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Equipment to generate heating or cooling: The equipment is selected with a capacity to offset the peak load of the space or spaces to be served. The electrical engineers will be interested in having a good background about the first point and some about the third one which they include the equipments and elements that need electrical power. The compressor compresses the refrigerant gas, causing it to become much warmer than the outside air. Different types of chiller are also used depending upon the type of compressor used as part of the refrigeration circuit. Reciprocating compressors are driven by a motor and use pistons, cylinders and valves to compress the refrigerant. Scroll compressors features two involute scrolls, one stationary and one orbiting around the first. Screw compressors are based on a mechanism made up of two threaded rotors (screws) that are coupled together.
A cooling tower is a heat rejection device, installed outside of the building envelope, through which condenser water is circulated. In forced draft cooling towers, air is "pushed" through the tower from an inlet to an exhaust. A second type of tower, induced draft has a fan in the wet air stream to draw air through the fill. An air handling system is a means of providing conditioned air to the space in order to maintain the environmental requirements. Consists of a factory-assembled AHU and cooling compressor contained within a compact enclosure.
Packaged Unit is a self-contained air conditioner that does not receive hot or cold water from a central plant. A roof-top packaged unit sometimes called a penthouse unit is installed on the roof and is completely weatherproof.
A split packaged unit consists of two separate pieces of equipment: an indoor air handler and an outdoor condensing unit.
Fan-coil control is typically achieved through control of water flow through the coil using a control signal from the zone thermostat. The inducting system is designed for use in perimeter rooms of multi-storey, multi-room building that may have reversing sensible heat characteristics. In the induction system, ducted primary air is fed into a small plenum chamber where its pressure is reduced by means of a suitable damper to the level required at the nozzles. Trywin Fan Coil Network system is newly designed to control and monitor fan coil units (FCU) remotely thereby comfortable room temperature and energy saving can be achieved effectively by adopting America regenerate and innovative high-technology.
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The EDF-102 thermostat is designed to provide temperature control of heating or cooling systems in villas, hotels and building. The set temperature is displayed when setting and it will be changed to the current temperature in 3 seconds. The refrigerant enters the compressor on the "suction side" and after it leaves the compressor, the refrigerant is referred to as "hot gas”. Reciprocating compressors are usually used in smaller systems up to 100 tons and are available in hermetic, semi-hermetic or externally driven versions.
This movement draws gas into the outer pocket and the gas is forced toward the center of the scroll, creating increasingly higher gas pressures.
The gas is compressed due to the progressive overlapping of the lobes, causing a reduction in the volume occupied by the gas. The rotor is rotated at high speed, imparting high kinetic energy to the gas, which is forced through the narrow outlet opening, thus increasing its pressure. Refrigerant in the refrigeration cycle is condensed in a refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger. A forced draft mechanical draft tower is a blow-through arrangement, where a blower type fan at the intake forces air through the tower.
Natural-draft cooling towers use the buoyancy of the exhaust air rising in a tall chimney to provide the draft.
It is distinguished from a room air conditioner by its capability of being connected to a ductwork. It conditions the air and provides it with motive force and is equipped with its own heating and cooling sources.
It is essentially a terminal device because it serves only one room or a small group of rooms. The system is widely applied for commercial, residential and industrial buildings such as office building, factory, hospital and hotels. It can be used as part of a system in conjunction with boilers, thermal actuators, and zone valves. The upper limit of the refrigeration capacity of currently manufactured scroll compressors is 60 tons. Continuous and step-less capacity control is provided by moving a sliding valve toward the discharge port, which opens a shortcut recirculating passage to the suction port. The characteristics of a centrifugal compressor make it ideal for air conditioning applications because it is suitable for variable loads, has few moving parts, and is economical to operate.
Heat rejected from the refrigerant increases the temperature of the condenser water, which must be cooled to permit the cycle to continue.
Warm, moist air naturally rises due to the density differential to the dry, cooler outside air. These are further categorized as package terminal air conditioners, rooftop systems and split systems. A small or medium-sized indoor packaged unit could be floor mounted directly inside the conditioned space with or without ductwork.

Occupants can usually adjust supply air louvers to provide some control over air distribution patterns.
The unit with key pads and large LCD display is ideal for customers who want reliable precise temperature control from a modern looking, simple to program and easy to use products. Compared to water, air is a poor conductor of heat and therefore air-cooled chillers are larger and less efficient. The refrigeration capacity of twin-screw compressors is 50 to 1500 tons but is normally used in the 200 tons to 800 tons range.
The available refrigeration capacity for centrifugal compressors ranges from 100 to 2,000 tons.
The condenser water is circulated to the cooling tower where evaporative cooling causes heat to be removed from the water and added to the outside air.
3- Rooftop packaged heat pump, in which both heating and cooling are provided by the same refrigeration system using a four-way reversing valve (heat pump) in which the refrigeration flow changes when cooling mode is changed to heating mode and vice versa. Recirculating units can have 100% outdoor air intake or mixing of outdoor air and recirculating air. The most critical performance issue facing an all-water fan-coil system is ventilation air.
Air cooled chillers are generally located outside the building and reject heat directly to the atmosphere, while water cooled chillers are generally located within the building and use cooling towers located outside the building to reject the heat. A split packaged unit has its compressors and condenser in its outdoor condensing unit, whereas an indoor packaged unit usually has its compressors indoors.
Fan-coil units installed on an exterior wall can be equipped with an outdoor air connection so that ventilation may be provided. This enables the chiller to match the speed of the compressor to the load at the maximum efficiency.
In such a system, the entire refrigeration cycle occurs within a single piece of equipment known as a chiller. It also allows the chiller to function, without damage, at much lower condenser water temperatures.
Their cooling capacity may vary from 3 to 220 tons, Rooftop packaged units are the most widely used packaged units. In a fan-coil system, a major system component (the fan coil unit itself) is installed in or adjacent to occupied spaces, requiring that filter changes and maintenance of fans and coils occur in these spaces.
An electrically driven water chiller uses the same vapor-compression refrigeration as a DX system. But in other levels of our electrical design courses, we will show and explain in detail the HVAC Loads Estimation and HVAC equipment Capacities with examples for different types of buildings.

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