t used it since!

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